Technology project for the decontamination of wastewater

Fulmina Institut - 2 years ago

Technology for the decontamination of used waters Using molecular nuclear polarization This technology decontaminates water while conserving its intrinsic natural structural quality and its harmonic vibrations. An electrostatic corona of many millions electron/volts is applied to the fluid, which has for principal effect, to break the molecular link and therefore causing an immediate elimination of toxins (natural or chemicals) and their accompanying...

The Tribo-Electric Reactor - A few applications

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MOLECULAR POLARIZATION IN WATERFulmina Human Resources Foundation is the owner of a Master Patent, awarded for the invention of a universal device with many applications.Desalination: this technology can separate all types of molecules contained in seawater. It is also the case of wastewaters of municipalities that need to be treated by breaking their pollutants, making them...

Air Conditioning - Drinkable Water Technology

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

Air Conditioning Technology Coupled to a production of Drinkable Water (Natural Gas Economy)AbstractIn the tropical countries of the Middle East, where temperatures can climb regularly over 40C, many countries use their natural gas productions to procure Air Conditioning to their factories, public buildings (government, airports, etc.) their houses and energy intensive refrigeration cycles for the liquefaction of natural gas. For some...

Project Electricity Generation

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

AbstractThere is an urgent need: to supply a progressive and practical solution for the millions of human beings located in many countries that do not have easy access to electricity. It is possible nowadays, to generate, locally and for all practical purpose, electrical energy at a very modest cost. Nikola Tesla, the precursor in that domain, was saying that “electricity...

Nexxus Project - Radioactive decontamination

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

The Fukushima nuclear power plant problems of pollutionDaiichi Fukushima nuclear plant has reached a critical stage, and needs attention and immediate action by a set of irrevocable technology solutions.The nuclear fuel rods of three reactors have melted, releasing the nuclear melted rods in fusion, while releasing temperatures of over 5000 ° C, leading to the "Chinese syndrome".  In other words,...

The Recycling of Plastic - A Recuperation Technology

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

PreamblePlastic was a nice invention. But it turned out to be an ecological catastrophe. Contrary to glass, humans don’t seem to have any respect for a plastic object. They are being thrown away everywhere. The oceans seem to have become the cemetery of everything plastic. Difficult to recycle, waste disposal organizations do not seem to know what to do with...

Fukushima radioactive carbon-14 - investigation by Greenpeace

1 year ago

Fukushima Pacific Ocean discharges will release hazardous radioactive carbon-14 with potential to damage human DNA. Tokyo, 23 October 2020 – All of the radioactive carbon contained in water tanks at Fukushima Daiichi will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean if Japanese government plans proceed, a new investigation by Greenpeace Japan and Greenpeace East Asia has concluded