“Everything comes from emptyness …”

Posted 8 months ago
Written by K. Dukov
“Everything comes from emptyness …”
Embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the universe, this exploration delves into the profound question that has captivated human minds for centuries: Where does the universe originate? From the timeless contemplations of scientists, philosophers, and theologians emerges the widely accepted Big Bang Theory. Yet, amidst the cosmic theories, a fascinating experiment takes center stage in our quest for understanding. Delving into the fusion of energy, matter, and the enigmatic force of information, this narrative unveils a groundbreaking process that transforms concentrated energy into tangible metal powder. As we navigate through the invisible dynamics of a miniature 'white/black hole' and the intricate dance of atoms, a formula emerges—Information, Energy, Matter (I - E - M). Join us as we venture into the heart of this scientific odyssey, where the cosmos meets cold nuclear fusion, and the very fabric of space intertwines with the essence of metal creation.
The text explores the origin of the universe and introduces the "Big Bang Theory." It discusses an experiment wherein metal powder is created from concentrated energy using information about the metal structure. The process involves a unique apparatus resembling a miniature white/black hole. The formula I - E - M (Information - Energy - Matter) is claimed to work, supported by analyses using the ICP9000 measurement analyzer.

“Everything comes from emptiness …”

The best human brains in the world during many years have been trying to get the answer for a very simple question “Where has the universe come from?” Lots of different ideas about this process have been expressed by scientists, philosophers, teologists. Many concepts and models of possible development were created. The last version available now is “The Big Bang Theory” which means in brief that Energy somehow was converted into Matter (E – M conversion). If we can find what forced to convert Energy into Matter then it seems very elegant complete theory of the world creation (we need to find “X” in formula X – E –M). Mentioned by many written sources (including holy books) an idea that “First was a word” (Information) attracted our attention and we decided to try.

We have made equipment which creates metal powder (Matter) from concentrated Energy by influence of Information about the metal structure (formula: I – E – M). First - Energy was concentrated by fast rotating of Ether (approach of “energy concentration” into “zero energy point”). Second - Information about the metal was delivered into that point. Third - Matter (metal powder) has appeared from “zero energy point” as small nano-particles (atomic structures). Below is a short description of the experiment.

If you look at visible part of the equipment (picture #1) you can see a static construction. But around it is invisible dynamic rotation form (picture #2) which is created by computer program connected with the lasers. It is a very small copy of “white/black hole” in the universe (picture #3). In the center of it we have the very squeezed energy point. We send information about the metal structure we would like to get into that point and it creates atoms (LENR or “cold nuclear fusion” process). The created staff has a certain fractal structure (picture #6 Cu powder) which is definitely connected somehow with the structure of space. We have made analyses of the outcome staff by ICP9000 measurement analyzer and the results confirm that we have received exactly the Metal which Information has been sent into Energy point.

Formula I – E – M works!

“… everything will return to emptiness”

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