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Soriz and Sorgreed

Dr. G. A. Moraru - 7 months ago

High effective hybrids of sorghum. Soriz is a new strain of sorghum grains mayor created in the former USSR in the 80s of last century the Research Institute for Maize and Sorghum in Moldova (RM), by crosses gradual plant sorghum (Sorghum) grain with grass Sudan and related species in Africa.

Cosmetics Containing Ingredients Linked to Cancer or Reproductive Harm

2 years ago

There is currently no mandatory safety testing of cosmetic products sold in the U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go on the market. Companies that manufacture or market cosmetics have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their products, but no law or FDA regulation requires specific...

The Integration of Oxygen into Water - Master Patent -

Guy Montpetit - 2 years ago

A Master Patent reaches a level of universal character. It touches every level of society in every human life such as the discovery of electricity, the light bulb or the telephone. Stemming out of these extraordinary discoveries, millions of patents were issued based on their principles. These patents changed the quality of life of every single human being on a...

Free Energy : Venturi Thermal Turbines

Fulmina Institut - 2 years ago

A Free energy turbine system to power the world’s electricity. The Venturi generator technology is unique among axial-flux DC generators. For the purpose of this white paper, the generator platform will be referred to as the Venturi generator. The Venturi generator has a unique magnetic coil and permanent magnet physical topology, resulting in an increased efficiency over conventional DC generators...

Eurasian Center for the Design of Breakthrough Yields Plant Varieties

Viktor Dragavtsev - 3 years ago

In the period 1984-2012 V. A. Dragovtsev created and developed the theory of the ecological and genetic organization of a quantitative trait (TEGOQT) and investigated 24 consequences from it, which revealed significant omissions in traditional systems of plant breeding for productivity and yield.

Simple solution for viral diseases

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

Non-toxic perlingual tablets in infinitesimal doses

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

Background and Aim: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health policy has focused on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus and its effects on human health while environmental factors have been largely ignored. In considering the epidemiological triad (agent-host-environment) applicable to all disease, we investigated a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication...

Nutraceutical and therapeutic properties of medicinal fungus : Cordyceps sinensis - scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the therapeutic potential of Cordyceps sinensis: Click on titles to consult the documents

Fukushima radioactive carbon-14 - investigation by Greenpeace

3 years ago

Fukushima Pacific Ocean discharges will release hazardous radioactive carbon-14 with potential to damage human DNA. Tokyo, 23 October 2020 – All of the radioactive carbon contained in water tanks at Fukushima Daiichi will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean if Japanese government plans proceed, a new investigation by Greenpeace Japan and Greenpeace East Asia has concluded

Red Ganoderma Lucidum : scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 3 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the Red Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom : Click on titles to consult the documents

Intestinal Biotic Bio-Regulator Complex : Lapis Pro – scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the intestinal Bio Regulating complexe Lapis Pro: Click on titles to consult the documents

The Mechanism of Re-generation, Lapis Elixir : scientific references

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

There you will find the scientific references about the mechanisms of cell regeneration regarding the Lapis Elixir : Click to consult the documents

Scientific explanation on Bondarev's lifting Air Screw Blade

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

The geometric characteristics of the air screw include: the shape of the blades in plan view, the shape of the blade profile, the diameter, the angle of inclination of the blade and the geometric pitch of the screw.According to the shape of the blade in plan view the screws can be very diverse.The blades of the lifting air screw are...

A Wind Turbine of a New Type

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

The use of the new screw developed by the author in the construction allowed to create a wind propulsion system, which allows three to four times increase the efficiency of the collection of wind power, and this in different forms. And the combination in modular design allows to build wind dams with any given capacity. Thus a construction of the...

A Fundamentally New Air Screw

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

As result of a large volume of research works carried out in the 1990s, the author of this technology created holographic devices and installations of non-destructive interferometric control and measurements. These units allowed to study the forms of oscillations of turbine blades propulsion and attracted interest in the studying of existing and the creation of new propulsion devices for means...

Peptide regulation of ageing

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

IntroductionFor many years a phenomenon of ageing had been studied within the framework of ethics and social issues. Only in the last century the society realized that a process of ageing should be studied from a different viewpoint, that is, as a special physiologic mechanism bearing a certain evolutionary significance.Ageing is the most complicated issue in medicine and biology. The...

The Recycling of Plastic - A Recuperation Technology

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

PreamblePlastic was a nice invention. But it turned out to be an ecological catastrophe. Contrary to glass, humans don’t seem to have any respect for a plastic object. They are being thrown away everywhere. The oceans seem to have become the cemetery of everything plastic. Difficult to recycle, waste disposal organizations do not seem to know what to do with...

Nexxus Project - Radioactive decontamination

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

The Fukushima nuclear power plant problems of pollutionDaiichi Fukushima nuclear plant has reached a critical stage, and needs attention and immediate action by a set of irrevocable technology solutions.The nuclear fuel rods of three reactors have melted, releasing the nuclear melted rods in fusion, while releasing temperatures of over 5000 ° C, leading to the "Chinese syndrome".  In other words,...

The Magnetic Engine

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

A Free Energy TechnologyPreambleWe are presenting here one example of Free Energy Technology that incorporates a series of very practical features and represents a significant jump in the efficiency of most electricity generating devices.The device can solve a number of situations where energy is the costliest part of the problem. Water desalination, growing vegetables, automobiles, ships and airplanes power plants,...

The Deuterium Project

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Deuterium The Infinite Source of EnergyThis position paper was produced by « Fulmina Human Resources Foundation ». Some of the scientific and medical terms were extracted from Fondation Wikipédia to whom we are thankful.HistoryDuring the 70ies, the environmental preoccupations were centered on the future of generations. We were preoccupied on predicting if we would have enough petroleum resources for future...

Project Electricity Generation

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

AbstractThere is an urgent need: to supply a progressive and practical solution for the millions of human beings located in many countries that do not have easy access to electricity. It is possible nowadays, to generate, locally and for all practical purpose, electrical energy at a very modest cost. Nikola Tesla, the precursor in that domain, was saying that “electricity...

Air Conditioning - Drinkable Water Technology

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Air Conditioning Technology Coupled to a production of Drinkable Water (Natural Gas Economy)AbstractIn the tropical countries of the Middle East, where temperatures can climb regularly over 40C, many countries use their natural gas productions to procure Air Conditioning to their factories, public buildings (government, airports, etc.) their houses and energy intensive refrigeration cycles for the liquefaction of natural gas. For some...

Agriculture : A natural method for cultivating

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

AbstractThe objective of this presentation is to bring a technology and a know-how in the domain of agriculture; this will allow us to solve a series of problems that have become more acute and more present in the world production – as much in the quantitative domain as in the qualitative domain – while preserving the ancestral know-how in agriculture...

The Tribo-Electric Reactor - A few applications

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MOLECULAR POLARIZATION IN WATERFulmina Human Resources Foundation is the owner of a Master Patent, awarded for the invention of a universal device with many applications.Desalination: this technology can separate all types of molecules contained in seawater. It is also the case of wastewaters of municipalities that need to be treated by breaking their pollutants, making them...

Intestinal Biotic Bio-Regulator Complex Eukaryotes extracted from roots - Lapis Pro

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Our intestine has an extraordinary and incredible set of functions. It contains almost one hundred billion micro-organisms : ten times more than the number of cells of our organism ! The length of the intestine measures from 7 to 8 meters. The surface of the intestinal mucosa is approximately 300 to 400 square meters and it represents the largest absorption and...

The Mechanism of Re-generation : function of the bioelectricity or the supply of light in the core of our cells : Lapis Elixir

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Life sciences and the comprehension of the organic biophysical functions have allowed during the past forty years to start the beginning of the understanding of the infinitesimally large and the infinitesimally small.Biophysics is a discipline seated at the interface of Physics and Biology where the tools used for the observation of the physical phenomena are applied to the observation of...

Technology project for the decontamination of wastewater

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Technology for wastewater decontaminationUsing a-neutronic nuclear molecular polarizationThis technology depollutes water while maintaining its natural structural quality and intrinsic vibration. It applies an electrostatic and magnetic field of several million electron volts at low frequencies on the treated fluids which has the effect of binding or untying the chain of molecular bonds thus eliminating all toxins (natural or chemical) and...

Verification of energy after taking one dose of Lapis Elixir

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

Since ancient times, the human being speaks about the energy of nature and the human body, this knowledge has been discovered and practiced by different civilizations: Indian in Ayurvedic medicine and the practice of yoga, Chinese by tao, acupuncture, remedies rebalancing the five elements and the five temperaments, Greek with Hippocrate, the Arabs with the medicine of salts and alkahests,...

Lapis Ostra : Bioregulator of the Central Nervous System (CNS)

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

After many years of research on the functions of the brain, and most particularly on the epiphysis and the production of epithalamin (see the text of the Fulmina Foundation on the “Preparation of Peptides of the body, Epithalamin), we conducted research and fabricated a product exclusively of natural origin, vegetal and biological in nature (without any long term iatrogenic effects)...

Red Strong Ganoderma Lucidum or Chinese Ling Zhi

Fulmina Institut - 4 years ago

The actual legend of Ling ZhiThe concern of the ancient Chinese alchemists and magicians doctors, and those of other continents, was to understand the order of construction of our world, from the emanation plan to the action plan, in other words, from invisible to visible. They sought to fix, to concentrate and maintain in a matter which they called “black...