Verification of energy after taking one dose of Lapis Elixir

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Verification of energy after taking one dose of Lapis Elixir

Since ancient times, the human being speaks about the energy of nature and the human body, this knowledge has been discovered and practiced by different civilizations: Indian in Ayurvedic medicine and the practice of yoga, Chinese by tao, acupuncture, remedies rebalancing the five elements and the five temperaments, Greek with Hippocrate, the Arabs with the medicine of salts and alkahests, the Africans, the South Americans, the Amerindians and the Celts who made quintessences fixing the energy of the plants that they diluted in mead.

They had all discovered that a plant or its extract doesn’t only contain active ingredients but does contain or fixes in its molecular structure energies.

Chi, Kai or Shakti are traditionally practiced in sciences such as yoga and martial arts.

The different energies that circulate inside the human body produce a halo of energy (electromagnetic field) more commonly named “aura” in the West. These energies circulate by lines or by meridians which are concentrated in energy wheels (vortex) named “chakras”. They correspond with the seven endocrine glands. Any matter and any living body emit energy in the “morphogenetic” field. The human aura can be broken down into nine layers or subtle bodies but only four are usually activated: the etheric (or vital) layer, the emotional layer, the lower mental layer and the higher mental layer. (See works of Harold Saxton Bürr (Professor of Anatomy at the Yale University School of Medicine) in 1937 and Rupert Sheldrake biologist in 1981).

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina invented a system of photographs that allows to visualize a luminous halo (vital body in living beings and electromagnetic emanation that for objects) resembling a set of varied colors around objects or living beings (corresponding to different organs in humans). This luminous halo is explained by “a gaseous ionization generated in the immediate surroundings of the subject immersed in a strong alternating electric field”.

At the beginning of the XXth century also, the discovery of the biorhythms in several countries made it possible to emit studies which seem to confirm that from the birth to the death, each living being undergoes the influence in its physics of three main layers of a morphogenetic field: emotional, the lower mind, the intellect and the higher mind whose phases are said to be positive or negative. To these natural cycles have been added, in the morphogenetic field, other memories, such as the intuitive, cultural, spiritual or passional cycles which would give rise to calculations to evaluate the favorable and unfavorable moments for the accomplishment of certain actions. This halo of physical, emotional and mental or even higher energy seems in fact a materialization of the positive or negative functioning of the various functions of the organism, whether they are actually physical, emotional or mental. This research has led to the creation of different devices to measure the effectiveness of a therapeutic product, and its immediate action on different energy bodies: they can also compare the vital energy of vegetables or fruits, for example, grown either conventionally or biologically.

From the 1950s, many scientists from Russia, Eastern Europe and the West developed various technologies that allowed the measurement of the biorhythms, the quantitative and qualitative emission of the energy of the various organs of the body, as example in 1965, two English from the University of Birmingham, Smart and Milner, then later Christian Malézieux, Jean-Marc Connoir, then with Guy Gruais. Georges Guilpin, and Hervé Moskovakis, in turn, are doing research on electrography. Georges Hadjo has created electrophysionic devices (previously passing by electrography and then electrophotonics) that photograph the bioluminescence of any living being or any object or substance and more particularly acupuncture points: he then built a device or multiple data are stored in a program for immediate diagnosis.

For information, in 1975, the Americans Stanley Krippner and Daniel Rubin published a book, “The Energies of Consciousness”, which takes stock of the state of the world’s research, and inaugurates meetings of American and Soviet researchers devoted to research on the Kirlian effect. The Romanian Dimitrescu managed to highlight, by means of a derivative of the Kirlian effect, which he calls electronography, the acupuncture points that are in fact points of lesser resistance of the skin to the passage of electricity.

Finally, the development of these technologies today ranges from the measurement of energy to the control of parasites present in the body that resonate on different frequencies. It is even possible to check the compatibility of food or medicine on our body or that of animals, but also to compare the vibratory quality of a food and its molecular quality.

One of our Russian patients tested Lapis Elixir with a Scottish-made machine:

This device can diagnose the energy parameters of the deficient organs, but also to analyze and eliminate harmful parasites to the body through specific electromagnetic frequencies for each parasite and finally live check the biocompatibility of food and medicine or food supplements.

In the following example, the therapist and the patient had the great surprise (then in a second time scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences), following the analysis with this device which measures the energy of 37 organs, glands and energy centers, to note that following the taking of a single dose of Lapis Elixir (measurements before and after) not only 46 parameters out of 47 returned to a normal energy amplitude but the aura reconstituted by the software shows that the energy is corrected and equilibrated.

Diagnosis :

Diagnosis after taking one single dose of Lapis Elixir :

Analysis of energy and parameters on 47 organs and functions before and after taking a single dose of Lapis Elixir :

Analysis of parameters on 47 organs and function

Express – color interpretation

Hyperfunction strongly expressed

Hyperfunction expressed

Hyperfunction moderately expressed

Hyperfunction weakly expressed


Hypofunction weakly expressed

Hypofunction moderately expressed

Hypofunction expressed

Hypofunction strongly expressed

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