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Nepal, the first time…

Craig Calonica - 1 month ago

This was true adventure, we were on our own, no Sherpa support on the climb and no communications. If something went wrong rescue was out of the question as there was no way to get help. We were 100% committed and were on our own, which is the way climbing should be.

Union of Concerned Scientists, World Scientists Warning to Humanity

2 months ago

This 1992 document was signed by 1,575 of the world’s most prominent scientists (including 99 of the 196 living Nobel laureates) and was sent to governmental leaders all over the world. The document asks people to take immediate action to stop the ever-increasing environmental degradation that threatens global life support systems on this planet. The appeal was coordinated by Dr....

Alchemical Advice

Fulmina Institut - 2 months ago

We shall start with Spagyria, a way considered easier than Alchemy, yet the “younger sister” of the latter. Spagyria consists in extracting the pure essence from the “mixtes” (the three principles in balance within Nature).In order to do so and on a mandatory basis, the operator must be in communion with Nature and treat it with understanding, respect and love.Nature,...

Kanne Brottrunk

Fulmina Institut - 4 months ago

KANNE-BROTTRUNK®For Agriculture  For Human For Environment For Animals For more information : Contact Fulmina Human Resources HereThe subject of agricultureAgriculture, the primary sector of our economies, lies above all in the empirical knowledge acquired by farmers all over the world.Since the Neolithic period, the first acts have been the domestication of plant and animal species most adapted to eco-systems for which development has been...

The World Refugee Crisis

Fulmina Institut - 4 months ago

It is about respect of the individual and for human life itselfPreambleRefugees and Migrants: As a rule, the world's population of refugees is largely constituted by people fleeing from man-made conflicts or natural disasters.Nowadays, a small part of the world's registered refugees flees from natural disasters, however, this number is expected to rise significantly when the effects of global warming...

Micronizing Lyophilized Fruits to Extract Peptides

Fulmina Institut - 5 months ago

A complex of Fruit VitaminsAbstractThe Philippines, like many other Asian Countries, supplies a very large quantity of natural organic fruits that are NON GMOs. Unfortunately, these fruits are often abandoned because they cannot be transported in conditions that they will be conserved. A large proportion of the local population is also suffering from lack of jobs. Our project consists in...

The « New Holland » Cultural Center at Saint-Petersbourg

Fulmina Institut - 6 months ago

Concept and Development of a Cultural Center at Saint-Petersburg - Russia Ladies and Gentlemen,On behalf of the inhabitants of Leningrad and the Municipality, I would like to welcome you to this exhibition, which represents one of the outstanding projects of the renascence of our city.There can be no doubt that radical changes caused by «perestroika» can be carried out only by...

Principle of extraction: the Spagyric Science

Fulmina Institut - 6 months ago

Spagyria as a plant medicine, uses different methods and principles, allowing the extraction of the pure essence of the plant: Quintessence. You will discover here the bases of these methods. This quintessence can be used in dilution, trituration, ointment, in cosmetics, veterinary or agricultural care etc.

Alchemy : The Grail Quest

Fulmina Institut - 6 months ago

This text and explanations have been given so those who seek can see and understand the Great Alchemical Art. "A puzzle made of 40 color disorderly photographs, without any legends (footnotes), has been resolved and commented with mastery. It was a titanic enterprise just to restore the proper order of these pictures, which required first to learn and understand the...

5G : The Next Generation of Wireless Communication

Fulmina Institut - 8 months ago

Radiation and Implications for Our Health and the Environment What is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication infrastructure, which is radically different from previous generations of wireless (2G, 3G, and 4G LTE), and plans are to install it worldwide beginning 2019-2020.  5G will utilize a wide spectrum of frequencies ranging from microwaves to millimeter waves.   Plans...