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The keys of Arya, the boundary between the world of Men and the world of Gods

Fulmina Institute 8 months ago

The keys of Arya, the boundary between the world of Men and the world of Gods

Spagyria Practical Treatise

Fulmina Institut - 9 months ago

Historical retrospectiveWe will mention only the indisputable masters in Spagyria, although all those who performed the great alchemical work were spagyrists in terms of research.We like to quote, about Spagyria, what was written by Daniel Stalcius and widely commented on by the one we had the honour of knowing and appreciating: Bernard Husson, in his admirable collection "Viridarium Chymicum or...


Fulmina Institut - 11 months ago

What the Templar Order was really doing during the crusades at Jerusalem? Conquer the world of men or looking for something deeper? Would the spiritual and universal knowledge acquired during this quest have enabled them to shape a world different from the one we know if they could have successfully completed their work?

The Solar Precession - Cause of Climate Change

Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

extracts from the book "Arya's keys"written by Fulmina AcademyFrom  the Kalpa to Schumann ZeroIt is from within its own substance, its own energy , its sole desire within himself and by himself , that the Divine, the unnamed, the Father of the Universe produces everything and every phenomenon as well as all the form ideas of the world.The nature which,...


Fulmina Institut - 1 year ago

excerpt from “Les Clés d'Arya”[...]The universe and the human body are composed in much the same way, in that at the scale of the infinitely small, they mirror the image of the infinitely large. Hermes Trismegistus (“Thoth”) tells us: “As above, so below”. Many energy lines, or circuits, traverse our body, inside as well as out. Indians call these lines...