Alchemy : The Grail Quest

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

This text and explanations have been given so those who seek can see and understand the Great Alchemical Art. "A puzzle made of 40 color disorderly photographs, without any legends (footnotes), has been resolved and commented with mastery. It was a titanic enterprise just to restore the proper order of these pictures, which required first to learn and understand the...

Alchemical Advice

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

We shall start with Spagyria, a way considered easier than Alchemy, yet the “younger sister” of the latter. Spagyria consists in extracting the pure essence from the “mixtes” (the three principles in balance within Nature).In order to do so and on a mandatory basis, the operator must be in communion with Nature and treat it with understanding, respect and love.Nature,...