The Tribo-Electric Reactor - A few applications

Posted 4 years ago
Written by Fulmina Institut
The Tribo-Electric Reactor - A few applications
Presented by Fulmina Institut and Professor Guy Montpetit Scientific Director


Fulmina Human Resources Foundation is the owner of a Master Patent, awarded for the invention of a universal device with many applications.

Desalination: this technology can separate all types of molecules contained in seawater. It is also the case of wastewaters of municipalities that need to be treated by breaking their pollutants, making them harmless. The desalinated water produced by this technology has a quality equivalent to a source water, it is living water, and does not produce any perverse effect on human populations, as well as when used in Agriculture, contrary to other technologies of desalination.

The uniqueness of this invention is that it has mastered the art of creating large electromagnetic forces necessary for reuniting or separating the nucleus of the molecules that we are targeting, at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, the unit is extremely inexpensive to run, and we can address the production of billions of cubic meters of drinking water necessary for large municipalities. Because of its low energy demand (it requires ¼ watt of energy per hour), the unit can also be made as a totally independent system.

Natural Agriculture: By changing the polarization (+/-) of the unit we transform it into a device that can integrate a molecule into another water molecule. It is the case when we want to introduce more oxygen into water. The unit is then capable of producing water full of oxygen, up to 140 parts per million (by comparison, the water we drink in daily basis does not contain more than 4 to 5 parts per million of Oxygen, the water used in Agriculture most of the time is deprived of Oxygen). That oxygenated water produces miracles in Agriculture when used to water the plant. We can grow the tomato plant in less than three months (this is the case for the greenhouse technology and the drizzling water system), with a plant that will reach 6 meters in height, and generate 400 kilos of tomatoes. It is a tomato TREE. That represents four crops a year. This water can also be used for any kind of vegetal production either in full open field or in greenhouses. It can be used for the production of fruit trees, cereals, and the growing of animals. It applies in fact to any living organism. 

Health and Medicine: Water and its Oxygen content representing LIFE, it was natural to extend its application in the field of Medicine. Many illnesses are rapidly cured in the presence of Oxygen. We then created a mobile unit that was going from hospital to hospital and to schools for the delivery of this life saving and life creating natural resource. The same would apply for different agricultural productions. We can also use these mobile units as de-pollution systems for rivers, ponds, lakes, or for that matter of fact, for any kind of pollution situation.

Photovoltaic application: We refer to Note 2 as a comparison of standard Photovoltaic production with our EH2 Solar Photovoltaic System:

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