Micronizing Lyophilized Fruits to Extract Peptides

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

A complex of Fruit VitaminsAbstractThe Philippines, like many other Asian Countries, supplies a very large quantity of natural organic fruits that are NON GMOs. Unfortunately, these fruits are often abandoned because they cannot be transported in conditions that they will be conserved. A large proportion of the local population is also suffering from lack of jobs. Our project consists in...

Kanne Brottrunk

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

KANNE-BROTTRUNK®For Agriculture  For Human For Environment For Animals For more information : Contact Fulmina Human Resources HereThe subject of agricultureAgriculture, the primary sector of our economies, lies above all in the empirical knowledge acquired by farmers all over the world.Since the Neolithic period, the first acts have been the domestication of plant and animal species most adapted to eco-systems for which development has been...