Union of Concerned Scientists, World Scientists Warning to Humanity

3 years ago

This 1992 document was signed by 1,575 of the world’s most prominent scientists (including 99 of the 196 living Nobel laureates) and was sent to governmental leaders all over the world. The document asks people to take immediate action to stop the ever-increasing environmental degradation that threatens global life support systems on this planet. The appeal was coordinated by Dr....

The Medicine of Our Ancient Forests

2 years ago

All science is silent, while the future is being felled in B.C., Canada. All the mothers of the First Nations of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht nations should show their ancestral trees to their children before they are cut down. They will never see the likes of them again. Children! Forget culture. Forget heritage. Forget language. Forget wisdom. Forget salmon. Forget...