5G : The Next Generation of Wireless Communication

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Radiation and Implications for Our Health and the EnvironmentWhat is 5G?5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication infrastructure, which is radically different from previous generations of wireless (2G, 3G, and 4G LTE), and plans are to install it worldwide beginning 2019-2020.  5G will utilize a wide spectrum of frequencies ranging from microwaves to millimeter waves.   Plans are to...

Coronavirus – a Genie Electronic

Professor Mikhail Kovalkov - 3 years ago

Where did he jump out from? This is a "by-product" of the Digital revolution that is taking place around the World in the form of the sixth economic order. This virus was "awakened" by the 5G electronic system installed in Wuhan, two months before the tragedy. The system activated the mutation and the change of the structure of pneumococcus and...

Blower Turbine - Free Energy

1 year ago

The technology is about a new kind of machine capable of extracting atmospheric heat and converting that into useful power/electricity.