Keys of Arya, the boundary between the world of Men and the world of Gods

Posted 3 years ago
Written by Fulmina Institute

This book is the result of an accumulation of particular episodes that have occurred in my life. The answers and explanations on the various subjects are part of the teachings that have been transmitted to me over the course of forty-five years of a staggered journey and atypical voyages.

Arriving at the same synthesis requires living, reading and comparing multiple works that are unfortunately ungenerous in their explanations and the transmission of the keys of certain knowledge about our experience, our multiple human possibilities and our origins. In order to be discreet in the role I have to play but also to pay tribute, I will take an author's name: "KNIGHT HOFFMANN".

I think we have forgotten some hidden knowledge, some truths and demonize many other historical facts. This name "KNIGHT HOFFMANN" is a way to thank these Aboriginal beings I met on my way that I have come to know and respect. They gave me many explanations, after having presented themselves several times during my life taking a face and a human form. Today, I am sure that they were neither from the same family, nor necessarily all truly human...

In this essay, through the questions asked, I give summaries on various disciplines. I hope I have succeeded in bringing a different perspective on life, science and our past, which often intertwine and end in legends, myths, or conspiracies against established certainties. I may be misunderstood by many readers, questioned by others, I will do my best to give answers in the next volumes.

This narrative is to be understood with analog reasoning (read behind appearances). No truth can be directly given: this "Breadcrumb trail" is sometimes off-putting but possess the advantage of explaining subjects that the world is talking about today, but which no one dares to reveal neither the key nor the combination to open the lock. I'm not a writer, a university scientist or a repentant financier. I didn't answer these questions to make it a science fiction novel that holds in suspense or a book with the excuse of a certain master mysticism of the "New Age". There is a common thread, simply that of sharing, telling, vibrating and continuing to succeed in living in this increasingly formatted world. Some necessary revelations about our humanity and who we are.