The Solar Precession - Cause of Climate Change

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Written by Fulmina Institut
The Solar Precession - Cause of Climate Change

extracts from the book "Arya's keys"

written by Fulmina Academy

From  the Kalpa to Schumann Zero

It is from within its own substance, its own energy , its sole desire within himself and by himself , that the Divine, the unnamed, the Father of the Universe produces everything and every phenomenon as well as all the form ideas of the world.

The nature which, detached from this principle, would be without existence : the nothingness

Earth cosmogony

The universe : if we perceive it within our consciousness, Universe has an eternal principle which changes, renews itself within its own cycle with regularity. It is born, it grows forever, it dissolves and reshapes itself to be born again. Universe has a three staged breath : exhalation, inhalation, exhalation. IT is! We can name it Brahmâ (God). To preserve its creation, its making, it names itself Vishnu, and it is to renew, transform, that it resolves and destructs, we name it Shiva, the "Glorified Benefactor".

These are not three gods, but three facets : three shapes emanating from a sole principle. It expresses a thousand other facets, representing the endless diversity of the character, its soul and its spirit within. It is also the diversity of the universe with only one root.

The conceptions we may have of the cosmos and of its eternity were given to us in the ancestral cultures teachings with a qualifier, a cycle and a rythm of the time (temporality?). These three notions join together in the Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, precolumbian American and Asian cultures.

Our references and names in this text mainly come from the old kingdom of Tibet and the "indo-aryans" empires : the Mānavadharmashāstra (sanskrit : मानवधर्मशास्त्र) or the Law of Manu, the purãnas and vedas, or 400 000 verses for the main 18 puranãs containing an esoteric teaching on the constitution of the World.

In the Puranãs, the apparition of a universe and its dissolution represent an entire life of Brahmã named as "the Great Kalpa" : the Makakalpã.    

a) A human being normal lifespan is a hundred years.

b) Brahmã has a lifespan of one hundred bhramãs (unit) : but, one year of Brahmã is formed of 360 days of brahmãs (unit) or 360 Kalpas

c) The total life of Brahmã thus is of one hundred years times 360 kalpas, so 36.000kalpas or Bhramãnic days.

The most difficult is to understand this scale of measuring time in terms of human years in our own mind.

We have to be humble with this fantastic measure of space-time and to not deign it ridiculous by lack of knowledge : the universe according to our "cartesian" science may be fourteen billion years old.

We find in some of the Puranãs, that the Kalpa is equal to 4 320 000 000 human years, in others we obtain  60 480 000 human years. The year of Bhramã, in this last calculus, is of 360 times 60 480 000 = 21 772 800 000 years which we'll have to multiply times a hundred to obtain the lifespan of Bhramã or Great Kalpa : the Makakalpã

We'll further add that each Makakalpã ends with a dissolution (inhalation) of equal length named Mahãprolaya where Bhramã resorbs unto himself to hatch again as a new universe or "Cosmic egg"  called Brahmanda.

Depending on a very interesting "Purãnic" text in reference to our explanation, a Kalpa is divided into 14 equal epochs (we will find this number in Alchemy but also in the Egyptian Mythology with the 14 pieces of Osiris's body during its crucifixion provoked by Seth and its 72 accomplices). During those 14 epochs, under the name of Manou, who is the Father and Lawmaker of these 14 humanities who followed each other on Earth. Our own humanity is currently handled by the 7th Manou : Vaivasvata who is the son of the solar deity "Visvavant" or "Rā" which is found again in the Atlantean and Egyptian civilisations, and who shall not be confounded with "Aton-Rā" or "Yavhé" or "Yhwh"

The Manvantara (The areas of Manou) is composed of two septenaries. There may have been six humanities before our own , we are the seventh. There shall be 7 other Manvantaras in the future.

In our current kalpa, we are the seventh humanities of all of the fourteen that should appear on our planet Earth "Uras". All of those humanities shall follow the successive phases marked by a cycle called "Solar precession" which provokes mutations and cataclysms more or less powerful changing the geodesic profile of Earth but also its frequency, its plane, its density and its position in respect to its zero point.

It is said in all the civilisations that there shall be a great flood (or even two)

  1. The first one marking the end of the sixth race. 

  2. The second came ten or eleven thousand years ago during the passing of Venus which then started to stabilize in our solar system some 7000 years ago.

The texts say that Vishnu, under the shape of a fish, gave knowledge to the very wise Satyawata of the imminent cataclysm that was to come and asked him to build a ship. As the rains began to pour, he then ordered him to embark with the Wisemen, the initiated, the animals and the plants. Vishnu the "fish" then entrusted Satyawata with the Vedas : as he shall become the Manou of the Seventh humanity.

The Vedas being the germ, the texts and the spiritual references that shall transfer the knowledge for the restoration of the future humanity which is today's seventh Humanity.

The same transition and the same transmission will happen when our humanity will be subjected to the "Fire" to be replaced by the eighth humanity.

We should, nonetheless, be careful, since the repetitive correspondence of the analogic symbols may be different in frequence, in consequences and shall not necessarily impact the eighth race with the same aims.

At each change, humanity reaches another evolutive level thanks to its collective memories generated during its cycle "cause/effect". Our planet, which is the mother of all biological supports, passes, just as we do, through the stages of the process of the Great Work of Alchemy with its 14 salvations or Eagles.

Each of the humanities evolves on Earth where the magnetic North pole (and not with the physical north pole) varies in positions and intensities.  With each of Earth's evolution cycles, but also with the humanity changes, the variation of the magnetic pole intensifies in correlation with the solar precession and with Schumann's zero point.

As for the physical north pole, it takes a rather peculiar orientation, as its polar axis moves in correlation with the "Zero Point" of our Universe and with the cycle of the solar precession.

In the Vedas, we are presented with seven "Dvîpas" corresponding to seven states of the globe which emerge with the seven consecutive humanities. Each kalpa is formed of two series of septenaries, so each "Dvîpa" appears twice, the second time in opposition to the first location on the same axis. For example the eighth "Dvîpa", or eighth race, will be in physical opposition to the first "Dvîpa".

The evolution of  the being is ascending, even if the humanities all go through the same phases : a paradisal phase, a construction and evolution phase, and an apocalyptical ending or Revelation phase.

A mathematical symbol in the Manvantara gives away a subdivision of  itself in 4 ages corresponding to the Dharma in its successive phases

a) The  loss of ascetism on ourselves : Tapas

b) The loss of purity for humanity : Shaucha.

c) The loss of compassion : Daya.

d) The loss of justice and truth : Satya.

This mythical and mathematical symbol is found again in the pythagorean Tetraktys, since the duration of Manvantara is represented by the mathematical number "10", thus the One and the Zero.

The golden Age is represented by the number "Four", the Silver Age by the number "Three", the Bronze Age by the number "Two", the Iron Age (ours) by the "One", the latest one being the Kalï Yuga or "Dark Age" symbolizing the age of harvesting as well (see the Apocalypse according to St John in the Bible), so mathematically speaking : 10= 4+3+2+1

The calculus of Pythagoras  presents the same sequence but the other way around : 1+2+3+4 =10

The phases described in the Purãnas about the Kalï Yuga are more specifics in this age terminal phase, since there are moments of collective awareness, of partial come back to Nature as well as a spiritual quest in a climate of economical and political decadence. Then at some point, everything is infuriating, times appears to accelerate, the "dormant" negative tendencies reveal themselves. In fact, these are the characteristics of the frequential changes our planet is currently going through, according to the Purãnas in the age of Kali, during the solar precession, it is mainly the inversion and destruction of the traditional values.

The first Age "Krita Yuga" was also called the Age of Truth, Satya Yuga was called the Golden Age and the last Yuga is the age of falsity, deceit, and institutionalized illusion, the triumph of inversed values. Men with normal values will be considered abnormal, Earth is valued simply as a resource. The peasants abandon their task, "Kings and Princes" (today's leaders) no longer protect their populations and their realm (nations), whom they exploit. They bring ruin to the traditional values. Human being is a merchandise, adults fail to protect their children, it is a society of materialistic survival. In the age of Kali, only the money reigns and brings on privileges. The way of life is uniformised in poverty and promiscuity. It is a world of overall intellectual poverty and decrease in general knowledge. Marriage is no longer a promise of Love and the union of two souls, women and men, likewise, quit looking out for each other. Human being submit himself to materialism, without any ideal, Kali is an age of gradual death of the social achievements. It is the end of what has been instrumental in building the civilizations according to texts written thousands of years ago.               

Ironically, these times of peace and identity quest are a gift for those rare human beings capable to stand up for themselves, since the new frequency will not be as demanding for those who have already walked the discovery path to divinity. The age of Kali presents a precious benefit in its abyss of destructions and vices. Those human beings willing to rid themselves of the social and materialistic pressures won't have to struggle as much as in the past to encounter the consciousness of the Supreme Being.  

The same life-saving possibilities are written in other religious texts and traditions : Buddhism of the origins, Orthodox Christianism, Hebraism and Islamism. These spiritual knowledges tell us that a loving commitment of Man with the Creation, the Divinity, through summoning, prayer to its name appears like the ultimate path towards the Salvation of the whole of Humanity. This redemption relies on respect and balance between the material and the spiritual, but mostly on understanding our presence.

If the actual duration of Manvantara was known and the departure point of its cycle determined with precision, we could foresee the events to come. Only the parametre of biological life consequences and the repercussions on our social order will be more difficult to evaluate. The orthodox traditions have never unveiled the key elements allowing us to precisely know these revelations ; these representing more inconvenients than benefits.

The mean of calculation is accessible through inner search and can be revealed by initiation. The departure point and the exact course of events have always been carefully concealed "more or less" by adding or removing a number of years to the dates detailed in the ancient texts. It is nevertheless surprising, disturbing and revealing to find the exact dates of significant historical events in these calculations.

Let's carry on our presentation with a subject directly connected to this evolutive transformation of our civilisations: Schumann's zero point.

Schumann Zero Point?

According to Wikipedia :“ This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after the german physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. However it was not until measurements made by Balser and Wagner in 1960-1963 that adequate analysis techniques were available to extract the resonance information from the background noise". George Francis Fitzgerald (in 1893) and Nikola Tesla (in 1900) have already mentioned the idea that the cavity borders between the surface of earth and the ionosphere  can be used as a waveguide in relation to the telluric network of Earth's crust called the Hartman grid : therefore we have three layers of frequential mesh (see the works of Dr Ernst Hartman of Manheim). There is a second mesh at the limit of the stratosphere and a third one at the limit of the ionosphere. The first space between the two meshes provides the "Kai" frequency (the first layer according to the sumerians, corresponding to duality). See the works of some scientists who happened to have transferred some energy (with visible proof) on plants from Marseille to Paris using the Hartmann grid in the text " Paradoxe of Science".

Winfried Otto Schumann did collaborate in the U.S. during Operation Paperclip. He worked at the US Wright-Patterson Airforce base in Ohio between 1947 and 1948 before coming back to his office in Munich later.

The Schumann resonances are a set of low frequency oscillations ranging from 3 to 33Hz within Earth's electromagnetic field. Theses resonances come from the internal cavity formed by the terrestrial crust, which is a "mirroring reaction " of the ionosphere, i.e our planet's higher atmosphere, characterized by its state of  electrical conductivity due to the partial ionization of its gazes.

These electromagnetic fields flow through the terrestrial mesh. When clouds happen to rub against each other, is formed a zone of massive ionisation. This scrub, in certain conditions will generate in connection with earth's inverse polarity a discharge of several billions Electron-volts. This reaction behave like some huge antennas radiating electromagnetic energy.

These oscillations travel on diverse frequencies, from 6 to 50 cycles per second (1 cycle = one beat per second). In addition to the fundamental basic frequence of 7,4Hz, exist some other logarithmic frequencies such as 14,3Hz, 20,8Hz, 27,3hz and 33,8Hz. These frequencies bring our planet and our organic structure to a state of resonance(vibrating support/support energy).

These waves are not caused by the inner layers of the Earth or its crust. There's a mirror effect between electric activity and Earth's crust during  those intense charges which provoke the lightnings;

The existence of Schumann resonances are born from two factors : a closed spherical cavity of planetary dimensions and the ionosphere which is an insulating electromagnetic field protecting us from the Van Allen belt, constituted of two distinct zones called "inner belt", made of protons and the "outer belt" made of very high energy electrons. The particles from both belts run along at high speed between the northern and the southern part of the magnetosphere. We'll understand a bit better what happens during the solar precession when the magnetic poles and earth rotational axis shift by looking at the picture below.

In our solar system, four other planets - Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - have the same particularity, we can assume that these resonances also exist within each of them, but their disposition in space surely will express differences in terms of electromagnetism. These electro-magnetic resonances have also been detected on the planet Titan.

Earth revolves around its North/South axis and completes a full, elliptical rotation through 12 constellations. This rotation is called precession of the equinoxes. It has a cycle of 26 000 years , divided in twelve 2160 years periods. The 2160 years correspond to a zodiacal area. Each zodiac brings a modification to the planetary frequency. It has an action on all lifeforms, including the human on es and it also has an influence in terms of evolution or involution on our social structures.

The North/South axis has a circular precesssion of 360° and one degree of arc equals to 72 years. A variation on the polar axis can be added to the precession of the equinoxes. A cyclical inversion of the magnetic poles between North and South has already happened in history. The inversion movement hasn't been determined as of yet.  

The geophysic cardiac pulse of Earth is 7,5Hz, there is the equivalent of a black hole or Zero point, but the universal terrestrial resonance is of 63,5Hz or 64Hz. The Egyptians attributed a very particular mathematical calculation to that frequency, since they divided the number "64" by "8", thus the number 8 (as if by chance...). We will encounter that number again in the maths found in certain rooms from the Kheops pyramid. Under the chambres of the Queen are likely to be found another room which would correspond to the number symbolizing the birth and the transformation : the Phenix.

The Schumann resonances suggest the existence of a Zero Point. Earth has had the same frequency for thousands of years (since the last magnetic poles inversion) of 7,4 cycles per second. It increases its frequency between august the 13th 1983 and august  the 13th 1984. This increasing hertzian frequency corresponds (as if by chance) to changes in the Sphinx emission frequency in relation to other historical monuments of the planet located on telluric intersections in relation with Orion, the Pleiads, Sirius and the constellation of Lyra.

The Earth, which could be dated back to about a billion years in its current density, is much older. It has followed frequential cycles which have brought modifications in its geographical and geophysical structures. The complexity of its cosmo-telluric constitution acts upon the mineral, the vegetal and the living organisms, thus on the Bâ ("Soul" in egyptian) and the Kâ ("Spirit" in Egyptian). The Bâ in harmonie with the water element (corresponding to the seventh kalpa), the Kâ in harmony with the fire element (corresponding to the 8th kalpa). The Earth is a planet from our solar system, the galaxy and the universe, it is in permanent movement just as our cells particles and is in resonance from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.   

Today, Earth is subject to a bombing of photons: the meaning of photon in ancient greek is "Light". They are "packets" of elementary energy from electromagnetic radiations. These have an action during absorption or reflection of light by matter.

The Earth, while going through the photons belt, sees its rotation speed slowing down, which results in an increase in its resonance up to Schumann's Zero point, as explained by Gregg Braden which is based on the results from norwegian and russian researchers.

Earth's surface is an enormous magnetic circuit. There is a "neutral zone" between Earth's surface and the ionosphere. The space between them is 55km wide.

The decrease in the magnetic charge and the acceleration of its pulsations result in a diminution of its electromagnetic amplitude.

The planets follow a cycle and are perpetually moving within the universe. Astrology and astronomy, known for thousands of years, teach us about the planets positions and their cycles. Certain civilizations and peoples (Chinese, Egyptians, Mayas and Indo-Aryans) have drawn accurate maps and the future trajectories.

Those peoples knew that Earth's rotational axis hadn't always remained at the same position, as it changes more or less every 26 000 years, at which date we can estimate to have transited to a new evolutive transformation marking the beginning of our civilization.  

A magnetic polar inversion has already happened, we can imagine that another one is to be expected , to start a new cycle as natural as it is necessary.

When Earth's resonance frequency, currently increasing, will reach ...Hz, we will come to a Zero point, that will bring a biological change as well as a shift in consciousness with social and economical repercussions on all continents.

Our biological resonance (vibratory support/vibratory energy) changes when the terrestrial frequencial "beats" evolve following the solar precession cycle.

The reading of our DNA physical vibratory codifications is controlled by 7.4beats/picosecond frequency levels(1 picosecond = 1 billionth of a second), these oscillating frequencies are correlated to the same frequencial levels as the Earth "Heartbeats" (which are expressed in Hertz). A progressive transition towards the Zero Point will probably bring us to a new opening and a new reading of the "Chapters" of our DNA (composed of 4 basic proteins and 24 aminoacids), a different interpretation which will automatically lead to a shift in consciousness.

This passage to the Zero point symbolizes a death and a birth, our DNA receives a different frequencial energy, which results in an exit from duality, the Two : (Yin/Yang, positive/negative) to reveal the Three : the Son. From this stage, the three principles can merge to reach a "Coagula" stage and to activate, on our biological level, the link with our "Ghost" DNA from our consciousness level. This is a thrue alchemy of the infinitely 'big" over the infinitely "small".

We will recover the full natural capacity of our "Superior Self" 's consciousness, allowing us to reach the "direct fusion/merging", but that will require several centuries of evolution.

These alchemical stages are experienced by the Universe, the Earth and all living beings, including us humans. Solve and Coagula lead to the "Philosopher's Stone", and then, through the 10 multiplications, to the resurrection, and ultimately to the state of "Pure Light" or Eternity.

We should think beyond our simple technologies and discover other truths about our Nature and the Universe's. It seems rather obvious that in the years preceding the event of this change in cycle, our consciousness will bring us to build a different social, economical and spiritual order.

This Zero point or the "Change of Times", has been experienced by the ancient peoples since millions of years, will carry on millions of years more for the future Earth civilizations but not under the same organic and social form. Unless Man would prove unable to cross that vibratory point from 0 to ..?Hz. This change will bring a release of the memories in the morphogenetic fields, these through a vibrational increase will be purified, thus allowing some new fields to align in reference with the archetype. It is obvious that the transformation will carry our collective towards a deep emotional, mental and spiritual change.

We connect with our different vibrational bodies and the Schumann resonance

The human body is composed on the outside, from 7 different vibrating layers, the 8th and the 9th are no part of this explanation. Each vibratory layer, commonly called Aura is in relation with the seven chakras or endocrine glands (this is a very basic explanation). Each and every one of them is subdivided in 7 layers and in 12 directions : 7 x 7 x 12. These seven vibratory layers can extend up to 7 meters around a particularly well developed  being, spiritually and vibrationally speaking. Sometimes more,

in the history of India, it is said that Siddhartha Gautama's aura (who attained the state of Budhic ascent ) was felt as far as 120 km away. John the apostle cured the sick by his aura while passing through the crowds.

Let's describe the physico-etheric body, its 7 layers and its 7 under-layers. In this text, we will not discuss the astral plane,  the mental plane nor the causal plane, since their frequencies cannot be accessed. We shall only describe the frequencies and the harmonics of these planes on the physico-etheric level.

The first layer : the physical body emits on a basic frequency of 7.24 picoseconds. It is composed in its structure, like the other six layers of seven under-layers which are linked with the amino acids vibrational oscillations, the hydrogen bond consisting in the "chapters of the Book" of our DNA and our RNA. A wrong duplication of the message or vibratory code results in a bad progressive reproduction of the telomeres, which causes a bad duplication of the telomere sequence which is no longer similar to the original one : one speaks then of a degeneration both physical and vibratory.

The DNA contains a memory, the constitution of our physical body but also of the emotional, mental and causal ones.

It is admitted that only 10 to 20% of our DNA is active. The other sequences are dormant and they might be connected to a "Ghost" DNA. The DNA contains the origin of the memories which are personal to us, but also the collective ones, and the probability of the ordinance of our future. The DNA resembles a book in which you can flip through the chapters or interpret and read them in an original way, according to your personal genetic code, your vibratory support, your emotions and your mental energy/vibratory.

For example : read an archetypal "Sacred" text several times. You will interpret it each time with multiple levels of understanding and/or  consciousness at each reading. The same goes for the reading of our DNA, except that the DNA chapters can be arranged in a different order and fix the energies connected to more or less elevated levels of consciousness.

We now can understand why each of the medicine or food can all contain active principles but, unfortunately, can be vibrationally speaking lifeless (or even toxic), just as a human being can be alive on a biological standpoint, but cannot be in phase with his personal lifecode. The Human body has 5 permanent atoms germs in relation with the five subtle bodies (or memories) among which one of them is in direct relation with eight types of totipotential stem cells(which are at the very origin of the embryonic human body formation) : they communicate between themselves through frequential signals shaped in a tetrahedrix geometrical form. The four other atoms germs are located in the master organs of the human body.  These four atoms germs are in relation with the major endocrine glands. The medicinal use of stem cells today includes genuine and not yet understood risks.  

This is the vibratory decomposition of the different harmonics with the different cellular organelles (DNA/RNA sequences, cytoplasmic organites, mitochondrial DNA, mitochondries, etc...) and the seven auric layers of the human body. (Physico-etheric body in relations with the seven chakras).     

The human body is surrounded by several vibratory "envelopes" (just like russian dolls). Each vibratory "envelope" is in relation with a chakra of our human body (see "the Chakras" from the Fulmina Foundation). Each of these chakras is in relation with multiple functions or organs in our body and different states of emotional and mental consciousness. Each vibratory "envelope" or auric layer contains seven under-layers which are related with the chakras seven vibrationary levels.

The first layer frequency is of 7.24 picoseconds (measure unit noted 10-12 secondes).

This first layer range is 7.24ps in 4 directions, then it's 14.48ps in four directions (under-layers), then  it's 21.72ps in four directions, then at last it is 28.96ps in four directions. These three layers point to 12 directions.

The following ranges on this first layer are of 36.20ps, then 43.44ps, then 50.68ps. The eighth range from 56 to 64ps shows the last direction which determines space, time or the direction in space.

Each of the four first direction form a cross :

Earth elementary cross

Water elementary cross

Air elementary cross

Fire elementary cross

The other vibratory layers of the physico-etheric, emotional and mental bodies are based on the same archetype, but on different frequencies and ranges.  

There is an eighth layer (and under-layer), its frequency extends from 50.68 to 63.23/64ps, its range represent the passage key (space, time, direction) of the first physical body layer to the second astral body layer.

This eighth layer contains in information space, time and direction. It is in relation to Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. This first physico-etheric layer has a saturnian dominance. But each of the seven under-layers is in relation with a planet : Jupiter, Pars, Venus (dark planet), Mercury, the moon and the Sun, are thus with a metal (or metalloïd), a precious stone and a particular geometric shape. The eighth layer is in relation with its three planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) and its three primordial energies of which : the construction phase φ, the movement phase φ and the realization phase φ. These phases represent the three planes of consciousness, thus the "Superior Self".

The four basic ranges represent the four elements (characters) or four crosses. Each of these crosses give us four directions in space and in the cercle (π). The three higher ranges represent the principles  which give us each a direction in space. The eighth range encloses the "nadir" (the past) and the zenith (the future).

The chelators (chelation is a metallic physico-chemical process, then complexed, called chelated). These are transporters of informations on infinitesimal metallic traces (zinc, nickel, cobalt, lead, iron, copper, mercury, tin, silver, gold) which attached themselves on sequences of our DNA. These chelators are charged with vibrating information in order to open or to close at precise locations, different frequential chapters of our DNA. Superoxide dismutases (SOD) are some metalloproteins or oxidoreductases (enzymes). They intervene in the elimination mechanisms of the free radicals (see text “regeneration principle : function of the bio-electricity” at Fulmina Foundation).  

These seven layers are in relation with our planet’s physico-etheric body. Until the years 84 to 87, date at which the Sphinx and Great Pyramid augmented their frequencies, Earth was emitting at 7,5Hz.

During 2011, our planet reached 11,5Hz. It should carry on with increasing its frequency. This frequency level should bring us to a threshold called the Schumann Zero Point. The consequences go beyond the climatic aspect, they also affect our social consciousness and their repercussions are unknown and remain to be discovered.

Relations between the Zero Point, Earth, evolution of the human body and medicine

There is a diagnostic technique combining the physical and the vibratory dimension. This practice allows us to make a very quick diagnostic on the illness and its physical, emotional and mental causes, starting from the symptom till the origin of the pathology. It has an advantage since it allows to find a remedy in the pharmacopoeia or elsewhere and to immediately verify its efficacy, neutrality or toxicity. To make it simple, thanks to this approach, we can find through resonance, the remedy and explain to the patient the cause of his disorder, which is essential for him.

The test between the patient and the remedy results in an analysis of the vibratory support/vibratory energy, then the correction that will happen through the remedy on the illness triggering factor.

This technique enables us to understand all of the inflammatory and degenerative pathologies which have, very often, their causes on a quite high physical and vibratory plane. Here are a few more explanations :

The lymphocyte T chain finds its origin in the Thymus gland : the latter is located at the level of the fourth chakra (Anahata, heart chakra where resides the mental body atom germ). When becoming adults, this gland becomes embryonic, it pretty much resembles a small dried prune. There are 7 kinds of lymphocytes T, plus one representing the key. Once again we find the analogy with the kalpas, the Schumann Zero, the different subtle bodies and our chakras as Nature would decidedly have it.

During the first years of its life, the child’s gland is in full operation. During the first three years, the endocrine gland, the thymus, will gradually send an information through the hormonal informative chain to the stem cells located at the first chakra (Muladhara) level in order to activate them. This information kick starts the reaction program of the immunitary memory, essentially the one based in the bone marrow and sends an energetical information to the fifth chakra (Vishuddha) : thyroïd, parathyroïd, the sixth chakra (Ajna) the pituitary gland, and the seventh chakra (Sahasrara) the pineal gland. These informations will activate and reinforce the spleen, which is the physico-etheric chakra (pink ray). The fourth chakra (Thymus) contains within itself the necessary data to activate the memories of the “General Hard Disk” of our immune system. It has required thousands of years of evolution to become efficient.  

This is one of the reasons why our children experience childhood diseases. this enables them to activate their own immune memory, which during the first years of their lives is partly their mother’s. This is also a reason why it is of the utmost importance that women shall breastfeed their children the first months. During the first months, maternal milk contains the mother’s immune system informations. There is a chakra located on the child’s palate which extracts the vibratory information of the maternal milk. This chakra is directly connected to the pituitary and pineal glands and provides the holographic information to the thymus and to the immunitary chain.

Our engram to be willing to vaccinate young children, mostly by fear for example, can be deemed, as far as i am concerned, a proper crime against our descendance as we wish them to be healthy. Childhood diseases are seldom deadly, our immune system is a “troop of elite fighters” whose training has extended over thousands of years of evolution. To prevent this immune system to react, consists in blocking the happening of the awareness of one’s personal identity. Immunity is not only physical : it is also emotional, mental and causal.

It has been shown through multiple scientific tests that a massive vaccination campaign, on young or older children, while not having any preventive test in terms of adaptation to the vaccine (by chelation) can provoke a danger numerous years afterwards ( causes for autoimmune diseases). In the early nineties, it has been asked to the WHO to apply somes rules that have never been implemented. The medical community in hospitals repeatedly ignores this preventive measure.

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