Coronavirus – a Genie Electronic

Posted 3 years ago
Written by Professor Mikhail Kovalkov
Coronavirus – a Genie Electronic
Professor Mikhail Kovalkov : Author of scientific discovery and scientific inventions.
Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences.

Where did he jump out from? This is a "by-product" of the Digital revolution that is taking place around the World in the form of the sixth economic order. This virus was "awakened" by the 5G electronic system installed in Wuhan, two months before the tragedy. The system activated the mutation and the change of the structure of pneumococcus and other pathogenic and opportunistic microflora of the body, with a large energy of its complex radiation. Even fish felt this radiation, jumping out in large numbers from the lake in Wuhan to the shore (water under the influence of radiation changes its structure and energy).

The human body consists of approximately 65 trillion cells, and about 5 % of the body is pathogenic and opportunistic microflora (Pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, Chlamydia and other bacteria and viruses). Human health is in a stable state and Good wins over evil, until the pathogenic microflora raises its "head", increasing its energy potential from an external source; of course, if there are no changes in the cells themselves.

Manufacturers of electronic equipment monitor the safety standard of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on the human body. For this purpose, there are GOST or SAR according to foreign classification. However, the safe norm in GOST, which was present in the USSR, is now 10 times higher - the energy flow density (spectral power density) was 10 microwatts per square centimeter; today it is changed to 100 microwatts.

In addition, modern electronic devices emit not only electromagnetic radiation, but also non-ionizing microlepton radiation. It occurred with the transition to a new element base. Lamps, transistors, resistors, and other components did not allow to provide downsizing of the equipment. Integrated circuits of various types allowed us to solve the problem of miniaturization. However, they violate the main law of quantum mechanics - in atoms, microparticles must rotate in orbits and spin with equal probability. Unfortunately, it was difficult to do this technologically.

The results of studies of technical devices of various ranges, indicate that the presence of an "abnormal" spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from the millimeter range to the far infrared, is responsible for the biological activity of cells.

It is known from the theory of electromagnetism that splitting of energy levels is possible in an electric field due to the polarizability of electronic shells (the Stark effect). A similar splitting of energy levels and spectral lines is observed in a magnetic field (the Zeeman effect). But these phenomena in technical devices are manifested at high power of electric and magnetic fields. The energy flux density (power spectral density), for example, of a mobile phone, is small -10÷90 μW/cm2. The rest energy of the electron is 0,5 MeV. Therefore, the leading Israeli oncologist Eitan Friedman states that electromagnetic radiation is not able to cause changes at the molecular level. However, electromagnetic radiation is "accompanied" by microlepton radiation. Microlepton radiation of the torsion field was discovered in the USSR by Academician A. F. Okhatrin. Winner of the Lenin and four Stalin prizes, Scientific Director of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences M. A. Sadovsky, personally gave the command to publish about this Great Discovery in the reports of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The theory of torsion fields was created by Professor G. I. Shipov (his work — The theory of physical vacuum) and academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences A. E. Akimov. 

At the same time, microlepton radiation in our world has both a natural origin – microlepton radiation from geopathogenic zones of the Earth, which has similar effect on the body as technical devices, and artificial ones created by the man-made environment. 

The radiation from the microlepton field of the devices, which "accompanies" electromagnetic radiation, alters the cells and systems of the human body, plants, animals (biological objects) by the theory "put a stick in the wheels". For a moving train to derail, it is not necessary to blow all the rails under the train. The final effect can be achieved with less effort (less energy) - you just need to put an iron crutch on a rail. Similarly, the radiation from the microlepton field pivots the rotation of the hydrogen nucleus in the water. As a result, the rotations of the two hydrogen nuclei rotate in the same direction.

The energy of right-polarized water is higher by 8.38 kJ/kg of plain water. This was studied at the Kazan University by U. Akhmerov and A. Belikovich. It is known that meltwater has increased biological activity (plant seeds placed in meltwater germinate faster). For this reason, many species of birds fly to the terrestrial magnetic North, as only energy-powerful meltwater allows them to produce offspring.

The change of water structure (change of the spin of the hydrogen in the water by non-ionizing microlepton radiation of left polarization) by devices or in geopathogenic zones of the Earth leads to changes in protein structure as a major role in shaping the structure of human proteins provides the water (65-75% of it). Most of the known proteins in human and plant cells have in their structure spiral sections of left and right polarization, called the alpha helix (the alpha helix was discovered and studied by the Nobel and Lenin prize winner L. Polling). These alpha helices seem to surround the haem iron in the protein. The overall spatial structure of the protein is a multiturn helix. The cell of a healthy person is also built according to a certain program – the protoplasm of the cell consists mainly of left amino acids and right sugars. When cancer occurs, the sugar changes orientation to the left.

Back in 1971, the Institute of nuclear physics in Novosibirsk studied polarization on the soviet 625 MeV electron-positron collider (VEPP-2). It was discovered that the lifetime of a polarized particle beam is significantly longer than that of a non-polarized one.  When studying positronium, which is used to study fast chemical reactions, a clear dependence of the particle energy on the mutual orientation of the spins is recorded. With the same spin direction positronium "lives" longer and has an energy level of 8,41x10-4 eV more. 

In addition, it should be noted that the capacity of all blood vessels in the body is 25-30 liters. Our heart not only works as a pump, but it also spins our blood in a spiral with the help of the left ventricle and the external muscles of the myocardium (theory discovered by Professor Marcel V. Loquin in France under the name of Reflexe Artérial Métergique - RAM with cubic structure). Red blood cells are twisted into a vortex and are spinned into threads. Platelets, interacting with each other, control the order of passage of portions of red blood cells through the vessels (slowing, speeding them up, blocking or opening their entrance to the artery). Their actions resemble the work of the road patrol service. White blood cells also behave in a peculiar way. In the course of its movement, each white blood cell can "guide" the 18-20 red blood cells located in front of it, and like a shepherd, disperse them along separate capillaries. Twisting red blood cells into vortices with a modified shape (sickle shape) under the influence of left-hand polarization radiation will contribute to mainly favor the work of bacteria.

Non-ionizing microlepton radiation from technical devices of left-helix can contribute to mutations and changes in DNA. After all, many of the mutations were detected using electrophoretic tests from the blood of patients whose red blood cells had certain deviations from the norm.

Non-ionizing microlepton radiation of devices, of course, is not controlled by any manufacturers of equipment or services of the Ministry of Health in all countries of the World. While changes in the human body under the influence of non-ionizing microlepton radiation of modern technical devices are a train wreck waiting to happen, a sword over the heads of billions of humans".

The great Researcher and author of mobile phones, Steve jobs, "gone to Distant Worlds” because of cancer, bequeathed a message to his children: use the mobile phone as little as possible.

According to our research, it is microlepton radiation of the left polarization that causes harm to human health, not electromagnetic radiation. It spreads from a mobile phone (smart phone), laptop, tablet, computer, TV for 1-2 meters, changes the composition and quality of air from modern air conditioners and ventilation systems. In humans, capillary blood flow is disrupted and blood parameters in the endocrine system (thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands, pancreas, hypothalamus) change and as a result as well in the vascular system and brain. The human immune system changes significantly, especially in older people, since a small amount of true thymic tissue is lost annually in the thymus gland during the first 50 years of life, which is gradually replaced by adipose and connective tissue.

During the experimental quality control of the protection "Screen, it was found that human red blood cells not only decrease quantitatively under the influence of mobile phone radiation, but also change their shape, turning from disc-like to crescent-shaped. This is one of the reasons for changes in the gene structure and mutations. Red blood cells are the main suppliers of hemoglobin to the respiratory system.

Wi-Fi routers, TV decoders spread microlepton radiation for 10-15 meters and by their already stronger energy raises the energy of viruses and bacteria (pneumococcus begins to register at a distance of 25 centimeters from a person, Staphylococcus at a distance of 68 cm, and chlamydia at 3 meters).  Spreading through the human body, they destabilize the system of filtration and purification of blood (kidneys, liver), disrupt the work of capillaries, especially in the spine, joints and lungs.

Non-ionizing microlepton radiation of electronic devices of left polarization used by people at home and at work, changed the stable operation of all systems of the body and prepared it for the next "phase" transition. A more powerful energy beam from the 5G system caused a process of mutations and genetic changes. 

The pandemic has "gone on" to create problems for us even where people believe they are most protected. So, the Russian Prime Minister and a number of Ministers were struck down by the coronavirus at a Government meeting. A special anti-virus irradiator was installed in the government meeting room. This device with its electromagnetic radiation, experimentally set frequency, was supposed to neutralize the coronavirus. However, the developers forgot or did not know about the microlepton radiation of the left-hand polarization device, which actually showed its strength at a distance of 27 meters.

Great scientists "see" the future and are able to predict it. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences A. E. Akimov in 1993 in the magazine "Technology of Youth" №5 specifically predicted the problem. His article was called "the Torsion field will change the world." Expert of the world Health Organization Professor Y. G. Grigoriev in the journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Radiation biology and radioecology" Volume 45 number 4 in July 2005 analyzed the causes of harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation from mobile phones on the health of children and adolescents in the article "The Situation requiring urgent measures". Unfortunately, big business both before and now blocks the vital scientific achievements of scientists, and now we see the real result of their concern for their own profits.

Today, we can and must take all measures to combat this problem. It is necessary to minimize the interaction time with various electronic equipment. Various folk remedies for human treatment have been widely used by our and other peoplehood and they should be used. In China, the official state medicine uses methods (acupuncture, moxibustion, etc.) of folk medicine. The main thing in a non-standard situation is to increase the Energy of the entire person and reduce the energy of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora. Even the druids were eliminating various diseases of the resin of the cedar. Russian doctor Zalmanov treated arriving Russian noblemen in Paris with pine baths. It turns out that the needles of coniferous trees at the tip have a hole of a special shape (this is well recorded by an electron microscope). Coniferous trees take energy not only from sunlight, but also from microlepton radiation from Space, and therefore they have increased energy and remain green in winter. Garlic and celery have a lot of energy.  Elena Roerich in the famous book "Agni Yoga" claimed that they are medicine. Sea buckthorn, unrefined sunflower oil, walnuts and pine nuts, beekeeping products also have high energy. 

Is it possible to use microlepton radiation for therapy purposes? Yes, it is possible, and furthermore it is vital today.

Modern man is subject to one of the main philosophical laws – the Law of Unity and Struggle of Opposites. Therefore, the same microlepton radiation of the Earth, but with the right polarization, can heal a person and slow down the aging of the body. In the old days, this knowledge was available to man, and he widely applied it in his life. So well-known monasteries and churches in Russia are built only in places of positive microlepton radiation of the Earth. The structure of water in such places is different – it has the structure of meltwater.

Today, several types of devices for protection against non-ionizing microlepton radiation of left polarization have been invented, patented and are successfully functioning:

Protective device "Screen".  

A device created using nanotechnology methods. It can effectively block microlepton radiation from any technical devices and products (smartphones, routers, Wi-Fi, decoders, computers, cables, antennas, etc.)

Battery-restoring corrector "Vityaz»

A device created using nanotechnology methods. Designed to normalize capillary blood flow in various parts of the human body and increase the energy of the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria, as we know, are elementary accumulators of cells. This ensures the restoration of the human biofield in no more than 5 minutes. "Vityaz" can be used as a preventive agent for water disinfection and changing the structure of water. The "Vityaz" device is a thin plate 200x150 mm, inside which there is a substrate on which special environmentally friendly materials are applied, representing the know-how of our organization.

Bio-Corrector "Alesya".

A device that can change the structure of water or other liquids. The physical and chemical properties of water change for the better, the total number of microbes UFC/cm3 decreases by 40 times. Water changes its structure. It can be used for preventive purposes to improve human health. This "microbial-free" water can be used in many ways in various medical institutions, including as "air fresheners". This also applies to other liquids, so wine studies have shown that the tittered acidity after 3 days is reduced by 10 %. Biocorrectors are able to turn plain water into meltwater.

The "Alesya" biocorrector increases a person's energy by 25-30% in 15-25 minutes. It acts simultaneously on the physical, etheric and astral body of a person. It is an 800 x 800 mm plate installed permanently in any room at a height of 2 meters.

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