Alchemical Advice

Posted 4 years ago
Written by Fulmina Institut
Alchemical Advice
Extracts from “ The Keys of Arya”

by Fulmina Institut

We shall start with Spagyria, a way considered easier than Alchemy, yet the “younger sister” of the latter. Spagyria consists in extracting the pure essence from the “mixtes” (the three principles in balance within Nature).

In order to do so and on a mandatory basis, the operator must be in communion with Nature and treat it with understanding, respect and love.

Nature, whether mineral or vegetable, only delivers its active, physical, principles and its vital energy, if and only if the operator has clearly understood the following.

As everybody knows well, our good old planet bears four kingdoms which are : the mineral, vegetable, animal and human ones.

The mineral Kingdom 

Immobile by nature regarding its freedom of movement, it is nonetheless not inert in its evolution which is not only possible but rather inevitable over time.

The natural elements, such as air, water, the solar fire, the cosmic vibrations, the Moon, the other planets and some diverse subterranean and underground phenomenon will all actively participate in the evolution of those minerals to transform them.

The family of the minerals is directed and handled by an elementary hierarchy defining a group entity, which in turn is hierarchically attached to the sum of the beings participating in the great evolutive Whole.

This little piece of gravel that you shove from the foot, while being lost in your thoughts is therefore not to be neglected, since it is from it (as a basic  link), and its elementary realm, that the entire chain of life is based upon.

Each metal is corresponding analogically and vibratorily, to a Planet of our solar system representing a hierarchy, defined in the ancient texts of all civilisations.

The Earth : Antimony

Saturn : Lead

Jupiter : Tin

Venus : (Satellite of the former black planet Muge) : Copper

Mars : Iron

Mercury : Mercury

The Moon : Silver

The Sun : Gold

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto define space, time and the direction (D = Direction, N = Number of beats, A = Amplitude).

Each metal (metalloid, etc…) contains in itself the three principles : salt, sulphur and mercury in diverse quantities and qualities.

The Vegetable Kingdom 

Like the Mineral one, this kingdom is highly diversified. It is, also directed by a group entity.

The matter is to know how, a plant, a tree, etc, would find its food if, in the origins, there wasn’t any minerals to harmoniously compose its nourishing earth. Since it's an undeniable fact that a vegetable, whichever it is, is composed from metalloids (potassium, calcium, silica, and so on...)  and metals (zinc, copper, iron) as well as other trace elements.

It is thus important to be aware that the first link is represented with the mineral and the second by the vegetable.

The vegetable, in the evolutionary perspective, has an embryonic vital body (etheric). It taps into the nourishing earth, the various components necessary to its life, and in so doing, will bring an evolution to the trace elements: the vegetableisation.

The Animal Kingdom 

Here, we are facing the third great link in the chain of life. Without the vegetables and the participation of the minerals, animals wouldn’t exist. The intervention of the vegetable between the mineral and the animal is essential because the latter draws from the other kingdoms the metals, metalloids and vegetalises them, making them assimilable.

From a soul from the mineral group, the essence of life will transit to a soul of the vegetable kingdom and gain access to a vital energy nourishing the animal’s etheric body.

Is this not a transmutation from one kingdom to another, in order to acquire each time an independence and a maturity?

It is worth noting that the mineral kingdom and the vegetable one have a physical body composed of the three principles, yet they don’t have an emotional body and even less a mental body, whether superior or inferior.

Nevertheless, emotions are found in the animal realm.

The Human Kingdom  

Last link in the terrestrial chain. Unlike in the three other kingdoms, we find three other principles which are the following : a body, a soul and a spirit.

Its soul or “Bâ” will join and merge into the immortal spirit. Its spirit will include the “experienced”  and the acquired through the multiple existences of these four kingdoms before going back to the great Whole.

My aim is to try and introduce the fact that Man shall not ever get enough, as far as his life on the planet is concerned, from the three previous kingdoms. Let it be known that a meat diet in this day and age, brings a negative energy to our physical, etheric and emotional bodies through intensive farming, countless antibiotics and vaccination measures. We no longer practice the necessary rituals, during the cull of the animal, to release the toxic energies as our forefathers understood it.

During our history, Man has had the need for a meat diet since he lived a nomadic, non sedentary lifestyle.

He practiced hunting and breeding but had a great respect and a sure understanding of certain rules in both evolutionary and food chains, as well as the value of the gift that the animal presents with its own life, to bring human beings food. In fact the animal’s blood contains its humors (fears and joys).

Arboreal and vegetarian humans are to be found in our civilisation.

The Kingdoms and the principles 

The Mineral 

It can only take on a “physical” form through its three principles which are : one sulphur, one mercury and one salt. These being specific to its kingdom and the hierarchy of the latter.

What can be remembered, for a perfect understanding, is that a single grain of sand is composed of these three principles in proportions and in quality of nature. This is a law that applies to the other kingdoms, but also to all the “planets”.

The Vegetable 

Through the mineral, draws its food from nourishing earth.

Every vegetable is composed of roots, a main stem and secondary branches, leaves and flowers and then fruits. The sap from the plant feeds through its rooting system represent the mercury vegetable. It is responsible for the perfume which comes from the flower, the leaves or the fruit.

The Sulphur principle maintains the vital heat from the vegetable and brings color to the plants, the flowers and the fruits.

The Salt, mainly composed of metalloids and potassium, allows the stem and branches to take shape and stiffness.

Were one of these links to be missed in this harmony, vital for all of us, we could no longer evolve and live on this planet, for we only exist through a assembly of kingdoms united in a need for evolution, directed by a common law, which is beyond us in the whole understanding of what Man calls : God.

The Animal 

Also contains the three principles : the body (salt principle), the Soul (mercury principle) and the animal spirit (sulphur principle). But the animal kingdom is directed by a group soul and its three principles, in its quality and quantity corresponding to this kingdom in the evolution.

In fact, the emotional body of the animal and its group spirit principles is not immortal. Although the three principles of the father and the mother are found in its realm, it cannot gain access to ascension to immortality.


He possesses all three of those principles, sulphur (the Spirit), mercury (the Soul) and salt (the Body) with a difference though, they no longer are principles but as three Logos : the Father, the Son and the Mother. Human being does not ever regress to the animal kingdom incarnation, but can regress in his soul and his spirit to the point of being “possessed” by negative forces : animal or lower astral plane entity.

The three principles are therefore the basis of all things. In constantly dying and being born again, they evolve from one kingdom or another.

The salt, mercury and sulphur principles, all three correspond to a force and a particle of matter. By analogy, we could assimilate them to the neutron, the electron and the proton or to igneous forces of Nature such as : the Mother, the Son and the Father, or even to the Action, the Movement and the Thought.

The three principles are not matter based but represent an energy. They can all be lumped together and form a vibratory support. To do so, we need to separate the principles. The Body (salt principle) as a vibratory support shall be purified, ennobled to be able to fix the nature of the two others principles : mercury and sulphur.

All of the vegetable kingdom contains these three principles : a sulphur (oil : The Plant Spirit), a mercury (alcohol or mercury water : the Plant Soul) and a salt (Potassium : the Plant Body).

The plant taps into the mineral kingdom according to its needs : it is then “vegetalised”. It will therefore have within itself diverse metals, metalloids directly absorbable by Man.

The spagyric art consists in refining the diverse salt, mercury and sulphur parts, the most noble, body, spirit and the soul of the plant. This to remove their feces (waste) and ennoble them through the laboratory work, their curative virtues reach a level of pure quintessence and is pushed to the maximum of its vibratory level.

The Plant will then act upon the physical, emotional and mental bodies of Man or the animal. These preparations will then be dissolved into homeopathic remedies.

The laboratory trial

The spagyric word is composed of two greek roots : SPAO and AGEIREM. The meaning of the first word means to separate, extract, this is the “Solving” phase in Alchemy. The second word means to assemble, to bring together, this is the “Coagula” in alchemic terms.

Spagyria is therefore the art of extracting in a natural fashion the quintessence or the pure essence of the Mixtes.

SPAO is to separate 

Firstly, we need to proceed to the separation of the principles, which are more fragile in the vegetable kingdom and imponderable in the mineral kingdom. In the Vegetable kingdom, it is more etheric (subtle).

The fresh plant having been correctly pulverised and put into a slurry in a glass container, this “slurry” must then be filtered through a pure cotton sieve so as to separate the watery “liquid” part of the solid parts.

This sap represents the water element. It is the mercury principle of the plant. The vehicle of the mercury principle is Water.

Through a long preparation work, we need to separate a certain quantity of mercury, we shall separate a certain quantity of mercury, the raw principle, by repeating this operation not only on the first “earth”  but we need to still increase the quantity of plants necessary to reach our goal.

Let me say that these quantities cannot be indicated, for the spagyrist knows, by instinct, how much he needs to pursue his work : it is a knowledge acquired through countless failures and renewed experimentations.

The sap needs to be cautiously put aside in an hermetically shut flask, and shall not ever measure more than a third of the flask volume. After this filtration, we need to dry the earth part, protected from daylight and at a low temperature (40°C), then we need to reprocess that matter in the mortar so as to produce an almost impalpable powder. Once this is done, earth and water must be put into a matras (long neck flask) which total capacity must allow ⅔ of the total volume to remain empty. (we have three stages in the ballon : the earth, the earth’s sky and the sky) to allow a continuous circulation and avoid the risk of rupture. The well shut flask is put in a bain-marie in darkness. The water temperature shall not exceed 75°C. The duration of the bath depends on the plant.

The sap, the water element, thanks to this temperature transits from the water element to the air element in the flask sky, then returns to the water element and provokes in the earth the fermentation heat allowing the earth to sublimate itself in the air element (within the flask sky) and to come down again to earth, and so on, until the final term of this stage.

After the first extraction-decanting stage, the mercurial water will gradually load itself from the plant sulphur that remained in the earth, which is either red, green or yellow, depending on the plant considered. When the mercury will no longer take the vegetable “tincture” or sulphur, we shall cautiously transfer the liquid part so as to not include some earth particles. Let the earth rest in its flask, lay the flask on ashes (40°C) to dry the earth out, without closing it, until complete desiccation of the vegetable powder, yet not until a complete and solid drying.

The sulphur will be transferred under a semi-liquid form and put aside. In this last operation and if you are working on your own, the amount of mercurial water that you’ll collect after this first separation will have diminished and that you’ll have to compensate with the mercurial water that you’ll have cautiously put aside to compensate the successive diminutions.

You’ll have to repeat this sulphur extraction operation until your mercury-water doesn’t fix any more tincture from the vegetable earth, which you’ll easily observe by looking at the transparency of the liquid. We thus have extracted and separated two out of three principles :

1)Mercury, 2) sulphur. Only the salt principle remains, the body of the plant (the principle is highly interesting since it crystallization provides us with a specific geometric form representing what will allow us to fix the other two principles : the vibratory support). The latter is enclosed in the vegetable earth. We shall then extract from the flask in which it remained after the successive sulphurous and mercurial extractions. This earth must be calcinated on a stainless steel plate under a high fire in order to reach a white greyish ash powder exempt from remaining coal.

Put that ash into twice its volume of spring water and let it boil for ½ an hour. Run it through a cotton filter (brand new one removed from its primer or starch). Collect the remaining powder from the filter and put it to a boil once again for a ¼ of an hour with the same volume of water, then run it through the filter one more time. The oily water thus collected shall be added to the first water. Put these waters into a strong pyrex dish or another glass that will endure under a high flame and evaporate all of the water, but through successive stages, so as to remove the deposit that appears during evaporation. Repeat until there is no more salt deposit.

The salt will then be calcinated under a high heat (to remove any memory by the fire), it shall then be mixed with the mercurial water used to extract the sulphur principle. Still in a bain-marie and during 40 days, until the salt completely transfers into its extracting liquid and that only the dead feces remain at the bottom of the flask. you must repeat this operation several times in order to extract all the salt and doing so as if you would with mercury, with the necessary distillations, to separate the mercurial water from the extracted salt.

All this repetitive operations require more focus and patience than knowledge.

The third principle is thus separated and the salt, through this process, has been purified at its utmost by man.

AGEIREM Reassemble  

We shall now proceed to the second phase which consists in reuniting the three principles so as to obtain the vegetable stone in a solid and crystalline form, like all planetary crystals.

If you understood well the process since its origin and that you have weighted the different principles during their separation, you have a given quantity of mercurial water. Even if you’ve extracted much more for your need of extraction and distillation, the same goes for a certain quantity of plants which have given you from the start a certain quantity of sulphur, then salt.

The well advised seekers do understand me. The choice of the flask is of the utmost importance for this stage. It must have a long neck and its volume must be calculated based on the total amount of the matters it shall receive. The total volume of the container shall not exceed ⅓ of the total volume. The glass must be sufficiently thick. A solid rubber cap sustaining high temperatures will do the trick.

You must weigh the salt available and put it in the flask after passing it to the glass mortar. The salt shall be well dried and powdery. On top of it, add ⅓ of the salt weight in sulphur and ⅓ of the salt weight in mercurial water. Hermetically shut it and put it in an incubator set at 30°C for 10 days. Increase the T° to 40°C for 10 days, then 60°C for 10 days and finally 75°C for 10 days. Let it cool down completely. Open up once there is no longer vapor left. Add ⅓ of sulphur, then mercurial water and start once again the aforementioned 40 day process.

Let it cool down and if there is no vapor left, renew the entire operation three times adding every time ⅓ of sulphur and the same amount of mercurial water. When there is no longer any drops or any rising vapors from the earth to the sky and coming down from the sky to the earth, heat it up to a 100°c until total stabilisation. Let it cool down entirely, then cut the flask in half using a glazier’s diamond and collect the vegetable stone so completed.

The One that shall realize that stone has within his possession the true spagyric “Quint’essence” or vegetable medicine without equals in this realm.

Once completed, the quint’essence” can be kept in this form or diluted in a good quality alcohol (cognac).

This vegetable stone including the three principles can be diluted, according to the Hannemann’s or Korsakoff’s proportions and its action on the physical, the emotional and the inferior mental body of man. The alchemist and not the spagyrist will bring it its ultimate touch.

Put a grain of third degree multiplication medicine of the projection powder in the preparation and heat it up in an incubator at 40°C for 72 hours : the transmutation will let appear some brownish particles and some deposit in the liquid. cool it down and filter, put into bottle away from light. This last operation about which i can’t say too much, has allowed us to purify any remaining “earthworks” and to heal the plant, as the alchemic medicine heals the three realms.

It is now ready to be used in solution, trituration, balm, to be added to a massage oil or any other (mass oil), for cosmetic use, veterinary, agricultural, and so on…

But let’s return to the SPAO stage, to separate, to extract :

The salt: the plant body, it has been purified to let the spirit of nature print out its geometrical crystallin form ; it represents the Mother. This crystalline form being pure, the Father, the sulphur principle may thus inhabit it.

The sulphur: (oil) the plant spirit has been submitted to the same operations. it represents the Father.

The mercury: alcohol or mercurial water, the plant soul represents the Son.

Once cleaned, ennobled and purified, we need to bring them together : AGEIREM, but at this stage, they no longer have the same energy.

  • the salt principle, the plant body will be able to fix and receive the electricity. The mental consciousness will inhabit the state of salt.
  • the mercury principle, will fix, receive the movement. The emotional consciousness will inhabit the state of mercury.
  • the sulphur principle, the Father will fix upon the memory. The physical consciousness will therefore be inhabited by the Father : the sulphur state.

Please understand that what has occured within the laboratory flask is food for thought in the oratory…

The 12 different stages of work correspond to the 12 great phases that human beings are subjected to it their existence or their several existences. In fact, the matter only explains the different reactions that Man experiences in his flesh and in his soul.

Each stage corresponds to a zodiacal sign, to an energy carried by it.

As a reminder :

Aries - Calcination

Taurus - Freezing

Gemini - Fixation

Cancer - Dissolution

Lion - Digestion

Virgo - Distillation

Libra - Sublimation

Scorpio - Separation

Sagittarius - Inceration

Capricorn - Fermentation

Aquarius - Multiplication

Pisces - Projection

This explanations are necessary, even though we've gone quite beyond the subject of Spagyria itself. I needed to provide some basic explanations on the preparation of a spagyric remedy to allow the practitioner and the patient to discover the qualities of this art.

Evidently, I cannot reveal it in its entirety, some things and practices shall remain unknown and I trust the reader to understand that.

As opposed to the common pharmaceutical preparations or to the standard homeopathic remedies which are prepared with a maceration, without any vibratory purification in mother tincturial alcohol (MT), thus with only one principle, the mercury (alcohol, mercurial water, the plant soul), the spagyric remedies contains all three. Therefore they have an action on the emotional, mental and vegetable body composing our vital ether.

Hippocrates said: ““Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”. A spagyric remedy cannot be reduced to a dietary supplement since it nourishes the body, the soul and the spirit to bring balance and health.

It is up to the therapist/medical practitioner to put food to a good use, by his art.

Few alchemic references

The adept Fulcanelli

The adept Fulcanelli : here is a quote from an entire paragraph of a conversation between Mr Jacques Bergier and the adept Fulcanelli in june 1937.

  • Mr Bergier : can you explain what is Alchemy to me?
  • the adept Fulcanelli : you ask me to resume in 4mn, 4000 years of philosophy and all my life’s efforts. You ask me, among other things, to translate in plain language concepts which cannot be explain using such language. Nevertheless, i can tell you this : you are aware that, in official science, the role of the observer becomes more and more important.The reality, the uncertainty principle shows us at what point the observer interferes nowadays with the phenomena. You want Alchemy’s secret, here it is : there is a way to manipulate matter and energy in order to produce, what the contemporary scientists would call, a force field. This force field acts upon the observer and puts him in a privileged situation facing the universe. From this vantage point, he gains access to realities, usually hidden by time, space and energy, this is what we call the Great Work.
  • Mr Bergier : but what about the philosopher’s stone, the transmutation from lead to gold.
  • the adept Fulcanelli: those are just applications, specific cases. The essential point isn’t the metals transmutation but that of the experimentator himself. It’s an  ancient secret that only few men discover each century.


Hermes Trismegistus (Thot possibly) : he allegedly would have written several treaties on Alchemy and the Emerald Table which is a short résumé of the Great Work, yet he has the advantage of being a fair connoisseur of the art.

Legend has it that this text was actually unearthed by soldiers of Alexander the Great’s army under the great pyramid of Giza (see Pyramid…)

Hermès is said to have engraved the texts of the Table with a diamond on a thin blade of emerald.

Here’s the master Fulcanelli’s translation :

It is true, without lies, certain and very genuine.

“That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing

And, as all things have been & arose from one by the [meditation] of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.”

“The Sun is its Father, the Moon its Mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the Earth is its nurse and its receptacle. The Father of all, thelem in the whole world is here.”

“Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.”

“Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.By this means, you shall have the glory of the whole world and  thereby all obscurity shall fly away from you. Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing. So was the world created, From this are and do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (or process) is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world.

“That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.”

The Emerald Tablet : an alchemic explanation

To you uncreated father. And to you our celeste gurus, to our revered Master Kamala-Jnana

by Ermélon and Nr’Palinja-Dhar, adept F.A.R+C.

“Quod ubique quod ab nibus omnibus et quod semper creditum est, id firmissime credentum pouta”In fact “ See, read, meditates the things which have been taught during all times and by all philosophers” : “ Truth lies where they all agree” “Egyptian and Greek Fables” from Dom Pernety Volume 1 page 11.

In Alchemy, the controversy is such, that it’s not a matter worth discussing forever and, in doing so, adding to the overall confusion but rather to clarify few essential elements on which their foundations rest, such as the Emerald Table.

We will only briefly expose the Work of Hermes Trismegistus, by advising our readers de consult the book of Reverend father Festugière, “The Revelation of Hermes Trismegistus” and especially the volume 1. Our limited goal is to explain the text of the Emerald Table, and only this, we will say though that during his lifetime, under the Egyptian Empire, the tradition has it that Hermes received from God itself, the teaching of all things, celestial and below. He is considered like the father of Alchemy and is generally symbolized under the traits of the divinity Mercury, whose name is Hermes in ancient greek. He is represented with wings upon his head and feet because of his great volatility (some authors say “flying”). He wears as an attribute a caduceus around which two snakes are wrapped, one male and one female. This caduceus is supposed to have an ancestral origin and would go as far as the Federation of the Spring which are found in indo-aryans scriptures).

Hermes’s literary production has been highly prolific. His book, the “Poimandres” being especially dedicated to the explanation of Alchemy.”

The Emerald Tablet, considered as his alchemic testament, is the universally known text in Alchemy.

Eliphas Levi, in his book “Dogmas and rituals of high magic”, tells us, speaking about the Emerald Table : “This is a true Bible of Alchemy and the operations of the Great Work”. It is, itself, the Alpha and the Omega : that is to say the beginning and the end of the Work. Everything is there, it is perfection in its brevity. It is the perfect explanation of the One which becomes One, after having been through the synthesis. It is his concession of faith, his Testament for Posterity, the alchemist’s marvelled shout out of truth after reaching success.”

The esoteric tradition has it that Apollonius himself, after a dream or guided by God itself, near a gigantic statue of Hermès, discovered in a cavity dug under said statue, the book containing all secrets of the divine creation.

What makes Hermes’s science of a great interest, is to have known and enclosed in mysterious formulas, the great laws of Nature and Life, well before their discovery by scholars and metaphysicians. One of these formulas is “Solve and Coagula” : meaning dissolve and coagulate.

This Emerald Table has been the subject of innumerable comments, all alchemists and wise men from all times have faithfully passed on that text where in concise terms, Hermes has traced the main operations of the Great Work.

  1. “This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth :”

Hermes wants,with all his strength, to convince the seeker, the disciple in the holy science, of the truth of the following text. He admonishes the reader to believe in him and wants thereby to exhort him to work and to unveil in his turn, the mystery of the Great Work the is the custodian of.

  1. “As below, so above; and as above so below.”

Hermes alludes to the Holy trinity of the Father transposed into the mineral kingdom. In Nature, each species reproduces itself into similar subjects, failure to do so leads to sterile monsters. Thus, to transmute a metal, we can only seek that seed in another mineral. That perfect mineral seed or gold, is in the image of the Father, a triune unity, since it contains the three elements or principles : salt, mercury and sulphur which compose the Philosopher’s Stone. This materia prima (raw material) is the raw gold of the wise men.

In its alchemic credo, Mustagogos brother adept of the hierophant Rose Croix tells us : « The unique God can be compared on earth to a mining unique in its kind, as God is One in Three, thus the mining is composed of three bodies”.

Hermes says “Look at the ploughman, he sows wheat to reap wheat”.

The Cosmopolite teaches us that “ If you want to produce metal, you want to seek it in metallic things, follow nature step by step” .

Hermes reveals the following : “ This body of chalk which you so have desired to learn in order to know the treatment and the weight, we have said that we call it Cinabre”.

In what regards this matter, we cannot stress enough the reader’s attention on the dictionary of alchemic Philosophy from Kalama-Jhana to the word Cinabre.

  1. “That which is at the beginning is as what is at the end” :

“in the beginning” : this is the materia prima, the raw material or Philosopher's stone and not philosophical stone, which by a series of successive operations or phases of the magisterium is subjected to :

a: an operation by which we separate the three elements constituting the mining (three principles)

b: the actual making which includes :

  • solver : the volatilisation of the fixed
  • coagula : the fixation of the volatile.

c: the multiplication (doable from one to seven until the Eternal Light : the body of Light) .

Not to forget the laws of Nature which permanently bring balance by alternating, meaning immobility and movement, or else remember that everything that is immobile is fixed, and that everything that is in movement is volatile. Nature at rest is fixed, and volatile whenever it is in movement.

d: “in the end” the Philosophical Stone coming from the philosopher's stone constitutes one and only one stone in which no foreign body has entered. We only made the analysis and the synthesis of it  : meaning that the first stone (the philosopher’s) has been decomposed by analysis to get rid of its earthworks and then recomposed by synthesis to become the Philosophical Stone after having been magnified.

Hermes said : “if you do not decorporate the bodies, sulphur and mercury, and do not corporify the incorporeal, thy work will be null”.

  1. “With this knowledge alone you may work miracles.” :

Which is make the imperfect perfect, this original “Adam” is an imperfect body. To purify it will require to make it go through mortification or putrefaction.

  • Dom Pernety, in the preface of his Mytho-Hermetic dictionary, on page 5 he says “these superfluities change into its true essence with the help of our fire, and he who wants to remove some thing of it shall never reach the perfection of the Work. The Philosophers have never unveiled this secret.”  Epitre of Pontaneus.

  • Kamala-Jnana, which is a reminiscence of Hermes, clarifies in his alchemic philosophy dictionary, to the word Superfluous : “sulphur residue which remains at the bottom of the flask after the sublimation of Solve”. It is worth noting that it is an indispensable superfluous up to the seven baths of purification. Thus, it is one and the same matter which is perfecting itself as it goes along through the regenerating fire.

  1. “And as all things have been & arose from one by the [meditation] of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.”

The essential thing, this prima mens is the light of the wise, it is the salt, the igneous spirit which makes it all and runs the magisterium from the beginning till the end. The role of this cosmic fluid is capital in the hermetic science. the good Nicolas Flamel tells us : “May matter be well adjusted as should a marriage.” In fact, Salt is the sperm of Nature, it is found in every thing.

It is always it, which, by amalgamating itself with the other two bodies, sulphur and mercury, or masculine and feminine principles, binds them together, marrying them intimately by the solution of the bodies. It is our fire, our magnet, our celestial mineral.

John XXII and the great Gebert have explicitly discussed about this salt in their book John XXII the Transmutatory art and Gebert in the Libert Investigationis Magesteris.

According to certain authors, the Philosopher's Emerald refers to the Great Alkaest, thus named by Hermes. The great quality of this universal solvent is to be dry and in perpetual movement. It represents by itself, the four elements : the earth, the water, the air and the fire. This astral influx unifying the macrocosm and the microcosm.

It is a great secret to unveil for the alchemist : in order to help him, Bernard of Treviso composed its Fountain Allegory where, near an old decaying oak, he makes a spring appear out of nowhere, from the tree trunk comes a rosebush symbolising the Philosophical Stone fired and regenerated by this universal sperm.

In the Mutus Liber, “the Silent book”, the fourth illustration shows clearly how to obtain this Flos Cöeli or Alkaest. Please know that, in certain editions, the illustrations number 2 and 3 are not properly located.

  1. “The Sun is its Father, the Moon its Mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly” :

Nicolas Flamel and many philosophers after Hermes have compared the magisterium to a marriage in nature in which :

  • the Father or Sulphur contains a fire ;
  • the Mother or Mercury contains also a fire.

And these two bodies are intimately unified by the igneus spirit or nature’s sperm or salt. The presence of these three fires triggers a fourth one still activated by movement. The three bodies intimately unified or “Compôt” sublimating themselves, go up in vapors or winds in the higher part of the flask.

The wind has carried it in its womb, meaning that the generation happens in the higher part since the wind comes not from the earth in an agitated end tumultuous environment.

Let’s refer to a passage in the Atalanta Fugiens from Michel Maier :

“The Wind has carried it in its womb” as if to say “the one whose Father is the Sun and the Moon, the Mother, before being brought to the Light will be carried by the fumes of the wind, like the bird by the air, when it flies.” The coagulation of fumes or winds are no less than than the air in movement producing water, which, mixed with Earth, gives birth to all the minerals and the metals.

It is established that the latter bodies are themselves composed of fumes, and immediately coagulate, whether they are placed in water or in smoke, which is one and the same thing since the one and the other are the matter of the wind. Same can be said, though in a more remote way, from the minerals and metals.

Which is the one that must be carried by the wind? Chemically speaking, it has to be sulphur which is carried in the quicksilver as attested by Raymond Lulle in the third chapter of the Codicille : from a physical standpoint, it is the foetus which is soon to be born to light… which has to be last to the more or less consequent industry of each.

May I hereby present it in a clearer fashion : all mercury is composed of fumes, meaning of water, which carries earth with it in the minor density of air and earth forcing the air to become once again an earth made of water or a water made of earth.

Mercury is thus the wind receiving the sulphur at a yet imperfect embryonic stage from the motherly breast, or shall I say, ashes from the consumed motherly body, carried where it can ripen. The embryo is the sulphur which has been infused by the Sun in the womb of the wind so it can grow to maturity and be born.

Kamala-Jnana,in his dictionary, tells us the following about the “womb” :

“How does that terse conception happen?” It is rather simple in fact :

under the action of the spermatic fire, the male element and the matricial female fire awake. A chain reaction comes forth : it is firstly the sublimation of three bodies, sublimation which will manifest itself by the elevation of vapors in the high part of the flask. And then, these three vaporous bodies finding themselves in a state of natural attraction for each other to form a loop, when separated from the mass, resulting in small spheres forming at the centre of the vapors. As we can see, we didn’t need much more for the great Ancestor of Hermetism to take the pregnancy as a metaphor for the conception.”

“Our Stone shall be made of the Sun and the Moon, from these both, one must be a red male (sulphur) and the other one a white female (mercury)”. Isaas Hollandais, Book 1, chapter 61.

  1. “Earth is its nurse and its guardian” :

The generated body falls and find refuge in the “compôt”.

Michael Maier represented Philosophy’s child by a woman having a earth globe in the middle of her chest, from this globe come two udders from which a child lips suckle. Under which we find the words, from Hermes’s Emerald Tablet : nutrix ejus est terra.

Dictionary from Dom Pernety, at the word “nurse”, page 339.

The newborn child feeds itself of the Mother’s substance, meaning the  milky nourishment. If it does not have enough milk, she will provide it with a similar milky nourishment but from another source. In fact, we need to remember that the motherly milk held in the materia prima exist at an almost homeopathic level. We need to stock on 12 to 13 times the overall weight to fire the Great Work. In order to make them, please refer to the aforementioned paragraph. It is the Spiritus Mundis which will feed, warm up and wash the child of Philosophy.

  1. “The Father of all Thelem is here :”

This is what we call the King Child or New King : the newly presented granulation of the “compôt” is full of forces and powers potentials. It will only obtain this force by going through mortification or putrefaction : it is the “solve” stage.

The body is decorporated and reduced to a solution. Earth becomes water through the movement of fire.

Raymond Lulle, in the Codicille : “the combination of the sun and the moon creates the stone and gives its own color and nature, what is made by the fire of the stone”.

Eliphas Levi : “Putrefaction or raven is the indicator, in fact, of the perfect dissolution of matter. It is almost the canonical seal of the Work, the certain proof of success, the evident sign of the “compôt” perfect preparation which only awaits to be fired and drench with its astral spirit”. Death is a regenerative act of all things, even Jesus has had experience death to save us all.

The Thelem is the finished red stone or stone with a transmuting power (after multiplication).

  1. “Earth must be separated from fire.”

It is the final phase of Solve and it is there that the raven’s head shall be cut off. It is Hermes’s seal, the animated mercury, it is the blood of the dragon or gilded oil which floats on top of the “compôt”. It is the quintessence of the three bodies.

  1. “the subtle from the dense, gently with unremitting care.”

We need to collect the blood of those Innocent Saints. It means thus to open Hermes sealed flask, to recover the quintessence, cautiously place it in a well shut flask as it is very subtle, evaporating rapidly, it needs to be placed away from harm. It is in fact highly corrosive ; this quintessence is called “highly mortal venom”.

  • Master Teletourgos says in his essay on the Great Work : “ the union of the elements is vigorously done and the dragon’s blood covers the darkness, pitilessly, it cuts that head and discreetly keeps it away, in a brief amount of time once the vessel unsealed…”
  • Master Nicolas Flamel says : “ the two married natures are made in only one body else called “Ravenhead” or “converted element” .
  • Master Paracelsus, in his ten Archidoxes, tells us “ the dryness combined to the humidity of mercury let appear that humidity called mercury under an oily and fat form”.

  1. “It arises from the earth and descends from heaven; it gathers to itself the strength of things above and things below.”

That quintessence also contains the auric seed in potential. It is it that shall sublimate the stone to its utmost, that is also what the masters explain : “ Put the soul back into the body” or “ make the child go back into its Mother’s womb that gave birth to him”.

In fact, we use the quintessence to imbibe the stone at the end of coagula, we shall dye it with its own blood to reach the rubification and fixed stone. That is what we call giving it strength by feeding it ints quintessential spirit after the white moon phase, or seed of the pure silver.

  1. “By means of this one thing all the glory of the world shall be yours and all obscurity flee from you.”

Thanks to this nourished stone, soaked in its own blood, we obtain the Pierre “au rouge” or Philosopher's stone, the synthesis has been carried out.

The glory is given to the adept, with this powerful gold, we can then create ever more powerful transmutations. If we increase the power of the stone up to the ninth multiplication, at the tenth, it will become pure light and almost eternal (in the year 1918, a translucid jar containing a light illuminating the burial chamber has been found by archaeologists in an egyptian tomb. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge, the archeologists opened the flask and the light disappeared).

The same goes for the universal medicine which, by increasing its power, heals the body physically, emotionally, mentally and allows the junction between the higher mental body or the causal one. Universal medicine is a magnetic salt helping as an envelope to a foreign force which is universal life”. This salt penetrates all of the body and regenerates it in all its parts. It provokes a natural regeneration through abundant sweatings by purifying the blood and reactivating the ancestral energy while relaunching all the chakras from the base of the spine to the seventh chakra at the top of the cranium. This medicine makes any inflammation disappear and rebuilds the organs by giving back vigour and youth but it especially allows the consciousness to increase and to gain access to the knowledge of our existence.

  1. “It is power, strong with the strength of all power, for it will penetrate all mysteries and dispel all ignorance.”

The Philosopher's Stone contains a triple force (the quintessence) of the three primal bodies : sulphur, mercury and salt (spirit, soul and the body).

It transmutes the metal lead or the mercury into pure gold. To multiply several times its powers, at each multiplication, we reiterate the final operations of the Great Work by each time, adding a precise weight, of the new quintessence. Quintessence which, following the different steps of its multiplication, can transmute, ten times, a thousand times, ten or a hundred thousand times its own weight in pure gold.

The adept Cyliani, in his book, says “ at the ninth multiplication, where it becomes so highly volatile, the slightest added heat will make it pierce through the glass and evaporates, which means that the use is to stop the transmutation at one part per thousand or ten thousand, or more, to not risk losing a so precious treasure”.

It is also because it is so sensitive to heat that it is necessary to wrap it in pure beeswax to project it into the metal in fusion (some adepts have practiced the cold transmutation).

  1. “By it the world was created.”

Hermes never ceases to repeat, in all his texts “Attention needs to be paid to the scripture”. The biblical genesis : all of Hermes’s secret has been drawn from the divine science. In the biblical genesis, it is written : “the Earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters”.

At the “fiat lux” stage, the AZ and the C separated from the great Ho, this great Ho, is the cosmic energy in which all things bathe. And there was light, the mercury separated and gave the O which is the Earth and the H which is the atmosphere. On Earth the O turns into AZ and the H into C for the chlorophylle and the vegetables. The vegetables are born from chlorine, iodine, bromine and fluorine, then all the animals are composed of ammonium and phosphorus.

The sulphur came out of the putrefaction of waters , then the hydrocarbonic metals, and those coming from the silica (Simplified Alchemy by René Schwaeble). In the alchemic genesis, Kamala Jnana says “Pursuant to the teachings contained in Hermes’s Emerald Tablet, everything in the sky has its matching on earth, we shall all, while talking about the laws of the macrocosm, come across the laws of the microcosm. The macrocosm being all celestial thing and the microcosm being all earthly thing. The matching between earth and sky as well illustrated by Jacob’s ladder.

  1. “ From it are born manifold wonders, the means to achieving which are here It is possible given.”

It is possible, with the Philosopher's Stone, to transmute the metal in silver wih the “Pierre au blanc” or into gold with the “Pierre au rouge” (multiplied).

Preparing medicinal elixirs ennobling the spagyric extracts.

Kamala Jnana, in his dictionary, page 15, at “Lunar elixir” : this medicine is made with a very thin laminated metal coming from a transmutation with the “Pierre au blanc”. Naturally, it is recommended to use a lunar stone coming from a multiplication and not one coming from the first stage of coagula. The latter being a pale copy of the former and shall not bear any effect if used.

The Solar elixir : this elixir is fabricated in the same manner as the lunar one but with a very thin laminated metal obtained from a “Pierre au rouge”. By “Pierre au rouge”, we naturally talk about a multiplied “Pierre au Rouge”, meaning fixed and completed. This drinkable gold is a life elixir.

Creating the three realms: this salt dissolved in alcohol brings life to the three realms :

  • The mineral or metal : the auric salt can ennoble and change its molecular structure into another lighter, more resistant component, even a supra-conductive one.
  • the vegetable realm : put one gram of liquor into 10 grams of ordinary soil calcinated to a very high temperature and containing no more germs. We shall observe it and see some vegetables appear such as moss, ferns and grass. It is for sure that the liquor generates and provoke an organic mutation creating the vegetable realm and pushes it towards its perfection.
  • the animal realm : take any ordinary calcinated earth, porphyrize it in the mortar and add some amount of liquor. After some time, will appear a fly, a moth and so on…

Albert the Great, an alchemist, tells us while speaking of the Stone : “Here lay hidden some immeasurable treasures, unbeknownst to all except if God reveals them.”

  1. “That is why i am called Hermes Trismegistus”.

Hermes means Mercury in greek. By Trismegistus, we intend to speak of three triplets, that is the Mercury with three powers or having the three creations or necessary materials to the magister.

  1. “What I have said of the Sun’s operation is accomplished and achieved”, but Hermes also says “ Him who is hidden made manifest through his works.” :

We’ll conclude by saying that the Great Work is firstly an ascesis of Man and in order to regenerate oneself, one must, as Christ the redeemer, go through a mortification phase and through death to come back to life.

From death, he reappears as a purified Stone, and the light is given to him.

Albert the Great, in his Alchemy treaty preface, writes “ May the peace of Christ be with you and all around you, to him hence, honor and glory, world without end”.


It appears to me necessary to now speak of the Master :

Eyrenaeus Philalethes (George Starkey) : an enigmatic character, everything about him is paradoxical and indecipherable, he is said to have had several names.

We know for sure that he was born in England in 1612. In 1645, he wrote his most remarkable book at the age of 33 y.o. (some say 23 y.o.)

He wrote a small treatise labelled “ “Expériences sur la préparation du mercure philosophique” under the name of Thomas Vaughan, but his age is more than unsure. I actually think that he provided a sample of projection or transmutation powder at different periods to a few researchers such as Van Helmont.

Here is a quote from the first chapter of his book “Come into the king’s closed palace

At the beginning of his text, he brings forward a definition of who he is “ I am an adept (adeptus) philosopher that shall not be named other than Philalethes, an anonymous name meaning “Adept of the Truth” in the year of the world’s redemption of 1645, having at the age of 33 y.o. acquired the secret knowledge of medicine, alchemy and physics. I thus, committed to write this little treatise to return what I owe to the children of science and to reach out to those entangled in the labyrinth of error.

Willing as I am, to let the adept philosophers know, that I am their equal and their brother, and, to give light to those who erred by the deceptions of the sophists, so that they shall be brought back on the righteous path, so long as they wish for it, since i can foresee that a few of them shall be enlightened by my book.

Those are no fables, they are real and effective experiments, that I have seen and that I know of, as would easily know any man being a philosopher by virtue of this book and because I only know it for the good of my fellows. I can ardently say, and one shall be satisfied only with this confession of mine, that, of all of those who wrote on this matter, nobody ever spoke of it as clearly as I did, and that, many times, have I been tempted to give up on this prospect believing that I had better disguise it under the mask of envy, but God, to whom I could not resist and the only one who knows the hearts. This is what has led me to believe that, in this last age of the world, there will be a few that will have the joy of owning this precious treasure. Because I wrote most sincerely and that I will not leave any doubt for those who commit themselves to study this science that I have not left unexplained.  

I do even know a few persons who know this secret as well as I do and I have no doubt that there are several other philosophers from whom I wish to acquire the knowledge some day and in a little time. May God through his holy will do as he pleases. I hereby confess that I am unworthy of Him to do these things. I do not leave in these very things to adore His holy will to which all the creatures must submit, since it is only for Him that he preserves them as being their nexus and the point of emanation and return of all of the Universe lines.

  • Eyrenaeus Philalethes principles : a translation from latin to french by Salmon in 1672 in his compendium of Alchemy treatises : Library of the Chemic Philosophers.
  • Philalethes principles : to direct the operations of the Hermetic works, Eyrenaeus Philalethes, english by birth, inhabitant of the universe.

1. Do not ever commit to the great Work based on the rules of the ignorants or on what the books the Sophists may suggest, and dare not walk astray from this principle : the aim to which you aspire is gold or silver. Gold or silver must be the only subjects to which you commit, by the mean of our mercurial fountain prepared to bathe them and this requires all of your efforts.

2. Do not surrender to the comments that you may receive, telling yourself that your gold is not the vulgar kind but the physical one. The vulgar gold is dead, this is true, but in the way we prepare it, it is revivified just as well as a grain of wheat revivifies in the soil. After six weeks, the gold which was dead in our living and spermatic work for it is placed in a soil where it belongs, I mean in our compost. We can therefore call it our gold quite rightly. Because we adjoin it to an agent which will certainly bring it back to life, just as, by a contrary denomination, a man can be sentenced to death, is called a dead man because he will soon be dead although he is still alive.

3. Beside gold which is the body and act as the male in our work, you will still be in need for another sperm which is the spirit, the soul or the female ; this sperm is the mercury fluid similar in its form to the common quicksilver yet more defined and pure. There are a few, which use instead of mercury all kinds of waters and liquors they call philosophical. Do not let yourself be seduced by their fine words and do not engage in these works since they are useless; one shan’t reap what one did not sow ; thus if you sow your body which is gold, which is an earth or a mercury, that is not metallic and homogenous to the metals, instead of a metallic elixir, you shall only reap a useless and virtueless limestone.

4. Our mercury is no more in substance than a vulgar quicksilver ; but it differs in its form, being of a celestial and igneous form, and of a most excellent virtue ; all qualities he receives from the art of our preparation.

5. The secret of this preparation consists in taking a mineral close in kind to gold and mercury. You must impregnate it with volatile gold which lays on the kidneys of Mars (iron?) and it is with this, that you must purify mercury at least seven times. Done this way, the mercury is prepared for the king’s bath : that is gold.

6. From seven to ten times, mercury gets more and more purified and becomes more active being “acqueous” in each preparation by our real sulphur ; but if this number of preparations or sublimations existed, it would become too igneous and far from dissolving the body, it would coagulate itself, and gold shan’t melt to it and dissolve in it.

7. Mercury thus “acqueous” or animated, still must be distilled in a glass retort two or three times, because few body atoms may have remained at the moment of its preparation : then it should be washed with vinegar and ammonium salt ; then, it is ready for our great Work, which should be intended metaphorically.

8. Always choose for this work a gold that is pure and unmixed : if it is not as such, when you acquire it, purify it yourself by the ordinary means. After this operation, bring it to a subtle powder, by filing it or by another mean or reduce it to sheets  or if you will, by calcinating it with corrosives : by any means, providing it is very subtle.

9. Now, let’s come to the mix : take one ounce or two of this prepared body and two or three more ounces of the animated mercury, just as I’ve told you, place them in a heated marble mortar, as much as heated water could do ; grind it and triturate until they are incorporated together, then add vinegar and salt to it till perfect purity. Then, you shall sweeten it and dry it completely.

10. Rest assured that, however enigmatic what precedes seems to be, I speak with candor and the way I here teach you is the very one we use and that which all the ancient philosophers have used as there is no other way.  Our sophism lies only in the two ways used in our works. The internal fire is the instrument of God and its qualities are imperceptible to the eyes of men. We will often speak of this fire, however it may appear that we talk of external heat ; this is whence our errors are made and where the fake philosophers and the reckless dive. This fire is our graduated fire, since external heat is almost linear, meaning equal to a shape in all of the Work, but for the Oeuvre au blanc, it is without any alteration, except during the first seven days, where we deem it weaker for the purity of the Work ; but the experimented philosopher doesn’t need this piece of advise.  

Regarding the control of the external fire, it is insensibly graduated every hour and since it is daily surveyed by the result of its cooking, the colors are altered, and the not very difficult and embarrassed, keep it in mind and keep yourself from being surprised from now on.

11. You must have a glass vessel or flask, without which you could not complete your work : it being of an oval or spherical shape and suitable to your compost, meaning that is should be able to welcome twice as much matter as you pour into it, we call it a philosophical egg ; the glass of it should be thick, very transparent, without defect ; its neck must be half a foot long at the most. When your matter lies in it, seal this egg neck hermetically so that there isn’t the slightest opening, as the smallest hole would let the most subtle spirit evaporate and ruin the entire work. To ascertain the exact sealing of your flask, proceed to the following test, it is infallible. When it has become cold apply your mouth to where the neck is sealed, suck strongly and if there is the slightest opening, you will attract the air that is in the flask and when you will remove your mouth from the bottleneck, the air shall be sucked back inside emitting a sharp whistling noise easy to notice : not once has this test failed.

12. You will also need a furnace, called athanor by the wise ones, in which you shall be able to accomplish your work. In a first phase, the one available to you should provide a dark red or slightly lesser kind of heat, to will and it should keep up to the highest heat level at least 12 hours without failing, if you happen to have one, verify these five conditions :  

  • the first one, that the capacity of your nest doesn’t exceed more than your basin, with an inch all around so that the fire coming from the chamber doesn’t reach your flask.
  • the second is that your basin must contain only one flask, matras or egg (glass sphere) with about one inch thick of ashes between the basin, the bottom and the sides of the flask; always bear in mind the philosopher’s words : only one flask, only one matter, only one furnace.  The basin must be placed exactly above the opening from where comes the fire, that shan’t be wider than two inches in diameter, whence, by ways of leaching and climbing, will rise the flames, which will always hit the highest part of the flask, the sides and will maintain it at the proper heat level as necessary as it needs to be.
  • the third is that if your basin were too big, as your furnace must be three to four times bigger as its diameter, the flask could not be heated exactly and continuously as should be.
  • the fourth is that if your hole is only 6 inches wide where the fire comes out, you are not within the recommended proportion and you’ll never reach the right heat level, if you exceed this proportion and push your fire too much, it will be too weak.
  • at last, the fifth condition is that the front of your furnace should close precisely with a hole which should only be big enough so as to introduce your piece of philosophical charcoal, meaning about one inch wide so that it can, from below redirect the heat with more strength.

13 - the things arranged as such, bring the egg where your material lays in this furnace, and provide it with the heat that nature requires, which is low and not too violent, starting where nature has left it.

You shouldn’t ignore that nature has left your material in the mineral reign and although we hold our comparisons from the vegetables and the animals, you must nonetheless conceive a decent ratio corresponding to the reign in which the material you wish to work upon is placed : if, for example, we compare between the generation of a man and of the vegetation of a vegetable, do not assume that my belief is that the heat proper to one, shall be the same for the other, since we know that within the earth the vegetables grow in, there is a heat that the vegetable can feel, as soon as the beginning of spring, but an egg will not hatch with this heat, and Man, far from feeling it, could only feel an increasing cold. Being certain that your work lays completely within the mineral reign, you should know the heat it needs and distinguish with accuracy between the small and the violent one.

Consider only that nature has left you in the mineral reign, but still, that you should work on the gold and the mercury, with both are incombustible : that the mercury is soft and that it can burst the vessels that contain it if the fire is too strong.

That it is incombustible and that the fire may not in any way damage it, but it is still necessary to retain it with the masculine sperm in the same glass vessel ; which couldn’t be done if the fire was too strong, and you would then find yourself unable to complete the works.

This way, the heat gradient which could keep lead and stain in a state of fusion, even a bit stronger, but not so much that the vessels may suffer it without breaking, must be estimated correctly to reach the required temperature.

Thus, it is clear for you to see that you should commence your heating level by the one fit to the reign where nature has left us.

14 - All the progress in this book, which is a cohabitation of the moon on the ground, is to climb in a cloud and fall back down as a rain ; this is why I advise you to sublimate in continuous vapors so that the stone will take air and be able to live.

15 - but to obtain our permanent tincture, this is still not enough ; I need our lake water to boil with the ashes of Hermes’s tree. I advise you to continuously boil it, night and day, so that in the works of our stormy sea, the terrestrial nature may come down. There is no doubt that, without the absolute accuracy of this operation which is boiling, we can never hold our work for a cooking but rather for a digestion ; because when the spirits circulate only in silence and that the compost which lays below doesn’t die from boiling, this is properly called a digestion.

16 - do not rush into the works hoping that you may harvest your crop before it’s ripe, but on the contrary, remain confident in the space of 50 days at the most and you’ll see the crow’s beak that bodes well.

A few people, as the Philosopher used to say, imagined that our solution is easy to make, but those who have tried it or experienced it, often know that it is exceedingly difficult. For example, if you sow a grain of wheat, after three days you will find it swollen, but if you pull it from the soil, it will dry up and will return to its initial state. However, we put it into a decent matrix, the soil is its proper environment ; but it has lacked the necessary time for the vegetation. The hardest seeds require a longer time in the soil to germinate, such are the nuts ant the stone fruits such as the prunes and other fruits ; each species has its season and it is the mark of a natural and fruitful operation when it awaits the prescripted time for its premature action.

Do you believe then that gold, which is the most solid body there is in the world, may change its form in such little time? One must remain in expectation until the 40th day to see the beginning of the darkening. When it will appear, please conclude that your body is destroyed, which mean coagulated with the body ; but until this darkness, mercury and gold will maintain their shape and nature.

17 - Pay a lot of attention to make sure your fire doesn’t die, not even a moment ; since once the matter has gone cold, the loss of the work is certain. It results from everything we’ve talked about that all of our work consists in boiling our compost to the first degree with a liquefying heat which belongs to the metallic reign, where the internal vapor circulates around the matter, and in this smoke, the one and the other will die and resuscitate.

18 - Carry on with your fire until the apparition of colours and you will then see the white color when it will appear (what will appear towards the end of the 5th month) the achievement of the white stone is near.  Rejoice since the king, victor of death, appears in the east wreathed in glory, announces by a citrin cercle his precursor or ambassador.

19 - Carry on with your fire with courage until the colors appear once again and you’ll see the beautiful vermilion and the wild poppy. Praise God and be grateful.

20 - Eventually, though your stone may be perfect, you will need to boil it in the same water once again, with the same proportion and an only slightly weaker fire ; through this mean you will increase its quantity and virtue, as many times as you may wish, so that God, father of the lights, Sovereign Lord creator of all Life and all good, may gracefully show you this regeneration of light to enter the earth of life, land promised to all of his true followers, to participate, one day, to eternal life, so be it.

Be aware that Philalethes alternately describes the two ways of the Work in his book Come into the king’s closed palace : wet direction and dry direction (in French: voie humide et voie sèche).

The Count of Saint Germain 

The story of this adept is enigmatic, initiatic and emblematic. It is not in my intention to retrace his story, many books actually do it, among which Le comte St Germain by Paul Chacornac in 1947, or Mourat et Louvet, with « St Germain, the immortal Rosicrucian », in 1969.

The count of St Germain is not his real name, he said of himself “I am called Sanctus Germanus” the holy brother, the ascended… He is said to have also been called Prince Rakoczi and he certainly comes from Atlantis and Egypt. We can retrace his existence in Tibet and in Orient in several periods, he could be affiliated to the seven masters of the origins. He may be in charge of occident for a century.

His contemporary history starts in 1743 in London. In 1745, he is suspected of being a spy and Lord Horace Walpole tells us “ He has been here for two years and refuses to say who he is, where he comes from, but he admits not bearing his name”. The Count spends several years in Germany and comes to the court of Louis the 15th in 1758. Madame de Pompadour provides us with  a description of her own : “ The Count appeared to be about fifty years old, refined, spiritual, and very simply but tastefully dressed, he wore diamonds on his fingers, and on his snuffbox and watch”.

The king Louis the 15th gave him numerous interviews and received him in private. This privileged situation provoked the wrath of the minister Choiseul which caused his exile, the Count spent the last years of his life in the castle of Landgrave in Hesse where he is said to have died on the 27th of February 1784, but without any witness, except for a few servants who died months later.

The Count confirms before several people at the court of Louis the 15th, having the alchemic knowledge to transform precious stones, to be able to increase their size and the purity of diamonds. He will perform twice and more, in public, a transmutation of silver coins into gold ones, he’ll specify having the knowledge of tainting the precious stones, stained-glass, and he’ll add that he possessed the powder of projection at the purest level of its multiplication as well as the long life elixir. The Count adds during casual conversations to have known Pontius Pilate and some other historical characters but never openly confirms being thousands of years old. He nevertheless may have confirmed being 17.000 years old, but we believe this may not be his physical age, rather the time where he fusioned with his monad (his higher consciousness).

Could he have received his knowledge from Hermes (Thot in Atlantis, in Egypt before the last cataclysm as 17.000years would correspond to this period in time) or from another master? It is admitted that he received practical alchemic knowledge from Nicholas Flamel, who himself, never gave his real name or origin ; he disappeared after having fulfilled the Great Work, but some adepts recount of meeting him with his wife Dame Pernelle and their child, about a hundred years earlier in India. As far as we know, we also think that Nicholas Flamel stayed in Spain in 1984 as a very close acquaintance of ours gave us a few very disturbing details. Could the Count be the historical Lazarus? Does he have access to past incarnations memories, can he read the Akasha, the memory of the World.

In 1785, one year “after his death”, the archives of the Free Masonry recount that he attended a meeting of the Lodge in Paris, on February the 15th 1785. At this meeting, where he represented the Rosicrucians, he refuted a few decisions made by the Illuminati’s sect, in the presence of Kabbalists and Humanitarians. He intervened in the presence of the doctor Mesmer, Monsieur Lavater and Monsieur de Saint Martin.

He never ate, he refused to take the slightest amount of food during the meals he was invited to. This is one of the influences of the Philosophical Elixir. The Count was not interested in women and led a life of chastity.

We also came across traces of the Count earlier in 1687 in Vienna, Austria, under the name of Signor Geraldi, and we think that the Count of Saint Germain is no other that the adept Lascaris who posed as a greek at the end of the 18th century.

In 1701, in Berlin, it is Lascaris who gave, as well as to other characters, few grams of the powder of projection or transmutation to Mr Jean Frédéric Böttger (Bötticher) who then, was forced to flee because the king Wilhelm Friedrich the First, of Prussia, had him searched, following the transmutations that he’d performed. Böttger didn’t achieve the philosophers stone, but he discovered through Alchemy, the fabrication of the Porcelaine de Saxe.

Signor Geraldi disappeared in 1691 and Lascaris appeared a bit later :  the latter disappeared between 1730 and 1740 a little bit before the appearance of the Count of Saint Germain in London, England (see also the adept Roger Bacon whose 13th century texts have common points with the Count of Saint Germain).

It is also possible that St Germain may have been the master of Christian Rosencreutz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. As far as we’re concerned, the Count of St Germain is without a doubt a brother of the White Brotherhood, a “White Mantle” templar, a Rose-Croix adept. There is a portrait of St Germain that has us quite upset : could he have had the audacity to have come back to us under the identity of Mr Nicolas Tesla, knowing that the Count of St Germain, under a pretense name, filed a patent application for an internal combustion engine, in the late 1700’s, after the french revolution, in London? He also appears in an occult manner in 1789 and 1790 at the Conciergerie where Marie-Antoinette, Louis the 16th’s spouse was confined.

In 1791, he returns to Vienna, and subsequently disappears again in India and Kashmere.  From 1936 till 1939, he is seen in Europe and mostly in Germany where he is said to have met Hitler, to warn him against the consequences of his acts.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society claims to have met the Count of St Germain at the end of the 19th century.

He wrote an alchemic text called “The Holy Trinosophy”, found in 1795 in documents confiscated during the take of the Saint Ange castle in Rome. These documents belonged to Cagliostro and are now kept by the public library of Troyes, in France. The Holy Trinosophy has been published in 1971 by René Alleau with Denoël, in the Biblioteca Hermetica collection.

We will find traces of his presence in Paris in 1970’s. He presented himself as the Count St-Germain, aka Richard Louis David Chanfray, born on april the 4th 1940 in Lyon, France, where operating, on french television network France 2, and under the scrutiny of a bailiff, a transmutation of lead into gold.

Here are a few other marking dates in his life :

  • in 1760, he leaves France for the Netherlands and re-establishes the Amsterdam Order of the Templars.
  • in 1762, he goes to Russia where he creates the Rose Croix order in this country.
  • in 1764, he lives in Venice.
  • in 1773, he returns to Tibet.
  • in 1776, we find traces of his passage and teachings in Lebanon, Syria and Libya.

We love to cite, talking about Spagyria, what has been written by Mr Daniel Stolcius, and, what has been largely discussed, by someone we’ve had the honor of meeting and appreciate : Mr Bernard Husson, in his remarkable book Viridarium Chymicum or the Alchemical Garden.

If the term “Spagyria” was not invented by Paracelsus, it definitely comes from his doctrine. This ancestral knowledge embraces a coherent conception of the nature of the bodies, the three kingdoms considered as formed under the organising influence controlling the three active principles, sulphur, mercury and salt, closely corresponding to the hermetic concepts of spirit, soul and body…

To spagyrically elaborate a remedy, it is to treat the plant or the mineral in a way to separate, through a provoked putrefaction, the five principles, and then to reunite only three of them which happen to be active, in a synthesis where the aim is to unite the mercury to the sulphur using salt through a slow firing process or maturation. This way, we operated a perfect separation of the pure from the impure and an exaltation of the so obtained quintessence.

Some may say that I am not generous but, just as an exemple, I am going to present you with a few alchemic sentences to demonstrate that this science has been zealously protected.

“On a double square, establish the elements, reduce to a sole body four different bodies, square from the skies and the circular vaults, from this eclipsed sky reestablish the roundness, increase ten degrees its supreme splendor : it is building in the world, a world of splendor.”

As sure as you can be, the three principles or, nature fires, cannot be dissociated from the four elements so that the earth can rotate and that the materia prima (the starting material and not the prima materia) constituted from the first three, may ripen and improve to perfection so as to obtain the quintessence, may it be the spagyric or alchemic one.

Even if the alchemic way is operated in a radically different way, in a laboratory or literally speaking, this way requires an inner work and a knowledge of the Human character. The result is not a medicine but The Medicine.

Apart from the sulphur and the mercury principle, the so-called philosophic then philosophical salt, after a first purification and vivification, comes to a peaceful state. This salt remains and will remain, all along the Work, whether alchemic or spagyric, the only mediating link, purifying and coagulating one.

Basil Valentine, the monk, is a mysterious spagyrist, as will always remain his date and place of birth. According to some texts, he may be born in 1394. His writings start in 1599 to end with the last testament in 1629, which represent 232 years of existence. What is one to think, to believe? None of the endeavours and searches, very seriously carried by a few people have ever been able to end the mystery shrouding him.

It is nevertheless certain that, between his first book in 1599 and his last, in 1626 only 27 years have gone. Which is not a lot of time compared to the amount of knowledge that he passed on...

It is a known fact that Basil Valentin already practiced Spagyria before Paracelsus.


From his real name, Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, aka Paracelsus or « the cursed Doctor », no man, except later, for the count of St Germain and Cagliostro, has ever raised so much tantrum and so many questions. He was born in Einsiedeln near Zurich in 1493 and died in Salzburg in 1541.

He is one of the strangest characters from the Renaissance period. Expert in esoteric astrology, consummate master in the art of alchemy, this « adept » practiced the kabbalistic theurgy, meaning the true magic of the ancient wise men from India, as well as an hermetic medicine which bases layed entirely upon the secret doctrine. He possessed the treasure of treasures, the science of sciences, meaning the philosophical stone in the explanations of the mysteries of life and death.

His existence, similar to St Germain’s and Cagliostro’s later, was a never ending wandering life. Soon enough, he denied the classical teachings of his time. He said, in the Book IV of his Defensiones, « The universities do not teach all things. The practitioner is in need of searching for the witches, the bohemians, the wandering tribes, the thieves and other outlaws, and ask among them. We must, by ourselves discover what helps science, travelling, enduring many adventures and retain what can be useful on the way ». He rallied entirely to the mysterious doctrine of the abbot Trithemius (1462-1516), with whom he’ll remain until 1541. He denied the oracles of Avicenne and of Gabier, but he joined the conception of the arabic alchemists, like Geber and Rhazes, to whom the elements of nature are forces in motion.

He fought his way as an adversary of the established laws, burned the medical books of the greeks and arabs to focus essentially on the purest of ancient doctrines, Alchemy. He was perfectly in concordance with the secret doctrine of oriental yoga. His reputation as a practitioner and a healer was huge and brought him soon enough, the wrath and hatred of some of his most famous contemporary fellows. The adepts of Thomas Eraste and Bernard Dessenius called him « a monster from hell » and a  « despicable swagman » .

For sure, Paracelsus was a rather sharp and rebellious adept, but he threw all his knowledge and will into his apostolate, the art of healing. He played the role of a precursor by enacting bold and creative endeavours in the field of pharmacology. He managed to obtain many resounding recoveries, which brought him the wrath of his colleagues whose practices lost patients as a consequence.

His language was only obscure to the profanes. Paracelsus was the spokesman and torchbearer of the Rose and the Cross. He wasn’t allowed to reveal everything, but in a closely esoteric hermetic language.

Paracelsus was the continuator of the ideas of Pythagoras, Plato, the Essenians and the neo-Platonician school of thought. The reading of Plato’s, Plutarch’s and Iamblichus’s works will allow us to get closer to the sources where he drew the water of his initiatic knowledge, which his the only one quenching the thirst of the spirit and the soul.

To Paracelsus, the celestial bodies where neither the first causes, nor the second ones, but signs, expressing the divine energies in relation with the different heavenly hierarchies giving the unique rhythm to life in a permanent holistic connection (from the greek Holos, the whole, the globality, and Holis, the sacred) between the planets and Man, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, between the skies and the earth.

In order to understand this authentically holistic global relationship, of the things and beings existence, one needs to understand the subtle art of correspondences. « The outer skies only represents and demonstrates the inner skies ». He also clarified his thinking by declaring that « the wisdom that is given to us by God dominates in the sky and the celestial bodies ».

It is impossible for us to change the course of destiny, as the «Cursed Doctor » teaches us but we all have the power to resist it, just like a great wall to a canon and even if someone was a child of Saturn and with Saturn as an ascendant, he can free himself from Saturn. He can become a child of the Sun.

The main idea with Paracelsus is that the planets and the mythical gods influence the things and the beings by imprinting their seal on everything, but nothing forces us to respond to these influences if we become spiritually elevated beings, aware of the divinity in us.

From this alchemic knowledge, this adept has mostly retired that all universal structure is fundamentally based on an analogy with the three principles, what doctrine calls the sulphur, mercury and salt of the philosophers.

This conception is not specific to Paracelsus. It is the fundamentals behind the ancient doctrine that considers itself to be global in nature and in which man his an integral part of the cosmos, with his body, soul and spirit.

He also declared that : « The God of macrocosm and microcosm act upon each other, both of them are but a single essence, for there is but one God, one law and one nature through which wisdom can manifest itself ». In a word, he reaffirmed the unity of matter and spirit.

Nowadays, the works of Paracelsus should resuscitate the interest of this knowledge for the world of medical research. The ideas of the medicinal man from Einsiedeln are more than ever on the agenda, since they allow for a new technological approach in elaborating useful remedies to heal and alleviate the suffering of human kind. Under the medical angle, alchemy enlightens astrology and spagyria to produce a true and authentic global medicine, I mean a holistic one, called Iatrochemistry. Which is nothing but the application of the alchemic philosophical theorems to biochemistry.

The principles which hide behind the research of the Great Work claim the unity of spirit, the unity of substance, the unity of essence from which results the unity of matter, the evolution of matter and the consciousness of the forces that act within it and through it.

Eventually, for Paracelsus, every thing is a manifestation of divine life, a universal divine life which produces the matter and the force. It is God’s consciousness itself that animates the holistic laws of universal life.

Hence, matter only appears to be inanimate. Metals are gifted with universal life and can receive the imprint of perfect life by the operations of the Great Work, the magisterium of the wise. So, the iatrochemist can used them to heal and recreate life. What is true for the metals  is also true for the precious stones.

From the thoughts of Paracelsus, emerges the following general theory : the unity of spirit and matter is the prevailing law of the universe, it implies the unity of force and matter since everything is in everything. It follows that the philosophy of Paracelsus, and of his fathers before him, is more elevated that what was left to believe and henceforth happens to be perfectly actualized and usable in the area of practical medicine of the new age.

We could explain many things about the elements, earth, water, air and fire as well as about the different human tempers, impulsive, lymphatic, melancolic and bilious, their correspondence between the diverse parts of the body and the astrological knowledge of the different zodiac signs allow us to understand the day and the time of taking a remedy in relation with an astral theme. Many other things could be said on the alchemic art composed of the three paths : longation, curtation and sacerdotal, as well as the transmutation and multiplication of the Stone.

About Osiris

In our solar system, there are different populations with humanoïd shapes which belong to very different involutive or evolutive groups and some others, to some very evolved groups living within the planets themselves, like Mercury, Sirius, Vulcan, the Great Bear, the Pleiades, etc… but under a different frequential plan.

Those different beings have had, in the past, and still have relations with our planetary system. They have been in touch and have marked different terrestrial civilisations since the beginning of times.

In the Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the first king of Egypt. He brings civilisation, mostly through agriculture, after the first Atlantic cataclysm (another cataclysm happened 10 000 years before). He, then, travels in all parts of the globe, to give and implant a civilisation. His brother or half brother (Typhoon ; Seth) under the order of « An » and possessed by him, wants him dead. Helped by 14, or 72, conspirators, he kills Osiris.

Isis, his spouse, but also his sister or half sister, goes after him and the 14 pieces that Seth has dispersed within the realm. The only fragment that Isis won’t recover will be his penis : yet Osiris will come back as Horus.

Number 14 is a purely hermetic and alchemic number, it is the number of parts of prima materia, which is necessary to the realisation of the Great Work (Philosophical stone).

Height : the number of « Flying Eagles », and six, the number of « Mercurial Lavations ».

The sixth part being divided in two : one half part at the beginning of the works of the Lavations and one half at the end of the same magisterium.

Under another angle, the number 14 is the characteristic of the temperature in the fourteenth card of the Tarot or Torat, and corresponds to the necessity to follow the initiatic path in a progressive way and to follow the exoteric and esoteric teachings of the seven temples of wisdom : seven exoteric temples to master the personality, seven esoteric temples for the perfectioning of the soul. Two multiplied by seven equals fourteen ; the fourteen temples of Osiris.

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