Red Strong Ganoderma Lucidum or Chinese Ling Zhi

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

The actual legend of Ling ZhiThe concern of the ancient Chinese alchemists and magicians doctors, and those of other continents, was to understand the order of construction of our world, from the emanation plan to the action plan, in other words, from invisible to visible. They sought to fix, to concentrate and maintain in a matter which they called “black...

Lapis Ostra : Bioregulator of the Central Nervous System (CNS)

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

After many years of research on the functions of the brain, and most particularly on the epiphysis and the production of epithalamin (see the text of the Fulmina Foundation on the “Preparation of Peptides of the body, Epithalamin), we conducted research and fabricated a product exclusively of natural origin, vegetal and biological in nature (without any long term iatrogenic effects)...

Verification of energy after taking one dose of Lapis Elixir

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Since ancient times, the human being speaks about the energy of nature and the human body, this knowledge has been discovered and practiced by different civilizations: Indian in Ayurvedic medicine and the practice of yoga, Chinese by tao, acupuncture, remedies rebalancing the five elements and the five temperaments, Greek with Hippocrate, the Arabs with the medicine of salts and alkahests,...

The Mechanism of Re-generation : function of the bioelectricity or the supply of light in the core of our cells : Lapis Elixir

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Life sciences and the comprehension of the organic biophysical functions have allowed during the past forty years to start the beginning of the understanding of the infinitesimally large and the infinitesimally small.Biophysics is a discipline seated at the interface of Physics and Biology where the tools used for the observation of the physical phenomena are applied to the observation of...

Intestinal Biotic Bio-Regulator Complex Eukaryotes extracted from roots - Lapis Pro

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Our intestine has an extraordinary and incredible set of functions. It contains almost one hundred billion micro-organisms : ten times more than the number of cells of our organism ! The length of the intestine measures from 7 to 8 meters. The surface of the intestinal mucosa is approximately 300 to 400 square meters and it represents the largest absorption and...

Principle of extraction: the Spagyric Science

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Spagyria as a plant medicine, uses different methods and principles, allowing the extraction of the pure essence of the plant: Quintessence. You will discover here the bases of these methods. This quintessence can be used in dilution, trituration, ointment, in cosmetics, veterinary or agricultural care etc.

Peptide regulation of ageing

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

IntroductionFor many years a phenomenon of ageing had been studied within the framework of ethics and social issues. Only in the last century the society realized that a process of ageing should be studied from a different viewpoint, that is, as a special physiologic mechanism bearing a certain evolutionary significance.Ageing is the most complicated issue in medicine and biology. The...

The Mechanism of Re-generation, Lapis Elixir : scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the mechanisms of cell regeneration regarding the Lapis Elixir : Click to consult the documents

Intestinal Biotic Bio-Regulator Complex : Lapis Pro – scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the intestinal Bio Regulating complexe Lapis Pro: Click on titles to consult the documents

Spagyria Practical Treatise

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

Historical retrospectiveWe will mention only the indisputable masters in Spagyria, although all those who performed the great alchemical work were spagyrists in terms of research.We like to quote, about Spagyria, what was written by Daniel Stalcius and widely commented on by the one we had the honour of knowing and appreciating: Bernard Husson, in his admirable collection "Viridarium Chymicum or...

Red Ganoderma Lucidum : scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the Red Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom : Click on titles to consult the documents

Nutraceutical and therapeutic properties of medicinal fungus : Cordyceps sinensis - scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the therapeutic potential of Cordyceps sinensis: Click on titles to consult the documents

Simple solution for viral diseases

Fulmina Institut - 2 years ago

Non-toxic perlingual tablets in infinitesimal doses

Cosmetics Containing Ingredients Linked to Cancer or Reproductive Harm

2 years ago

There is currently no mandatory safety testing of cosmetic products sold in the U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go on the market. Companies that manufacture or market cosmetics have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their products, but no law or FDA regulation requires specific...


Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

Chapter 1 - Djed is a natural organic Superfood Bee Pollen, Kakadu Plum, Lilli Pilli, Acacia Seeds, Wheatgrass Sprouts, Plum, Lime, Peppermint, Royal Jelly and Propolis. Each composition has been selected and evolved into difficult, arid and extreme biotopes, which give them high quality active ingredients (resistance of the plant and its compounds). The adaptogenic quality of each of these...