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extracts from the book "Arya's keys"

Written and condensed by Fulmina Institut
What the Templar Order was really doing during the crusades at Jerusalem? Conquer the world of men or looking for something deeper? Would the spiritual and universal knowledge acquired during this quest have enabled them to shape a world different from the one we know if they could have successfully completed their work?

Let's go back to 1094 for a new cycle of 1000 years and to talk about a "secret".

Bernard de Fontaine (Bernard de Clairvaux), who would later become Saint Bernard, received a vision one morning at dawn, the year 1094, during his morning prayer. This vision is a revelation: a call to go to the Holy Land in Jerusalem to bring back to the land of Gauls (France), the Ark of the Covenant that the Order of the Melchisedech represented at the time by King Solomon, had hidden in the Temple under the city of Jerusalem: the "ancient Salem."

This Ark was reportedly transported from Nazareth to Egypt by the guardians of Ram's worship: the Hebrew people.

Bernard de Clairvaux had noted in his personal notebooks the message, the vision, the mission to bring back the Ark of the Covenant by crossing the Mediterranean to deposit it near the city of Nice in France at Mont Chauve, in a pyramid that he had to build with specific proportions and orientation...

Jerusalem was occupied at that time by the Muslim Seljuks, and Christians are forbidden to visit the holy places. However, in 1095 the call to the Crusades at the Council of Clermont-Ferrand (France), on 27 November, will change events and in 1095 the first crusade of poor people leaves Cologne on foot for the Holy Land...

It is very simple to manipulate the people, as we have noticed at several times: Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, the result of more than a million civilian casualties and no weapons of mass destruction... but this crusade of Iraq would have recovered a hidden archaeological history among others, that of Sumer and our origin including the famous Garden of Eden.

This crusade of 1096 will be deplorable, the people fed themselves by plundering and killing all who were not like them... and in Civetot (Turkey) on 21 October 1096 on the banks of the Bosphorus they were massacred by the Turks, there will be only a few survivors left.

This event will allow the political and religious demonization of "the pagans" and launch the second crusade, known as the Barons, in 1096 allowing the King of France and others to get rid of some of them becoming too troublesome and these poor and unemployed people. In July 1099 Jerusalem was free and the Knights of the Barons carrying the Red Cross but not being Templars of the Order of the Holy Grail would kill 50,000 victims (women and children). Templars should not be confused with Crusader Knights of the Barons. Following this massacre, the fighting against Muslims lasted 18 years until 1114 (actually 100 years in total).

But back to our Knights of the Temple, they will discover the "Arch of The Covenant" which is composed of a total of 19 sarcophagi, for others 13 or 9, you will note that the numbers are loaded with symbols (but we do not allude to the 11 or 15) ... It is not really revealed in the manuscripts of personal descendants or the Order of the Temple and Freemasonry the contents of these sarcophagi, but some written and oral testimonies preserved by Adepts reveal that they contained the secret of our human origin, that of our creation, knowledge of the ordinance and hierarchy of the Universe(s), the sacred geometry, the secret of certain theurgical rituals, the disappearance of earlier civilizations, the “Inner Earth" of existing civilizations in our galaxy (or other ones), the history of ascended Masters. All these revelations will give the Knights of Christ a considerable influence (we do not say power) at that time for their mission.

We do not believe that the sarcophagi found by the Knights of the Temple represent the Ark of the Covenant cited in the Hebrew texts because this ark contained an object, but it is possible that the explanation of this ritual object was in the texts found in the sarcophagi. Our research led us to an object containing the codifications that allowed us to create the Adamic lineage... and how to communicate with the higher plans (Elohim's residence). The Ark of the Covenant containing this object is mentioned in other texts. The Templars guardians of the Holy Grail would have transported and deposited it in Ethiopia and then much later in another country that we do not know but probably at the castle of Mount Salvage.

Let us go back in time to talk about Hughes of Payens who will be the first (visible) master of the Temple. He was the nephew of the Count of Champagne, Hugues 1st later called Hugues de Troyes. He was born in 1076, he is the son of Thibaud III and Alice de Valois: at 17 he inherits from his father and at 28 years old in 1104, he is in the Holy Land where he will stay for 4 to 5 years. He does not participate in any military action and we have no historical details about what he is looking for and the real motive for his stay.

Hugues de Champagne (Hugues 1st) returned from orient in 1108 and contacted Étienne Harding, the abbot of Cîteaux, master of thought of Bernard de Clairvaux or Bernard de Fontaine said of Clairvaux future Saint Bernard founder of the Cistercians Order. 

After their discovery, the Founding Knights will remain silent to protect this "secret" and will wait for the right moment to transport it.

On July 18, 1100, Baudouin 1st became the ruler of Jerusalem, he was the brother of Godefroid de Bouillon, he ruled until 1118 (we believe that the Order of the Templars was probably created in 1114).

During the reign of Baudouin 1st, he will take part in many confidential trips between Jerusalem and France but also in other countries and it was at this time that Hugues de Payens arrived in the Holy Land with Hugues de Champagne (Hugues de Troyes) who was accompanied by his master and guide, the initiated John of Vezelay, John of Jerusalem, a Benedictine monk from Burgundy who is considered one of the great esoteric initiates of the nine founders of the Order of the Temple.

He is also the one who received and wrote the prophecies of an unrivalled reality (which I recommend you read) about our time and the centuries to come.

After six to seven years of study of texts and other revelations it was in 1114 that Hugues de Champagne returned to the Orient, he renounced his titles, his domains, and, he returned to France a year later in 1115. 

After the death of Baudouin the 1st in 1118, the regent of Jerusalem Baudouin 2nd supports the militia of the poor knights of Christ who will, not without reason, be called the Knight of the Temple. It was at this time that Hugues de Payens became the order's first visible Grand Master, and in 1119 the knights "White Mantles" carried to France the documents, machines, objects, sarcophagi and 12 life-size statues of the 12 apostles.

These treasures are of enormous importance in symbolic and monetary values. They represent the history of humanity and its future; they reveal to the Templars the Omega plan of the Creator (of his creation).

André de Montbard and André de Gondemar arrived in France with a letter from Baudouin 2nd so that Bernard de Clairvaux can ask the Pope for the recognition and papal protection of the Vatican for the Order.

It was in 1118 (or 1119) that Bernard de Clairvaux organized the Council of Troyes where the Order of the Temple would be consecrated: it is true that the decision to create the order must be analyzed on two fronts.

The esoteric plan: the hidden decision to materialize a provocative Order, at a specific time, a social transformation, through men and women from a synarchic descent, carrying a particular soul, with a genealogical codification dating back to the creation of the mythical Adam.

The creators of the Order of the Temple were all more or less of the same female lineage.

The exoteric plan: the constitution of an order of monks knights as an extension of the mythical Order of the White Brotherhood and the school of Melchisedech, which was materialized in history by the knights of the Holy Grail of Mount Salvage and guardians of the Ark of the Covenant for a cycle of more than 1000 years to come. It is certain that the Order did not stop its mission quest after its public disappearance in 1314.

But again, let's go back to our history: from 1118 to 1123 and then in 1128 we have virtually no information from the Templars ("neither phones nor emails"). It is surprising that in The Chronicles of Vitry, it is only in 1123 and 5 years after the visible foundation of the Order (1118 / 1119) that we find traces of our knights in the Holy Land.

For 9 years they lived without fighting and without rubbing shoulders with the Crusaders, in poverty and renunciation. Who did they really meet? Who has guided them in the Angelic Hierarchy, why this search for origins, who have they frequented? From the Gnostics, Zoroastrians, Essenes, most likely in Egypt with the guardians of the rituals of the god RÂ (the "Light", the "Sun") possibly the seven goddesses of Athor of the cult of Isis, the Followers of the "Philosopher's Stone" they discover the sacred geometry, that's for sure! See cathedrals and Gothic art, the Master Companions tailors and other workers, craftsmen, to whom the Templars will give the opportunity to free themselves from the slavery of the Feudal Lords. They meet and exchange knowledge with the guardians of the Hebrew and Koranic texts, they study with the merchants and caravans, knowledge about Indian texts, Sumer, Babylon, etc.

An acquaintance, a revelation was given to them. They will take possession of the precious repository of the old and the new Covenant, but also of much more, as explained in the predictions of John of Vezelay, also known as St. John of Jerusalem on the future world social order of the Antichrist.

On June 12, 1118 at 11 p.m., nine knights (Saint Bernard de Clairvaux is at the Château de Cîteaux) are together in the crypt under the Castle of Arginy in the Rhône in France. It is at this time that the Holy Spirit will be received by the Knights of the Holy Grail. It's that night, that the power of the Mother and the Creative Son will give way for the next 1000 years to the visible successors of the White Brotherhood, the White Mantles.

We must add that Bernard de Clairvaux (Saint Bernard) was the friend of Saint Malachi who died in his arms. Saint Malachi was a "friend of God" linked to the Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail and the origin of the RAM cult, the Scottish Knights of the Heredon Mountain Sanctuary in the far north of Scotland where in 1307 on 12 October a fleet of 18 ships , with crews, and, 20 initiated knights Templars leaved France to find them. They were guided by Fernand de Beuze to Scotland, and then, sailed for the "New World", for Philadelphia (then Boston). Indeed, they had the sea charts... and the maps of this "New World."

We must give an information: Saint Bernard bore the title of Druid.

Let's go back to the creation of the Order. In addition to Bernard de Clairvaux and Hugues de Payens, seven other characters will be guided to materialize the Order, including André de Montbard, the uncle of Bernard de Clairvaux who will be Seneschal (one of the five) and the first Archimaster of the Order (Archimaster: from the Greek ARKNE, archaeometer: measurement and in Latin magisterium, holder, guardian of the application of knowledge: the Alchemist, the Adeptus). In the book we will talk about the "Keys of Arya" of the five magisterium: economics, religion, politics (city life), society (humanitarian) and science.

One disturbing thing: between 1153 and 1170 Bertrand de Blanchefort is the Grand Master of the Order which is strange, being from a Cathar family and Cathar himself.

But the Templar Order was also created in order to establish a social transformation at the beginning of the millennium (in 1314) a military power of: 15,000 spears on horseback, 138,600 Knights-at-Arms, 350 Sergeants, 7 Grand Masters, 9,000 Commandery Settlements in Europe, so it should come as no surprise that the powerful of the ruling royal families decided to stop them by hatching a  heretism plot.

It was in 1341 that the principles of the Order were set by the 5 Masters + 1 and the 9 knights White Mantles for centuries to come: the creation of the "New World" and the Union of Nations.

 If the Order of the Temple had continued its work of social transmutation (but it was not possible) the 100-year war between England and France would not necessarily have taken place, the constitution and slavery as well as the genocide of the Native American people (red race) either! The Inquisition, the Obscurantism, the Reformation, the Renaissance neither! The French revolution would have been different, the industrial revolution less materialistic, the United States would have evolved without the grip of oil, etc.

The Romanoff’s only different dynasty would have opposed the First World War, the plot of a destructive game by the Treaty of Versailles causing the Second World War.  The Bretton Woods Agreement and other economic agreements would not have strengthened global materialist finance and indebted people. Short! The result would have been a different global social and economic order.

Science, culture would have moved in another direction for humanity and economics would have brought another result in our lives.

The Templars changed many things during these 200 years, they were not men of war, they personally had no fortune, everything smiled in the community...

They knew how to surround themselves with the best "workers" but the meaning of “workers” for them had another meaning, since all the people who returned to the service of the Order were freed, they were free of their commitments, their agreements and their previous duties, it was at the time a real evolution, there was no famine, they wisely managed the needs of their people, they built the first hospices for the poor and the sick, but also a teaching and a moral different social backgrounds. 

It is also necessary to point out that Dante Alighieri was the last Archimaster of the medieval Temple.

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