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Written by Fulmina Institut
excerpt from “Les Clés d'Arya”

excerpt from “Les Clés d'Arya”

[...]The universe and the human body are composed in much the same way, in that at the scale of the infinitely small, they mirror the image of the infinitely large. Hermes Trismegistus (“Thoth”) tells us: “As above, so below”. Many energy lines, or circuits, traverse our body, inside as well as out. Indians call these lines “nadis” and the Chinese call them “meridians”. These physical, or etheric, energy channels have existed since the creation of man. Our human ancestors were skilled at controlling these energy lines and their chakras (or çakras), as well as the various subtle bodies. Chakras and the various vibratory centres in our bodies resonate with different planes of frequency, all of which are connected to our universe, which is itself part of seven sub-universes and galaxies, thus – from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.

We have seven subtle bodies, connected to seven chakras – or wheels of light – each one a specific colour and linked to the planetary energies and the seven endocrine glands (humours).

What are the seven chakras?

- Muladhara (red colour): the first chakra is located at the base of the spine, the root from which light rises up from the cup, or matrix. It is where the life energy resides, in the stem cells around the adrenal glands. It is often likened to the sacral region and sits in the Lotus position; it is happiness.

Muladhara, the first chakra, connects Man with the planetary forces, and Sahasrara, the seventh chakra, connects Man with the highest cosmic forces of our solar energy.

No external action can modify a chakra’s karmic state. A chakra emits and receives energy.

Located at the base of the etheric spine, Muladhara chakra supports all the other chakras.

Through this centre, the soul is linked to all material forms of the existential will in our physical world. It is the seat of the Holy Spirit’s influence on our planet, the mother of our world: The Virgin and the virgin matter.

Sahasrara, the seventh chakra, is the place where spirit meets matter. This fusion is achieved by means of the sushumna nadi.

Muladhara is the chakra where the Monad, the place where the Father dwells within us, meets the Sahasrara chakra.

Muladhara chakra is the mother of matter: “Kundalini”, the “Fire Serpent”, is coiled at the base of the spine.

- Svadhisthana (orange colour): the second chakra and the dwelling place of the self. This is the unique place where primordial nature irrigates the gonads or ovaries. It is the zone of sexuality and sensuality, which is greatly troubled in our civilisation.

- Manipura (yellow colour): the third chakra, the lustrous gem of the city. It is linked to the pancreas and liver and regulates the emotions.

- Anahata (green colour): the fourth chakra is the force that supports the higher nature. It is the love and heart chakra.

- Vishuddha (blue colour): the fifth chakra is purification or invocation (speech). It is linked to the thyroid and parathyroid.

- Ajna (indigo colour): the sixth chakra is the centre of the third eye – inner vision or clairvoyance. It is linked to the pituitary gland, the hypophysis.

- Sahasrara (violet colour): the seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head and is the seat of God in Man. It controls the endocrine glands, the pineal.

Approximately twenty centimetres above the seventh chakra is another chakra, which is the seat of the Universal, or Cosmic, Father.

The chakras are linked with virtues, qualities or vices.

  1.     Muladhara.     Virtue: temperance; quality: sobriety; vice: gluttony.

  1.     Swadhisthana.     Virtue: strength; quality: chastity; vice: lust.

  1.     Manipura.     Virtue: prudence; quality: gentleness; vice: wrath.

  1.     Anahata.     Virtue: justice; quality: charity, fraternity; vice: envy.

  1.     Vishuddha.     Virtue: charity; quality; generosity; vice: greed.

  1.     Ajna.     Virtue: hope; quality: courage; vice: sloth.

  1.     Sahasrara.     Virtue: faith; quality: humility; vice: pride.

They also correspond to sounds and geometric shapes, such as the eight points of the double tetrahedron, which in turn correspond to levorotatory energy in men and dextrorotatory in women. They respond to different frequencies in our environment and to our thoughts and emotions.

The vibrations generated by chakras have an impact on the vibratory qualities of our DNA and RNA. DNA is composed of four protein bases and twenty-four amino acids, symbolically mirroring the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and twenty-four energies, consisting of twelve positive and twelve negative energies.

Depending on where we are in our physical (lifestyle), emotional, mental and spiritual development, the energies of these wheels of light can act on us and can be interpreted in various ways with different reading (transfer keys: vibratory support / vibratory energy). They impact how our biological heritage is codified and understood, and enable us to access other planes of consciousness that can affect our perception of life and its reality.

We are a holographic organism interacting with a Greater Whole: the One, the Light. Our ability is made in God’s image and therefore limitless (Yoga, string theory).

In Buddhism, Sahasrara is depicted by a headpiece covering Buddha’s head: “The Thousand Petals”. For Christians it is a halo encircling a Saint’s head.

All hormones and how they function are regulated by the Sahasrara chakra. It is the unique centre, the seat of the causal body’s permanent atom and the memory of our earlier realms of experience. Planners beings for human life do not allow humans beings to include the ability to access to their past lives or memories, although human beings may experience flashbacks in moments of emotional distress, accidents, etc.

This is a security measure, since if a normal human being had access to his memories or “karmic impressions” and they entered his consciousness unbidden, this akashic memory would undoubtedly be unbearable and he would almost certainly be unable to cope with its revelations. We can only withstand it when we have an extremely pure astral emotional and mental body and when we are emotionally ready to deal with the consequences.

When the soul returns in a body of flesh (incarnation*), our evolutionary masters make us forget the images of the past. Practising some types of yoga may bring some memories back to consciousness; these moments are called “Samskaras” by yogis.

*Note :Incarnation: it is the incarnation of the soul in successive bodies of flesh.Reincarnation: this is the stage where an evolved soul (avatar) chooses to return with its same consciousness in a body of flesh.

Memories resurface like tidal waves. As yogis progress, they acquire the skills and consciousness of the triple human personality (physical, mental and causal), which they can use to control the rate at which past consciousness returns; once revealed, they can finally be free of it. The are, however, only accessing key images of past lives and memories; the memory as a whole is kept in a mother memory, known as the “akashic memory”.

The Sahasrara centre is characterised by its violet (esoteric) and white (exoteric) colour. This chakra is the seat of the Monad of human beings and mankind as a whole: the cosmic Father. The Monad is a being (you) living on its own plane of consciousness. There is one Monad for each human being. In general, in our western civilisation, we do not receive the teachings necessary to reach the level of evolutionary consciousness needed to engage in a conscious relationship with our own Monad, which is in turn connected to the Father: The Universal Monad.

Intermittently, however, man receives stimuli from his Monad to help him progress (inspiration, strokes of genius). This only works if his mental and astral bodies are like a clean window letting the white light through.

Muladhara chakra contains Ishta-Devata: the representation of the mother of our world, the mother embodied in our planet. By controlling Kundalini energy we can commune with the Fire Serpent Ishta-Devata, our guardian angel, who, like a mother, cares for our evolving soul. Ishta-Devata guides the process of spiritual development through purification (Karma). Our guardian angel is there to enable and fulfill our worldly wishes.

Sahasrara chakra, the seat of the Monad, our Father within us, is not there to help us in our physical material life. Its purpose is to help us reach the highest plane of development so we can control and renounce matter. Sahasrara is the union and summation of all chakras. It is the Monad is centre of communication, the place where our soul’s causal body is located, known as “Brahmarandhra” by yogis, – the lotus, or seat of the God Brahma’s or God the Father’s consciousness. It is connected to our solar system’s spiritual sun.

It disseminates Thought Adjuster energy and divine will in our human soul. It is connected to the Mother and it is through the Mother that we are able to connect with it. To paraphrase Jesus “Pray that the Mother speaks to her Son and the Son speaks to his Father”. Through sincere prayer we can establish a connection with our Thought Adjuster.

The Monad is the pure and perfect expression of God’s personality within every man. The revelation of the Monad and the Father’s consciousness was a gift given to mankind and the world by Christ in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus the Nazarene.Jesus the master was adumbrated by Christ. This relationship between man and God was until then little known by ordinary men; before Jesus Christ it was more impersonal. Jesus as Christ teaches us this truth and tells us that God is truly and personally present in each and every human being, and that each and every human being receives a personalised answer from the Father.

In Hindu texts, Antahkarana is a bridge, because the Sahasrara centre needs a bridge to connect it to the triple personality and establish a link with the consciousness of higher planes; the Sushumna nadis is by its nature insufficient.

It is thus necessary to create the Antahkarana triple causal channel along the Sushumna,. This causal corridor, linking the causal plane and the physio-etheric plane, can only be created by adhering to a specific spiritual life. Antahkarana acquires its full value only if the adherent consciously destroys his causal body himself.

The pineal gland is only active in young children. It becomes dormant at the end of the first seven years, the years during which the physio-etheric body is constructed. The emotional body is constructed between the ages of seven and fourteen, the mental body adjuster between fourteen and twenty-one (hence the age of majority), and the higher mental and causal bodies between twenty-one and twenty-eight. The same first seven year phenomenon applies to the thymus gland: this endocrine gland gradually scleroses by the age of seven, on average. During this time, it will send information to the spinal cord to build our main immunity with the eight-chain T-cell receptor. It is interesting to note that the “T4” lymphocytes are used as immunity markers for HIV AIDS 1 & 2 etc., and also correspond to the eight stem cells in tetrahedral form. The toxicity of some injected vaccines may be apprehended before the age of seven.

We would like to make a small aside here about the moment of liberation of the soul and, depending on the person’s plane of consciousness, the moment of physical death. The soul can leave the body through different planes of consciousness: on the lower or higher astral plane through the third chakra, on the mental plane through the fourth chakra, on the causal plane through the fifth chakra, on the Buddhist plane through the sixth chakra and on the Atmic plane through the seventh chakra. In very advanced souls, the Sahasrara chakra centre is the point of departure at the moment of physical death.

Sahasrara is made up of twelve main petals: 960 multi-coloured petals on the outside and 28 petals in the centre. Its corresponding endocrine gland is the epiphysis or pineal gland, and this chakra also controls the choroid and hypothalamic plexus. It is the only chakra facing upwards and its corolla is white with a purple centre. Its “Bija” mantra is “om” or “aum” or “amen”. The fifty Sanskrit letters are repeated twenty times and read from right to left. Shiva is at the centre of the lotus, sitting on the cosmic swan Hamsa, emblem of the Ham exhalation and Sa inhalation.

To be reunited with her spouse the Father of the Universal Cosmos, the Mother of the earth must join Sahasrara.

Kundalini is connected with the primordial energies of the Mother, the Son and the Father. Practising Kundalini in full awareness of the Divinity leads to ascension, and subsequently to the resurrection of the Body of Light.

The art of yoga, according to the alchemical principle, is a comprehensive teaching of the various planes of consciousness leading to an understanding of the universe. To truly understand the discipline of yoga (fusion) we must follow a path through one or more lives. We struggle to grasp this knowledge quite simply because we need God’s guidance to understand the theory or a friend’s guidance to understand the practice of yoga. We need to forget what we believe to be the truth.

The geometrical figure symbolising the energies of the coccygeal centre is a circle, in the middle of which is a square, and in the middle of the square is a downward-facing triangle: this is the Traipura, feminine symbol of the Shakti. This feminine force embodies the mother of the world – it is the telluric energy connected to the core of our planet.

The mother's force has a negative polarity and regulates life and the laws of our planet (the Ki), symbolised on the alchemic plane by the metal antimony – a cross above a circle.

An erect penis stands in the centre of the Tripura triangle. It represents the power of the male creator (the stick of life). Its Sanskrit name is Svayambhu (स्वयम्भू), or Lingam. Around Lingam a serpent is coiled three and a half times, covers its opening with its head. This serpent represents the goddess Kundalini, who contains the shakti energy, the cosmic power of the Mother and the embodiment of the material world. The direction of the coil and thus the energy of the Kundalini serpent is from right to left (dextrorotatory).

The law of evolution drives spirit and matter to merge before being embodied in physical form: it is the return to the physical form, the incarnation. Any incarnation is a merger of these two principles: Mother/Father.

When the “Fire Serpent”, the mother’s spiritual energy, travels up the sushumna – the central etheric channel – to reach the coronal sahasrara chakra and merge with the Monad energies, the soul’s consciousness and divinity are awakened. The “Fire Serpent” may turn into a serpent of wisdom and knowledge (the Tree of Knowledge). It becomes the Dragon of Light. The dragon may be a symbol of wisdom but also of insanity, so it is important to follow the necessary process of purification to control the fusional energy containing the two mother/father polarities, whose fusion creates the Son.

For this reason, the mystery of life features in all the holy Scriptures, written in the form and language of poetry and narrated using a mythology that can only be understood by human beings (disciples) who have had the proper initiation.

Man must understand the principles and how to apply them, since, should this powerful energy be misdirected, it may work against him. He who controls Kundalini controls the earth’s elemental forces.

Kundalini is only awakened and only rises towards the coronal centre when the energy centres (the chakras) are fully awakened and Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are free and open to the flow of the Mother energy. In our civilisation, man’s three main nadis are mostly blocked.

Therefore, it is essential to undergo physical and spiritual purification (seed atoms), so the energy can travel harmlessly upwards and radiate the etheric body of light through the chakras.

Some thin membranes of etheric tissue are present between each chakra, located along the spine. They only disappear naturally, letting the energy pass, through asceticism, emotional control and spiritual will.

Awakening the Kundalini prematurely triggers a burning of the etheric membranes located between the chakras, revealing visions of the lower astral, which may generate a strong imbalance in the physical body. When we are called to initiation, we must not trigger the process without proper understanding.

Awakening the Kundalini prematurely also brings us face-to-face with the Gatekeepers and floods the disciple’s consciousness with all of the karma he has not yet eliminated. This could be in the form of a terrible “dragon” on the emotional (astral) plane. According to mythology, all disciples go through this stage, such as Orpheus descending to hell and meeting the Hydra, the “dragon” of hell, representing the descent into one’s own psyche to confront one’s own “dragon” (memory) on earth.

No one may bypass this necessary step: it is the law of initiation and we need courage, faith and love to control all these fears. We must be able to control the physio-etheric, the astral and the mental planes before we can work with the Kundalini energy.

The energy imbues disciples with manifest power over the four elements (earth, water, air, fire), however, no disciple may use it for personal gain. Manifestations of power are never a sign of positive spiritual development. There is a big difference between power and might – the former is bestowed by the Earth, the latter by Heaven. This is what Jesus tries to convey: this manifestation is a sign of his Father’s love (a miracle).

Over the last century a great number of revelations have taken place, convincing some people that the science of yoga and the secrets of the foundation of the human race are easily accessible without needing to bother with metaphysical techniques such as transcendental meditation, whereas meditation in reality all meditation is transcendental.

Historically, these mysteries have been taught discreetly, and only when a person was ready to understand. So why is it that these days, any follower or initiate will teach crude techniques to anyone willing to pay and hand over the keys to open this door so easily? The door should only be opened after a long period of asceticism combined with a daily practice of respect and love for others. This cannot be bought.

Kundalini is a total alchemy of the being.

Is it also a meeting with “the Spirit”.

The universe comprises three principles: The Father, the Mother and the Son, known as the three universal logoi. These three logoi constitute the archetype of the “Super Universe” (the Heavens) and inhabit the seven universes. We are the agents of a human race living on Earth but of non-terrestrial origin. Our terrestrial vibratory plane, the Ki, comprises three levels or main vibratory worlds. The lowest vibratory world comprises two planes. The highest vibratory world also comprises two planes; we are in the middle of these two worlds.

The seven vibratory worlds in our solar system can also be found in the vital etheric body of our planet (“Mother Earth”). Man’s seven main chakras are linked to the seven levels of frequency of his physio-etheric body which itself has a vibratory connection to our planet’s etheric body. The initial original human being created by God is usually the planet’s keeper. His body of light contains the Father principle, the Mother principle and the Son principle.

Our energy centres (chakras) are linked to the planet’s seven energy centres and the seven vibratory planes of the universal consciousness. The three principles: Father, Mother and Son, represent the three alchemical principles: sulphur, salt and mercury.

These three principles bring universal energy to our body through our chakras and the physio-etheric body.

Chakras, or “wheels of light”, may be compared with flowers with petals connected to the nadis (energy lines). Each chakra receives light photons and reflects a colour which emits its own sound. The sounds are articulated on various octaves and known as Mantras. They are present in all religious knowledges: prayer, hymns, the “OM” of Indians, the “AMEN” of Christians and Hebrews and the “AMINE” (آمين) of Muslims.

Muladhara: four petals and four nadis.

Swadhisthana: six petals and six nadis.

Manipura: ten petals and ten nadis.

Anahata: twelve petals and twelve nadis.

Vishuddha: sixteen petals and sixteen nadis.

Ajna: ninety-six petals and ninety-six nadis.

Sahasrara: nine hundred and sixty petals, nine hundred and sixty nadis.

Each petal corresponds to a specific sound. The sun emits a life energy made up of the seven basic frequencies.

The seven frequencies provide dynamic energy to the seven cosmic worlds or planes incarnated in the physical body; this is the solar prana, comprising particles originating from light. This light feeds our planet’s energy centres through the physio-etheric plane and feeds our etheric body through the Swadhisthana chakra, mainly through the spleen (this chakra’s light is pink). Prana, or the pranic force, inundates all of nature’s kingdoms (the lunar frequency at a particular time of the year is capable of passing through a 30 m thick lead wall).

- The Muladhara chakra is the seat of feminine energy: the mother of our world, and is connected to the centre of our planet. Nowadays, this energy is dormant in the majority of human beings. In Indian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and South American ancient texts, Muladhara adapts memory and the Mother of our world to fit each human being; it is the alchemical salt principle.

- The Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head (Golgotha) is the seat of the Father; it is the alchemical sulphur principle. The Father is the presence of the Monad (see Gnosticism), our Thought Adjuster. It is masculine energy.

The Father principle contains an electrical life energy called Fohat, which is the universe’s spirit, the Father’s creative might; it is the universal alchemical sulphur principle: the first logos.

Prana (breath) can be described as the universe’s consciousness, love, the Son’s wisdom; it is the universal alchemical mercury principle: the second logos.

In other words, Muladhara contains the Mother principle, Sahasrara the Father principle and Prana the the Son principle.

Kundalini is linked to “Akasha”, the matrix, memory, the matter of the universe, the intelligence of the Mother, to femininity and the alchemical salt principle of salt: the third logos.

These three energy forces act on all matter, from the infinitely small to the infinitely great. They comprise our physio-etheric body energy and inhabit both our organic matter and the organic matter of our planet, Earth, Mother to us all.

Master Jesus, who later became Christ, left us with two prayers. The first is the well-known “Our Father”, but according to apocryphal writings, he also left us with a second prayer: the “Our Mother".

The organisation, or rather composition of the human body is the same as that of the seven universes.

In molecular matter or the smaller, atomic, matter, we have an analogue representation of this principle through electrons, neutrons and protons. At an even smaller scale we have quarks – or tachyons – which are subject to a specific Law:

  • The Father’s electrical energy speeds them up;

  • The Mother’s magnetic energy slows them down;

  • The result of these two energies applied on quark or tachyon forces contract time.

The Son’s electromagnetic energy gives them motion. We believe that there are some ancient civilisations who managed to acquire knowledge about movement in space and time.

They are a representation in the infinitely small of the Kundalini energy, or third logos, which organises nature through a universal magnetic energy.

Prana, the second logos, the soul and our universal consciousness, brings vitality to matter through love: the wisdom of the solar Son and the laws of electromagnetism (which can explain the art of healing with the hands).

The spirit of the Father, the divine will (Fohat): the first logos brings cohesion to matter through the implementation of the universal laws of electricity (life).

The three principles together form and make up seven energy or quantum layers (quantum state).

The three logoi together make up atomic matter, the etheric body (physical ether) and the cosmic ether or cosmic body.

The principle of the first logos: The Father, the Monad and Kundalini, the third logos, the Mother, i.e. electricity and magnetism are supplied with vital and dynamic energy by the Prana Son, the second logos (electromagnetism).

The alchemical principle – salt (Mother), mercury (Son) and sulphur (Father) – gives life, strength, wisdom and vitality to the physical etheric body and constitutes or gives material form to the constitution and motion of the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) and the four temperaments of the dense, chemical physical body (sanguine, lymphatic, melancholic and bilious).

The cosmic ether’s physical plane is made up of seven inhabited worlds.

  1. The     world of God: the Adic plane.

  2. The     world of virgin spirits: the Anupadic plane.

  3. The     world of the divine spirit: the Nirvanic plane.

  4. The     world of the life spirit: the Buddhic plane.

  5. The     world of the human spirit or humanoid race: the Manasic plane.

  6. The     world of desire: the Karmic plane.

  7. The     physical world: the Shulic plane.

The four cosmic worlds constitute the immortal etheric body – also called the body of resurrection or body of light.

Now to return to the seven sun frequencies that emit life energy: Prana.

So, the sun emits a seven-fold life energy that stimulates and invigorates our dense organic and subtle energy structures, as well as our planet’s subtle bodies.

Our bodies need Prana as much as, if not more than, they need food. Moreover, some humans are able to live without organic food by practising yogic/christic love and prayer. This is due to the vibratory increase caused in their body by the revelation of the spiritual consciousness and the elevation of the soul.

The plant kingdom also absorbs this vitality from the solar Prana. Prana remains focused on the atmosphere until the middle of the night (the time of the Angel Magisterium handover). The plant kingdom holds on to these life particles until morning, which is why ancient herbalists used to pick medicinal plants at dawn. We should also do this during spring dew (masculine) and autumn dew (feminine), as well as maintaining the ancestral and natural origins of our vegetables and avoiding absorption of animal particles into genetically modified or cloned vegetables.

Ancient texts talk about ten types of Prana, seven of which have their own colours and principles. In the sacred Indian Gheranda Samhita text of several thousand years ago (we cannot help but wonder how they acquired such vast knowledge and which civilisation gave it to them…) there are only five, called the five Vayus. They represent the five different Pranas in the physio-etheric body. (It is not necessary to explain more about them here; I would simply say that the number five can be found all around us: five fingers, five mudras, five senses etc. The number five is the only number with a square pyramidal structure, pointing up to symbolise the Father and pointing down to symbolise the Mother.)

The oldest written and verbal planetary traditions left by the Nagas teach us that our guardian angel (Ishta-Devata) has its roots in the centre of our Muladhara chakra, where the mother of our world, the origin of life, is incarnated, and that our seventh chakra is the seat of the Father, the masculine principle, and our Monad, Thought Adjuster or spiritual consciousness guide.

Kundalini brings us into contact with a relationship which is very important for life and understanding, between the principle of the Father (the Monad) and the principle of the Mother (our memory). Thus a fusion of the two principles, the feminine and the masculine, moves us away from duality and back towards the unity principle, androgyny: the ONE.

Sahasrara, the coronal centre, is the seat of a permanent causal seed atom: the causal body itself. This seed atom contains the entire programme of our evolution, returning us to our perfection. It records our past and present lives’ spiritual and physical memories.

That completes the description of the two seed atoms (Sahasrara the Father and Muladhara the Mother). Let’s take a look at the others.

Anahata is the seat of the physical permanent atom. It is located at the tip of the physical heart's left ventricle.

Swadhisthana, with the splenic centre (coloured pink), is the seat of the etheric permanent atom.

Manipura is the seat of the astral, or emotional, permanent atom. It is located in the liver and connected to the umbilical centre.

Ajna, the pituitary centre (or hypophysis) is the seat of the mental permanent atom. The mental centre consists of two sections: the lower mind and the higher mind, that can also be described as the objective mind and the subjective mind.

These seed atoms are connected to the eight kind of stem cells. The position adopted by modern science on these cells is that they exist for regeneration purposes, without, however, being ethically well-placed to understand the iatrogenic implications of this.

Nadis, or meridians, both physical and physio-etheric, are the channels for the flow of pranic energy.

Tantric books (Bhuta Shuddhi Tantra) talk of seventy-two thousand nadis connected to the seventy-two basic codes in our DNA and RNA (seventy-two thousand divided by seventy-two gives one thousand - a Kabbalistic number corresponding to the letter X, which is surely not a coincidence). Our DNA is made up of four proteins and twenty-four amino acids.

Other texts talk of five hundred thousand nadis, not all of which are physical (meridians). Not all nadis follow the nerve, artery and vein path (such as in Chinese medicine, which is of Vedic origin). Some are physical, others are etheric. These energy channels are vehicles between the energy centres: the chakras, the organs and the etheric body.

Kundalini is made up of three main nadis, which are the foundation, or pillars, of our physical vehicle and make up the spine.

Pingala nadis: the right channel, the Father sulphur principle.

Ida nadis: the left channel, the Mother salt principle.

Sushumna Nadis: the middle channel, the Son mercury principle.

The symbol for these three nadis can be found in some of the buildings left by Masonic Fellowships.

When you enter a cathedral, you see three doors: the left door, the right door and the middle door. These three doors take you to the altar or the Corona rose window.

If you take the left door, the door of the Mother, you enter into levorotatory energy.

If you take the right door, you enter into dextrorotatory energy.

If you take the middle door, you take the path of fusion, the path of the Son. This was well understood by the ancient Fellows of the Order of the Temple.

The spinal cord, or spinal canal, is located in the middle of the spine. It is the cerebrospinal nervous system that embodies the organic, chemical materialisation of Sushumna nadis and originates in the sacral region of the coccyx (sacrum) and goes up to the crown of the head through the top of the nape, the region of the brainstem known as Alta Major, that is also a chakra and symbolises the gatekeeper. The proportions of the geometrical shape between Alta Major, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, are the same as those found in the geometric calculation model of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

On each side of the spine is a chain of ganglia joined by nerve fibres: the sympathetic (ortho-sympathetic) autonomic nervous system. This is also rooted in the sacral region and goes up to the base of the skull but stops at Alta Major.

The sympathetic nervous system is divided into two parts: on the right of the spine, it is the organic materialisation of Pingala nadis and on the left, Ida Nadis. The sympathetic nervous system is connected through the nerves to the viscera of the digestive system, the respiratory system and all other parts of the body.

The dual polarity (+/-) sympathetic nervous system sends data frequency impulses from the central nervous system.

These physiological processes and the hormonal system are connected by nadis (physical and etheric meridians) and chakras which are connected to the endocrine glands. There is a strong functional relationship between the physical, the physio-etheric and etheric bodies and also with the astral (emotional) body and the mental body, divided into two planes: the lower mind and the higher mind. The mental body receives impulses from the causal body.

The immortal consciousness body contains the Triple Spirit, the triple divine personality known as Monad by the Gnostics (the Father, the Mother and the Son in Christian occultism).

Sushumna nadis is a subtle energy channel that connects the immortal causal body to the mortal etheric or physio-etheric body.

The eyes and nostrils are connected to the Ida and Pingala energies. Furthermore, there is an analogous teaching in Egyptian texts about Horus’ right and left eyes. Horus will return in Osiris’s body and become Isis’ son; in ancient Egyptian images, Isis is often pictured holding Horus, Osiris’ son, in her arms. The third eye is mentioned in Greek mythology (the eye of the Cyclops), and in particular Horus’ third eye, Vesica Piscis, whose mathematical and geometrical calculation model leads us to a greater understanding of the Zephyrs. These symbols are also found in Indian texts.

To practice Kundalini, we use yoga breathing techniques to control the five Pranas (five properties of light) connected to the seed atoms. It is important to know each chakra’s shape and colour. Visualising the colour of a chakra during meditation might seem easy, but keeping the colour in focus while controlling the sounds or mantras, which are enunciated over up to seven different octaves (from lowest to highest), requires lots of practice. The Mudras and position of fingers and hands are also important as they enable the connection between the various nadis, the chakras and the energies of the planes of consciousness.

Any act of praying, whether it is Christian, Egyptian, Tibetan, Buddhist or Muslim, is an act of love. It draws its knowledge from the deep roots of our human knowledge.

The work required for yoga initiation is laborious and dangerous and develops in stages. Yoga is not a game, and practised without the proper knowledge and respect for the required laws, it can become dangerous. We must follow God’s seven virtuous qualities.

Unless it is practised in this spirit, it could threaten the balance of life, soul and mind. Trying to practise Kundalini, the Fire Serpent, without the proper knowledge, guidance or the spirit of self-sacrifice in the service of others may lead to madness (c.f. the Bardo Thodol).

A body of knowledge about this was left to us hundred of millions years ago, maybe more, by some intra and extra civilisations of humanoid origin. I believe that the “Life Givers” and planners of human existence, keepers of the divine decrees, left this knowledge to man some millions, or even billions of years ago.

Back then, the human being was begotten by God and not created in the gods’ image. Within him he carried the twelve biological codes, and was aware of his immortality. He was created by the life givers of our planet as a keeper in charge of its flora and fauna (the ecological consciousness).

At the time, the various life-giving civilisations worshipped him as a perfect representation of divinity and wisdom on the planet.

The original human being was androgynous and, in those days, beings of masculine polarity measured fourteen feet in height and probably much more, whereas beings of feminine polarity measured twelve/thirteen feet, according to writings discovered by archaeologists but not made public, opposed as they were to the theories of Darwin.

He was able to evolve from the vibratory dimension (the “Ki”, which is the dimension we occupy today) to the seventh dimension. His physio-etheric centre reflected a purple/pink colour with a white glow: divine essence.

He often used telepathy and an (essentially feminine) matrix language which, since the Word creates life, he did not pronounce through speech. Society and societal living was conducted in perfect harmony with the law of origins.

The life givers and the fraternity of creators of the divine plan had, and still have, the caduceus as their symbol of knowledge, sacred sexuality and the union of the Father and Mother principle. Other life givers had other symbols: the eagle, the lion, and an image of three triangles with the tips touching. The caduceus has its origins long before Hermes (who had other names, such as Thoth). According to mythical texts, Thoth would be close to Osiris. The caduceus dates back to antediluvian times, and is the symbol of life givers imparting knowledge of the fusion of the two principles – masculine and feminine – representing the Son principle: the “Christic” principle (Sirius). The divine principle was not split at the beginning of our humanity. The separation of the Father and Mother principles happened much later, thus dividing the principle from the knowledge of our origins: The Son from the Man.

Some civilisations, including China, call the two serpents “the dragons”. This is wrong, as there is a clear difference between the symbolism of the people of the knowledge-bearing serpent and dragons. This confusion came about in our terrestrial civilisation at the time of the rebellion.

The caduceus is merely a representation of the original source. It consists of a central golden channel with a purple ball on top and a matrix symbol at the bottom representing the red-coloured feminine matrix. There are two serpents at either side of the central channel – a blue one on the right, and a red one on the left.

These two serpents are intertwined all the way to the top, forming a loop at each chakra’s location (seven chakras, seven loops). They pass through seven wheels of coloured light, arriving face-to-face at the top of the channel. There are two wings (possibly eagle, dove or phoenix wings) above the two serpents’ heads (tree of knowledge), symbolising the ascension of the soul towards its immortality. A mastery of the seven planes of consciousness leads to this ascension, and thus the liberation of the Karmas. It is sometimes shown on the ancestral hill, where it has its origins, and is the symbol of the tree of knowledge and life.

Today, the caduceus is the emblem of various organisations and companies, including several state organisations in China. It is also the emblem of the medicine world – the Asclepius serpent, the Greek God of healing and medicine. Asclepius was killed by Zeus and resuscitated. He gave Man remedies to cure his ailments. According to Gnostics, he is the symbol of primordial androgyny and represents the fall of man and his rise to heaven.

We feel this would have been a better symbol to display on the one dollar note than the eye of the so-called “illuminatis”…

A fusion of male and female energies is also found in Tantric union (Tantra Yoga). Tantric union is a spiritual and physical union of man with woman and not a male/female union. They discover eroticism through the Tantric sexual act: the divine couple. They unite their two sacred principles, Father and Mother, and through this fusional communion give life and the call of the soul.

This is no primitive animal act consisting simply of physical pleasure and the need to procreate (biological multiplication). It enables the incarnation of evolved souls which come from our planet and other universes.

The sacred positions of Tantric Yoga are the basis of sexual union, negating duality (masculine/feminine) and leading to transformation and sublimation. These different postures and the practice of breathing during the fusional act awaken the chakras and physical, physio-etheric, emotional and mental nadis. When undertaken correctly, the physical act triggers both physical and mystical pleasure.

The Lingam phallic energy transmitted to the sacred feminine principle enables the woman to offer Mother energy to the masculine principle. The Father’s consciousness incarnates the Mother’s consciousness (sulphur, the Father, is embodied in the Mother principle: salt).

This act of controlled energetic love heals the body, elevates the soul and is fusional. Poor practice of this sexual energy in our civilisations has lead to endemic diseases such as syphilis and venereal disease.

Chinese Taoists and Indian and Egyptian yogis are well versed in this art.

Yoga is a complete science. Besides the physical positions, each yoga has an impact on the different physical, emotional and mental functions and enables Man to merge with his soul. It is impossible for this technique to have been discovered naturally by Man; it was revealed and taught to us thousands of years ago.

Yoga is composed of different practises that encompassed the oratory and the laboratory.

Oratorical comprises prayer, meditation and contemplation.The laboratory comprises movement, breath, the sciences of sound, mental geometric shapes and knowledge of mudras, to mention only a tiny part of this enormous science. Yoga includes eight hundred physical postures as well as some for the “solve et coagula” stage, through which the alchemical work of body, soul and spirit is achieved.

Physical yoga:

  • Hatha : physical form and breathe act on the physio-etheric (sun salutation, which comprises twelve movements related to the twelve signs of the zodiac in yin and yang energy).

  • Mantra-japa-raga : the yoga of musical phrases. It acts on emotions (astral).

  • Yantra-mudra : the yoga of the symbolic and graphical image. It acts on the     objective mind (lower mental plane).

  • Karma-yoga : the yoga of act and action. It acts on the subjective mental plane.

  • Kriya-yoga : the practice of asceticism, purification, consecration. It acts on     the cosmic and the divine plane.

Yoga of emotions :

Comprising three yogas (Bharati, Laya and Nada), it

is the yoga of devotion, adoration, mystical love, the psycho-cosmic and the vibration of the Kundalini. It acts on the higher emotional aspect and cosmic but also mental/causal aspect.

Yoga of the mental plane :

Comprising three yogas (Jnana, Sadhana and Dhyana),

it is the yoga of exoteric intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, discipline, attention, meditation and concentration. It acts on the objective and causal plane.

The yoga of the soul :

Includes two yogas :

  • Raja-Samadhi : the alchemical yoga of the soul, the personality of the soul and the spirit. It acts on and triggers the cosmic causal plane: the Divine.

  • Kundalini-Shakti-Yoga : the alchemical fusion of personality and spirit. It acts on the Divine cosmic causal plane.

These last two yogas require a knowledge of Kriya, Bhakti and Jnana.

The theory of the four elements :

Cosmogonies define everything in the physical universe as based on and formed from the four elements – earth, water, air and fire.

However, there are traditions dating back to the embodiment of the divine principles in matter which order the elements differently, such as the time of embodiment of the three logoi, when our planet transformed from the air principle to the earth principle. This gives us the following element order: air, water, earth, fire.

This quaternary of four elements combines its perfection in a fifth element: the triple ether element containing the three principles, or the expression of the original divine life.

The superior first ether : The Father, sulphur principle,

The intermediary second ether : The Son, mercury principle.

The inferior third ether : The Holy Spirit, The Mother, salt principle.

The earth element :

The solid element, representing and containing the assimilation and dissimilation functions. This chemical element representing solids is also physical attraction: the brain, the heart, the lungs, the spleen, the liver, the stomach, the intestines, the kidneys, the pancreas, the bladder, the spine and the skeleton.

The water element :

Manages the endocrinal and hormonal system that governs humours and liquids.

The air element :

Manages the general nervous functions (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

The fire element :

Manages the blood flow functions: arteries, veins. It constitutes the chemical form of the being and the ether vehicle.

The three ether Principles :

The inferior ether : manifests itself through the sacral function and energy located at the base of the spine. It embodies the energy of survival, of male and female principle reproductive energy, and is the symbol of the energy of the Holy Spirit, the Mother that irrigates the sacral region, where the Kundalini energy of formal creation is located.

The intermediary ether : manifests itself through the cerebral and spinal functions (spine). It is the expression of the light ether which regulates blood temperature and the five senses. It symbolises the Son’s energy, which irradiates the cerebro-spinal system (the cerebellum), and is the ether of knowledge and experience (33 vertebrae).

The superior ether : manifests the highest energy levels of the etheric body. It acts through man’s highest brain functions (pituitary, pineal). It expresses and acts on thoughts, and is the symbolic energy of the Divine Father that irrigates man’s brain. It is the ether that gives the expression of human will.

Our structure has seven layers of “garments” (envelops): the chemical physical body, the etheric physical body, the emotional body, the objective mental body, the subjective mental body, which represents the rational body (causal, intelligence, truth, manasic), the intuitive body (love, Christic/Buddhist wisdom, vital spirit), the body of will (intuition, power, divinity, atmic divine spirit).

There are two other bodies: the Anupadic and the Adic bodies.

The first four bodies represent the material and the other three the spiritual aspect. Man is body and spirit, and the soul exists in the body. It manifests itself through the subjective mental body (or causal body) which is the expression of its triple consciousness.

Matter is a symbolic representation of the universal feminine principle, the physical and material personality body, our instinctive animal nature.

The spirit is a symbolic representation of the universal masculine principle, the spiritual personality of this supra-conscious nature.

Human beings are matter and spirit – an androgynous being and a hermaphrodite nature: this is the archetypal human being. The original initial hermaphrodite human, comprising the feminine and masculine eternal, was the original creation of God.

Out of this fusion of our matter and spirit the Son of God is born – the Son of Man, our soul, our universal consciousness. We are neither solely our body nor our spirit, but both together.

The soul is alive, it is a sparkling light. It is not animal matter nor a pure spirit. It is semi-material and imbued with the four basic essences of matter that constitute its personality. It is semi-spiritual and imbued with the three higher principles: the essence of our spiritual nature.

The soul is not mortal like the body, nor eternal like the spirit but immortal like the consciousness.

We noticed something very troubling: our fourth chakra, which nowadays corresponds to Venus, has in its a memory another planet that existed thousands of years ago in our solar system. We believe that Venus, named differently at the time, was one of its satellites. This ancient planet of which Venus was a satellite was as large as or larger than Jupiter.

When it disappeared, the planet’s (Venus’s) satellite was propelled onto an elliptical axis within our solar system. It completed its path over a very long cycle, appeared to Earth, then disappeared. Venus is therefore the star of the morning and the star of the evening. It is related to and may explain the myth of Osiris’s resurrection into Horus, the newborn Isis holds in her arms. The ritual of recalling the soul – that the Egyptians called Bâ – is not to be confused with the resurrection of the spirit - the Kâ.

In Indian legend and South American writings, we find the same rituals of death and birth of the soul, not to be confused with the ascension and resurrection of Jesus into Christ.

Jesus challenged and laid bare the blood pact of the Pharisees. As we may read in the New Testament: they were “blind fools” (Matthew 23.17).

“Hypocrites” (Matthew 32.13).

“Snakes, brood of vipers” (Matthew 23.33)

“The sons of murderers of prophets” (Matthew 23.31)

“You belong to your Father, the devil, and you want to carry out your Father’s desires” (John 8.44).

Reincarnation is mentioned in the Bible and other holy texts.

“Don’t you know you are the Temple of God” (St Paul)

Resurrection begins when the process of reincarnation ends. Forefathers of the church and primitive Christianism believed in reincarnation, whereby the soul returned in a flesh body to dispense teachings. This is borne out by ancient texts: Christ marks the juncture between the Old and the New Testament, and reincarnation of the soul is clearly mentioned in Biblical writings, as well as in sacred Indian texts.

Shree Krishna tells his disciple Arjuna (Verse 27 of the second Bhagavad Gita dialogue): “Death is inevitable for one who has been born, and rebirth is inevitable for one who has died. You should not lament over the inevitable.”

Verses 13 and 22 of the same conversation state:

“Just as the embodied soul continuously passes from childhood to youth, to old age, the soul passes into another body like a man shedding worn-out garments and wears new ones; likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one.”

In Chapter 8, Verse 11 of the prophet ascension, when the Eternal talks to him, Isaiah the prophet says:

“I tell you, Isaiah, every man returns to his mortal flesh one day.”

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 14 states: “Remember that death will not be long in coming, and that the covenant of the grave is not shewed unto thee. Do good unto thy friend before thou die, and according to thy ability stretch out thy hand and give to him.  Practice justice before thou die for there is no food to find in Sheol.”

Solomon, Book of Wisdom, Chapter 7, Verse 6:

“For all men have one entrance into life, and the like going out.”

Resurrection picks up where the cycle of reincarnations ends. Jesus had two teachings: one exoteric (the parable), and the other esoteric, that he taught his disciples and left to the various initiates of humanity.

Resurrection is a process of incorporation of the soul into life. It is the transcendence of inferior perishable bodies (physical, emotional and mental) to the birth of the soul in an incorruptible spiritual body.

St Paul tells us:

“If there is an animal body, there is also a spiritual body” (Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verse 44).

He taught: “The first man is of the earth, earthy, the second man is the Lord from heaven. I declare to you, brothers and sisters, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, nor does corruption inherit incorruption. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then will be fulfilled this oracle of writing, Death is swallowed up in victory.” (Isaac 25.8)

There are many other examples we could cite from the books of our humanity.

We can describe the soul in many different ways and using many different terms, as there are three possible ways to understand it: The Mother, the Son and the Father (in our opinion).

Souls which have been through the various stages represent the Son, the analogical principle. The soul is the product of the Father and Mother, of the spirit and the material form, or of life and the form. When Man discovers his soul, he discovers that he is and has a consciousness.

He learns about the values of the spirit (his Monad, or Thought Adjuster) and thus becomes aware of matter and his personality. He finds out that as a conscious soul he is evolving through seven basic elements, the seven force rays.

These seven rays play upon nature’s kingdom in all its forms. He becomes aware that his soul is imbued with the qualities of one of these seven forces or rays, and that this force ray playing upon his soul will help him, enabling him to fulfill the direct purpose of his existence.

His self-consciousness helps reveal the internal connections between himself and the seven force energies, or seven rays. In the short or long term, his soul inevitably progresses through all the incarnation life cycles towards the knowledge of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When he has achieved the final initiation, he will unite with God’s consciousness, the soul of the world and then the Eternal Father (the Unnamable).

No soul may reach the Divine Spirit, the consciousness of the world, in one step. The process of ascension is achieved through a series of steps, each of which introduces new obstacles followed by the solutions needed to overcome them.

We can only progress in knowledge by following the path of initiation. The traditions and laws for initiating disciples have been upheld by the masters since time immemorial.

Initiation is divided into five main levels. Once the fifth initiation is complete, man can exit the incarnation cycle. There are four higher initiations. The sixth initiation is a preparatory step for resurrection, the seventh prepares the master for his incarnation as an avatar (of God). After the seventh, eight and ninth initiations he becomes a Son of God.

The soul’s origins are in the consciousness of its sacred essence, and the origins of this sacred essence are in the Divine Essence. This consciousness of essence encompasses all existences and manifestations of life. The soul is the principle that pervades all life forms and constitutes this consciousness of God. The soul of the world pervades the manifested world, which lives in the kingdoms of man, animals (group soul), plants (group soul), minerals and crystals (group soul). Each natural kingdom’s soul is on the path to God.

So the soul originates in the divine consciousness, and the universe is a massive ray of white light passing through a prism which splits it into six colours plus one. However, this splitting of the original white light is only a visual trick (the rainbow in holy scriptures symbolises the bridge between God and Man).

The soul, Son of God, is thus born from the love of the Father for the Mother and the Mother’s desire for life (akashic memory). Spirit and matter are drawn together (the salt principle) and define the world spirit. This brings to the expression, the seven emanations, the seven might, the seven rays.

Seven breaths of life : prana.

Seven powers of basic energy : might.

Seven rays : force current.

Each of the seven rays gives a basic tone and colour to the soul. When incarnated, it gives its life and evolution path.

The seven rays of life :

The first ray : symbol of will and dynamic power, responsible for the destruction of old forms and marks the end of cycles. It regulates death in all of nature’s kingdoms for the liberation of the soul so it can enter into the light.

The second ray : love and wisdom, the ray of the Divine desire force.

The third ray : active intelligence and adaptability to the material form, the ray of construction that invokes form and matter.

These three rays summarise the Trinity, while the four following rays differentiate life and the qualities of life, while multiplying it through an infinity of forms.

The fourth ray : harmony, beauty and art; harmonises opposites.

The fifth ray : practical knowledge and the science of details; knowledge of the forms assumed by God in the manifested world.

The sixth ray : devotion and idealism; enables God’s truth to be idealised through devotion and the ideal of desire.

The seventh ray : ceremonial order or white magic; the power of order which regulates terrestrial force; creates God’s form; grants the words of power (mantra).

To summarise : the first is will, the second love and wisdom, the third active intelligence, the fourth harmony, the fifth practical knowledge, the sixth devotion and the seventh ritualised magic.

Each of the seven rays has an impact on the evolution of the human family, according to its cycle and its time. Humanity is made up of multiple human souls, all of which are in a process of evolution.

They are incarnated cyclically, often in groups, and evolve through seven great races. Each original race awakened one of the seven centres, or chakras, of humanity’s etheric body.

The first race (the etheric Hyperborean race) triggered the awakening of the Muladhara Chakra and gave the will to exist and be.

The second race (the Borean race) triggered the awakening of the Swadisthana Chakra, the coordinated life force.

The third race (the Lemurian race) triggered the awakening of the Manipura Chakra and gave physical appearance.

The fourth race (the Atlante race) triggered the awakening of Anahata Chakra, the psychic and the mystic.

The fifth race (the Aryan race) triggered the awakening of the Vishuddha Chakra, the power of physical creation and also occultism.

The sixth race is a race to come and will awaken the Ajna Chakra, the absorption of our personality into the soul, intuition.

The seventh race is also a race to come and will trigger the awakening of the Brahmarandhra Chakra, the seventh chakra, which is God’s will, the realisation of the self.

Man has the power to liberate himself from his prison through a fusion between his individual soul and the universal spirit. In order to achieve this, he must seek the light, and through meditation, prayer, oration and contemplation, establish contact with our Father.

God expresses the ideal :

Will for the good. Love of the beautiful. Intelligence of the real.

Venus’ path as an ancient satellite of this planet symbolises the rebirth of our planet Earth. It brought about a cataclysm, changing the earth’s rotation. When Venus took up its position in our solar system (a position which is not always stable), it brought new frequencies into resonance and caused a vibratory change in our DNA coding – hence the importance of this myth which has been repeated throughout our history.

We are not going to offer any conclusions yet, but believe that the planet that disappeared was the seat of the “Planners” and “Life Givers”. From that moment on, our planet and solar system became isolated from other galaxies until the birth of Jesus. Jesus, fruit of the Immaculate Conception, enabled the redemption of our humanity’s history on earth during the rebellion.

Jesus Christ is love and abnegation. We cannot see or touch him. but this love may be experienced by all – whether they are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or Atheists.

Christ is selfless love, and this state of consciousness comes from a dimension of high vibration, which gives life and nourishes our being. At a given stage in our evolution, the forces of creation summoned by the Father decided to bring the force of Christ made flesh through Mary down onto our Earth, through the Immaculate Conception, in order to restore balance in the planetary energy and offer Man the possibility to reach Divine comprehension directly (Buddha, Mahomet and other of humanity’s guides were born of a virgin).

Christ incarnated in a geographical location and within a population that had experienced rebellion and multiple wars over the past few millennia: The Orient and Middle-East. This Christ force within Jesus inhabits all men and is subject to universal laws. It must show itself through man: it is thus made man. It may however not incarnate in any man – the man must be ready and his essence pure.

The Father chose Jesus of Nazareth, a man and a soul with the maturity and consciousness needed to receive this powerful force. Jesus achieves the purity and love, and also the knowledge and judgement required to unite to the Christic force: his father and our Father.

Christ manifested himself through Jesus to bring us the truth and explain our origins: the love of God, the origin of all creations.

He was educated according to the highest principles and virtues. Sent throughout the world, he travelled far and wide to perfect his experiences so he could merge with his source when the time came – his internal voice and his higher self. This had been predicted a long time before and the kingdom of “An” came to an end through this incarnation.

He was initiated through multiple challenges into the life of Man and prepared for his duty: receive this Christic force to become the Son of Man, the first Christ incarnated in a body of flesh on our planet. Nevertheless, he was not just any Christ – he made six re-incarnations in seven universes of the Divine Creation previously, and through Sirius – symbol of the fish – made his seventh appearance through the body of Marie before being born as Jesus and adumbrated* by his father at the age of 30 for his mission.

* Note : From the old French word "adombrer", here meaning "dwells the physical body of another person to provide spiritual teachings". When Christ adumbrates Jesus, it was a fusion between the Father of “Christ avatars” and the consciousness of Jesus, the Son of Man.

His crucifixion reminds us of other crucifixions in our history.

Before Jesus came, the Father and Mother principles were separated many thousand years ago by the schism, which has no connection with the rebellion but is one of its consequences. The principle of the “One”: The Father, containing the Mother within him and the resulting social order, was a synarchy, not a monarchy. Matter was not separate from spirit and the social concept of the two principles, Father and Mother, incarnated the two logoi.

This schism happened about 75,000 years before Christ and triggered the separation of these two principles. The consequence of this separation was that man would create a social order based in matter as a survival technique. God became a vague, inaccessible concept for man. Now that he had moved away from God and lost the knowledge of the “One”, the God principle divided into different religions describing an inaccessible being.

This schism was to generate division, conflict, war and the rise of a military order that would later bring various forms of Caesarism – whether Babylonian, Greek, Trojan, Roman or British (Commonwealth), and finally American. It is inconceivable that prior to the arrival of Jesus, man would have been able to rediscover his divinity.

Before their incarnation on earth, the Mother principle and the Father principle were separated. Jesus represented the Son, the union between the Father and the Mother. Man regained his place and was able to merge with these two logoi through love. He becomes the Son of Man once more, begotten by the Immaculate Conception through Mary, carrier of the feminine principle: the original matrix and the third logos.

If we return to history well before our civilisation, man was not created in God’s image, but by God. As mentioned previously, he comes from the highest of principles through various vibratory worlds constituting the universes and receives life through the biological mother on Earth.

A few million years later, the “Life Givers”, representing the twelve constellations in our universe under Divine Order, introduce primitive man.

Following the rebellion, Cain is created by duality-bearing and life-creator beings for their own benefit. Worse, they curtail the history of our origins, proclaim themselves “God” and give men concepts, rules and diktats to entrench their power.

Knowledge of our origins was to lose its essence throughout history and become multifaceted, with multiple gods serving false, vengeful gods leading us to war, conflict and calamity: to duality.

These gods would induce man to worship gold, wealth and power. They would play people off against each other, spread conflict and discord in families and make religions fight each other. They would separate man and woman with notions of sin and impurity, prohibiting them to access knowledge in order to limit them to a social function of reproduction, embedding fear and the need for survival in their consciousness (after each war, birth rates increase).This went further. Rebellion was to generate involutive consequences in the collective emotional and mental body of our planet through resonance which gave involutional consequences on our own emotional and mental body. In the end, Man became convinced that there was no other knowledge necessary for life than social and religious order, and this would prevent him from reaching other planes of social organisation that may elevate his consciousness. Using these many manipulation techniques and falsifying knowledge and the history of our origins, Man was to be locked in a mental matrix preventing him from freeing himself from his false concepts and fears until the arrival of Jesus.

Jesus is thus in the lineage of this Primordial Man, keeper of the earth and cultivator. For this mission Jesus, having the consciousness of the Father, must give back a truth to his human brothers: the possibility of resurrection. Through the act of crucifixion, he will create the bridge required to achieve the adumbration* of the Father, leading to the reality of this resurrection. Throughout humanity’s history, he is the only human being to have achieved this cosmic Christ state. He thus restores truth and the possibility for Man to be recognised by God, his true Father, instead of being the creation of several gods. Ever since his arrival on earth, Man has been able, should he have the consciousness and will to do so (free will), to resume his place near the Father and become free, thus leaving behind the artificial matrix (manipulation of the “primary self”) enclosing his soul since the rebellion.

* Note : From the old French word "adombrer", here meaning "dwells the physical body of another person to provide spiritual teachings". When Christ adumbrates Jesus, it was a fusion between the Father of “Christ avatars” and the consciousness of Jesus, the Son of Man.

Prior to the conflict known as the rebellion, there was an earlier conflict, a few billion years ago, in the Lyra constellation. This conflict led to a second conflict, the consequence of which was the arrival of what we call “dragons” and “fallen angels” on our planet. History has changed so much over the past thousands of years that we do not wish to explore this any further than I already have.

Long before it was called Venus, this satellite was a planet which experienced huge conflict, billion years ago, during the first war described in ancient Indian texts. This is all we are able to say on the matter, as very few texts tell this story. Venus was the place, in very ancient times, where the armies of Râ (the light) confronted a civilisation from a far-off galaxy, symbolising the forces of darkness. This conflict left few survivors.

Some scientific texts tell us that this planet, which was as big as Jupiter, exploded. We cannot be sure it exploded, however, it may also have imploded, which leads us to believe that it could have been hollow.

On the other hand, some scientists have questions about the Earth. They have calculated the mass and weight of Earth, but the two results do not match. The weight is lower than the mass would lead us to believe… This research by astrophysicists raises a question: could all planets in our solar system be hollow?

As far as the archetype and morphogenetic fields are concerned, there are still traces of them. This might be the reason why some yoga texts position a sun at the fourth chakra, and some engravings symbolise this with an inverted plane, marked by a triangle with one point at the bottom and the other point at the top.

We believe that this planet that disappeared is the famous black planet mentioned in very ancient mythological texts (or sometimes “black sun”), and is the same planet we described previously in “Life Givers and Planners”.

All our mythology and sacred texts tell us that this planet, whose satellite would become the star Venus (Luciferian carrier of light) brought about climate changes and floods on numerous occasions (see Noah and Methuselah).

China would have been repeatedly affected by the passage of Venus, disrupting our system to the extent that it would have invoked fear, war and superstition. Between Mars and Jupiter is a nebula of asteroids of which astrophysicists have no idea of the origin; this is likely the remains of this planet.We mentioned that the Giza pyramid was topped by a black crystal. It is one of the meteorites of this nebula and is part of our civilisations’ legend: “the famous black stone”. It is possible that Mahomet the Prophet had access to this historical excerpt. We can find traces of this legend with the North Siberian Arya people. Some writings explain that this stone granted the gift of prophecy to women who touched it.

Now that we have explained a little about our research, we are going to explain “in images” how to understand our alien, HIV. Given its behaviour and origins, we feel justified in calling it an alien!

A geneticist and virologist among our team of scholars managed to isolate the basic HIV wavelength. Clearly, since our alien invades our immune system, it is also going to take possession of the infected person’s frequency, which explains its mutation and adaptability. It nevertheless keeps its basic frequency. We managed to obtain a stem test from our collaborators, which is not an easy task.

Through our examination of various HIV positive patients and patients suffering with AIDS, we were able to ascertain that test responses were always identical, enabling us, in cooperation with other colleagues performing tests, to identify the resonance of the virus on the different human vibratory layers. These vibratory layers contain anchor points which it uses to become embedded.

The second phase was much trickier, as we had to find precious stones and metals with crystalline geometrical forms to enable us to code the frequencies of our three crystalline bases (alkaloids), created using spagyric processes.

The precious stones we managed to prepare and the metals will be of great use to us. We will not need the salt element in the precious stones and metals that represent the body. We only need their sulphur principle (spirit). We will, however, need to take it further, as if each stone, plant or metal contains the three principles, each principle contains the other three principles within it.

To put it plainly: copper (planet Venus) contains the three principles: salt, sulphur and mercury in their natural weights, because the other metals have different principle weights. Each principle also contains a salt, mercury and sulphur principle. So, three multiplied by three equals nine. Having found the vibratory levels in the etheric layers and their correspondences with the chakras and endocrine glands and identified the precious stones emitting a specific frequency and also the metals, we will take from each the sulphur principle of sulphur, therefore the spirit of the spirit. We will then incorporate them into the three alkaline bases of plant “X”, following a defined process of dosage and incorporation.

Imagine that it is possible to create a vibratory holographic image of a healthy liver and a diseased liver. You have the comparative frequency, (note, “frequency”), of the healthy and diseased liver. So, you have two frequencies plus one, so you only have to put the holographic frequency of the healthy liver on top of the holographic frequency of the diseased liver for it to duplicate its initial frequency. This is a very simplistic representation of “scalar theory”. […].

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